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  1. There is one adra ban in the treasure chamber of Ori o Końęki. Its in chest furthest from Ruasere
  2. Is rangers thorny roots still 0 Pen? I never used the ability so it might have just been a tooltip issue, but that seemed like it might be an issue
  3. Sorry OP here. Yes I did mean the chosen by the game developers. I know the answer is probably that deciding what races were going in the game and what deities would have the most impact on the story were probably independent decisions. But if you look at the priest the gods they can choose seem to be pretty closely aligned with the ones that are central to the story and also Wael. I really have no clue though what god the nature godlike is tied to though. My best guess is Galawain, but that feels a little off. Anyways I'm glad I started this thread so I could see the anvil headed godlike
  4. When you upgrade uniques is there somewhere it tells you how many/what mods are possible in total? For example if you take pukestabber https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pukestabber and upgrade it all the way it looks like you have a choice between getting Debauchery/Iron Stomach and Mad Drunk/Numb. This is fine but I just didn't see anywhere in the UI where it tells you what upgrades choices you have and the best way to figure it out is just to enchant and see what disappears. There is also the possibility that it clearly tells me somewhere and I am just missing it.
  5. I wonder why the 4 PC types of godlike where chosen. The choices seem kind of random with regards to the story Magran is pretty important for the first POE and Berath is for the second, but the other two not so much. Also what god is the nature godlike even associated with my? My best guess is Galawain, and this is probably in the lore somewhere that I couldn't find. And why does Ondra get two very different types of godlike?
  6. I ran stalker/rogue it probably isn't the most optimized, but it was a fun build. The animal companion sets up sneak attack, tons of full attacks on both classes. Is there a good write up somewhere for how DOT effects work? I was kind of curious how they work with crits.
  7. I agree with Wormerine, that the UI needs some work. I really like the new AI system though.
  8. I know it is probably way to late in the beta for tvis, but you know wish list... I really like the new AI system, I wish you had some kind of text search through the various triggers though. It is kind of a pain scrolling around until you find ally has X status. The other thing that would be nice is having some auto buy feature for supplies for your boat. Where everytime you pull into port it could automatically pick up water, food and etc. It isn't very noticeable now in the demo because you only really make one voyage, but I feel like when we have the full game the amount of times I
  9. What are people's thoughts on the stalker ranger? I didn't think much of it until I tried one on a melee ranger. The buff isn't huge, but if you are going to be in melee anyways it is basically free.
  10. How are you guys getting fully custom parties? Are you just giving yourselves more money through the console and buying them?
  11. Yeah I don't have the windows partition so I'm kinda out for now. It does give you a chance to try a lot of character concepts out though.
  12. A well at least its not something specific to my machine. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon, otherwise there isn't much point in me continuing.
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