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  1. I killed the thing while it was charmed, and combat did not end after its death
  2. So, when I tried to board the enemy ship and sent my crew to leap to the enemy's deck, they got stuck in an endless animation loop instead and never went anywhere.
  3. On the third level of the Engwithan Waystation
  4. Discovered some weird glitches [shadows], when you're on your Ship. Just in case this had not been posted yet, here it is :
  5. This post is less about trying to resolve an issue as it is just trying to raise awareness about some bugs and glitches that hopefully will be resolved either by or soon after launch. I will note each issue as I encountered them: 1) If a banner is within the radius of a fireball, the cloth texture gets warped an elongated for the duration of the fireball animation. The elongation gets more pronounced depending how close the banner is to the center of the fireball and the warping seems to always go toward the center. This effect does not seem to happen when other wizard area of effect spells are cast (such as web or chill fog,) and isn't triggered by explosions from grenades. 2) Spell caster action trays have a habit of shacking slightly when browsing spells both in and out of combat. The shacking stops if you select another character, regardless if that other character is also a spell caster, and is far more pronounced with Priests as opposed to Wizards. 3) At no point in the maps of Poko Kohara or Engwithan Waystation Levels One and Two was there a music transition for combat. Over the 1 hour of playtime, the same song looped endlessly. 4) The statue in the hidden room of Engwithan Waystaion Level One displays o text when you inspect it. However, the log will display the text "Character has discovered something interesting" and if you hit tab the text will appear. After you have hit tab, the inspect button will function as normal. 5) After reading the expedition log found on the body found near the entrance of Engwithan Waystaition Level Two, the game would not unpause when I hit space. It was only after I hit escape that the game resumed as normal, although it is important to note that hitting escape that time did not bring up the pause menu, 6) The Imps found after the body carrying the expedition log have two glitches. First, there are a few imps in the next room that have no line of sight to you but keep you in combat without actually leaving the room or taking any action against you. Additionally, when these imps are attacked they do not attack the party. These are the glitches I have found so far, please feel free to add with your experiences or expand this list if you find your own.
  6. I have run across several issues while playing the Beta on my 27” IMac, one of which makes it impossible to continue: —During the fight with the Titan, at some point a Scarab pops up. As soon as the scarab fires a projectile, the game crashes to the desktop. —Whenever I quit the game, it goes to a black screen and freezes, instead of taking me back to the main menu. —I have gotten random freezes and issues at the end of deck to deck fights at the end of ship battles. In a few instances the end summary shows no items gained and lists no information, on one instance the game froze on the summary page. —On two occasions, dialogues indicated that a character was going to give me an item but I could not find the item anywhere in my inventory. One is the dwarf I rescue from the cannibal pirates in the temple ruins. It sounds like he rewards me with a cloak but I can’t find it anywhere. I can’t recall the other occasion (it’s not the broodmother, I know to find her item on the ground) but I’m 100% sure there is a 2nd occasion.
  7. Some rock and grass textures obscure the player icon while exploring the over world. Rocks at 3° 48' N 49° 6' E: Grass at 2° 36' N 50° 6' E:
  8. I'm experiencing some fairly major bugs while playing the linux version of the beta. It looks like certain triggers aren't being saved as completed for example every time I enter the first town the character creation fires. Also the world map resets on every load so any are that is cleared just reappears and its possible to get stuck if an area can only be entered from one side. Is anyone else running the linux version having these issues?
  9. In fact I don't know if it's a Bug or Intended, so I post it here so this works as a Suggestion aswell. So, when you're Exploring the World Map, even if you don't Land (Dock your ship on an Island) : Everything [Cache/Ingredients/Etc] appears on your Map, even if you didn't came close by & sort of "Discovered" it. That's why I'm not sure if it was intended or not. Nonetheless, I think the fact that everything is in front of you, waiting, reduces enormously the potential of Exploration & Discovery in the Game. One simple thing could drastically change that : HIDE THEM & Take Advantage of one of the Passive Skills. That would result in : Expands the feeling, and the Will to Discover & Explore. Make a great additional use of the Survival Skill [or Create an "Exploration" one], & would makes us wanna invest in it. New interest to the World Map. Reward the players that actually take the time to Explore each & every corner of the Game. Let's say there's a Cache near Poko Kohara : The same Cache at the same spot can be found by a Player that invested into the appropriate Skill and is rewarded with a cool unique Cloak of Flames. That other Player will not, but that's ok. It adds also to the Replayability of the Game, where you constantly discover new things you didn't in your first playthrough, because you were playing differently. One of the cool thing Wasteland 2 made, was that they were taking advantage of their Survival Skill. Where, when you were exploring the World Map, the Survival Skill passively made you discovered hidden things in the World. You could potentialy miss lots of cool stuff, loot, unique encounters, caches, etc. That was pretty cool. I'd hugely request & sincerely encourage the Devs to take inspiration from what Wasteland 2 introduced back then, and implement something like this in Deadfire. Especially in a Game that has a World Map you're free to Explore. What do you think ? I truely think it's a wasted opportunity if it's not in the game... I've mentioned it back in the Fig Campaign & in the previous Q&As : Hidden Content has always been a great thing in these Games.
  10. 1. Start a new game. 2. Leave Tikawara and head to the beach where Skulking Terror is (to your left.) 3. Once you're in the area, save the game. 4. Quit to Main Menu and attempt to load your saved game. 5. Observe that the following error message appears: The same is true of any automatic saves the game makes in this area. I suspect it may be related to the fact that it is a "temporary" area (i.e. you can no longer go there once you've left it); perhaps the game doesn't keep track of it or save it anywhere because it won't be of use anymore once left?
  11. So, here I was, going to dem Foothills to kill me some fish right ? Dem fishes, good fishes be dead fishes am I right or am I right ? So here I am like, I see dem hunt dem boars, like, they killed boars right ? So I stealthily stealth to stealth nearby and take them by surprise (right ?). (and I succeeded at that scripted encounter, so I was able to enter the area un-noticed, and stealthed (right ? )) So, after crashi quitting and restarting the game (unrelated), I load my autosave in dem Foothills... right ? What the wat was my surprise, now when the autosave loads, I'm not stealthed, and I'm instantly greeted by chief-echo-watnot ... not right ! For some reason, the game totally forgot I'd aced that Stealth interaction and entered the map : - at a different location - stealthed bro, I was like, ninja stealthed (right ?) ^^
  12. 'kay that's a wierd one... After a party wipe, I F8'd (and the game never loaded a quicksave, possibly because the only quicksave I had was on the world map, not in the area map). Anyway, I loaded up the area autosave, fought the Skulking-Terror laguafeth again. Now, from time to time, I can hear its slurping-attack-whatever sound. It plays during pause, it plays on the load savegame screen, it plays after loading the autosave of another area.
  13. 'kay I have no idea wherever this one comes from : For information, my party was wiped out and I F8'd to quickload (except, the game never quickloaded...), then manually loaded an autosave. It might be that this is an artifact from my previous attempt, like it was a KO party member but the game decided it should be displayed in the newly loaded file ? Since it's not obvious what area we're talking about, this is the one with the skulking terror laguafeth.
  14. Another strange things happend while I saved and closed game to get log for glitch I described here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94603-flickering-loot-window/ I launched the game again and load that last save file and after loading screen my party appeared in different part of the area, near another group of the enemies, just check the screen below: http://oi66.tinypic.com/2db2qo9.jpg So I saved the game after this fight and once again close the cilent to copy log file with this event. Here's the file: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=00007165745758273903
  15. This happened on the 2nd map, to the point I find it unplayable because it bugs out every time: - Enemies are un-targetable - Combat won't end even if there are no enemies - Wounds won't heal, or heal after 6 rests - UI flickering - Party health becomes invisible on portrait - Characters run back and forward in combat
  16. Just see the attached screenshot. When you toggle stealth, normally the character would become shaded. Here, it's absolutely invisible. You can see Mercenary Fighter's shadow (top right most of the group), but not his actual character.
  17. [Description of the issue] Cannot open the door once the door is closed from the inside [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Go to Hall Of Revealed Mysteries 2) Go inside the Elder Archives room 3) Close the door once inside [Expected behaviour] Door object should still be clicable [Other remarks / Comments] Awesome beautiful game, Great Job!!! [Files] Saved Game: HallofRevealedMysteries.zip (https://app.box.com/s/m29pm7usfjvxs06lzh6l7gp6ek50ah9s)
  18. Posting a new bug from steam. Its probably in here already but **** it. so many issues... http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618458030659693014/
  19. When trying to exit Raedric Hold castle dungeon through the sewer game crashes. Tried this 4x even after restarting my computer. Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU960 @ 3.20GHz Graphics: 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti RAM: 8 GB
  20. There is one unpickable plant in Dyrford Crossing. See screenshots for the location of it. It's just south the Wurm area where the Dragon's Egg is. Location on map This plant right here
  21. Like the title says, once combat has started in the spider cave the combat music doesn't stop playing until you leave the cave again. Everything else works fine though, combat stops and endurance regenerates, just the music keeps going. Pretty obvious, so it might have already been fixed.
  22. There appears to be some funky lighting issues in this area now (especially at the doorway) And the area looks washed out, and characters look noticeably murky I have noticed that the Dyrford Village, its interiors and the Dyrford Crossing have had some lighting/ambient map passes done between v392 and v435, perhaps this one was missed?
  23. Description: On the second floor of the Dracogen Inn, the portrait to the right wall (The White March) will only display for a fraction of a second before disappearing. To reproduce: 1- Enter dracogen inn. Go to second floor. 2- Click on magnifying glass on right wall across from the rooms. The description only appears briefly before disappearing. You cannot click on the description again for some time.
  24. Not a bug exactly, but more of a badly placed encounter. The forest lurkers in Dyrford Crossing are located so that combat usually ends up squished right at the edge of the map. This feels awkward. Ideally the map should be extended a bit to the east so there'd be room for them. Failing that, reduce the number of foes and put them as far west as possible in their little mini-area, or move the entire encounter to the roomier Stormwall Gorge map.
  25. When you click on it, the tooltip appears only for half a second, then reappears again for a brief moment, but is never visible long enough to be read.
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