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  1. Hi! I think i have a problem with my stronghold. I've purchased all the upgrades and nothing happend? (no steam achievement- I'm in act 2 btw) Stronghold is also not showing all possible events. Flag says 3 but i can use only 1 or 2.
  2. for some reason ever since i upgraded the entire map of Caed Nua has become extremely dark. (i cant use image extension so heres a link to the screenshot http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/37493561213721404/811D6F7637FDDBA3AD94083AD66865DD6B57ECB6/ ) Its extremely difficult to navigate, has anyone else experienced this yet. EDIT: fixed image link
  3. It seems like sending camping supplies to your stash just makes them permanently disappear. This is not good behavior, since it unintuitively deprives the player of something they'd want without warning or reason. The player should either be able to stash camping supplies, or be prevented from taking them.
  4. I have the secrets of rime Talent on my druid but it doesn't appear to be working properly. The five extra could DR is working fine. The 20% extra cold damage isn't. Winters wind does base damage of 30-50 (which does feel a little high as a sidenote) and is 38-64 on my character which has 19 might. Since 30-50+27% is more or less 38-64 I am pretty sure that the extra 20% damage isnt being applied. I would be expecting more like 55-95 damage at that point. If it did work as advertised it would probably trivialise the content though. Perhaps the tooltip is just wrong and the extra damage isnt in
  5. MinorBug // Started game, lvl1 rogue. Onehand - Equip rapier in main hand - 10-15dmg, 47 acc // OK Dualwield - Equip rapier in main (10-15dmg, 35 acc) and stiletto in off (10-15, 30 acc) // OK Character Sheet BUG: OFFhand Single - Equip rapier on Offhand, no main hand weapon. Results in: Main - 10-15dmg blunt(fist), 42 acc Off - 10-15dmg pierce(rapier), 47 acc This would suggest that equiping weapon in offhand grants Singleweapon accuracy bonus to dualwield and that character would hit with both fist and offhand weapon. However when testing on wolf, character did not
  6. During my adventure with Pillars of Eternity (btw. great game:)), I have faced issue related to quest "The Man Who Waits". I have already finished initial part of the quest, opened the door downstairs the sanitarium and talked to Freyol, who advised me to find Caedman Azo in his laboratory - room next to his office on the map. Unfortunately, NPC does not spawn in this place. Therefore I cannot complete the quest. Steam version of the game owned Thank you in advance for your support ! Please find attached prt screen and saved game to chec
  7. So after i got my cool stronghold and got my first attack i did a manual defend. Now heres the fun part: i have annihliated them but they keep respawning when i enter my great hall. I cant use the merchan or possibly some events in there because its always infested with wyrms and little kobold thingsi cant remember thier name its quite difficult. Also they keep removing 1-2 of my hirelings every time i enter the main hall. Is there some way to fix this by waiting long enough for a 2nd attack or just deal with endless supply of annoyance. Also my stronghold report keeps haveing 1 notification b
  8. With a custom formation active, when I select more than 1 but less than my full party, the location I click on the map is not where they end up moving. I put a simple short video on youtube, below: https://youtu.be/Dc6HidFeRDE This bug is cropping up with Custom Formations active. When I switch back to a default formation, the problem goes away. Thanks
  9. My character has base INT of 10. When I equip the following 2 items: helm with + 2 INT and armor with +1 INT I expect his INT to go up to 13. However this does not happen and only the helmet's bonus is applied. Is this a bug or by design?
  10. Hello, I have encountered two major bugs concerning the stronghold. 1. The game does not let me change my party: Yeah, that really says it all. I try to change my party via the party management screen within the stronghold, but the game does not register the changes. Or at least it does not register the recruitment of characters (I can dismiss characters but I won't be able to recruit them again). Screenshots: Party before "changing": Changing: After: 2. When I try to enter the second level of Brighthollow the level does not load: Again, pretty self-explanatory I thin
  11. Hi. Issue description: 1) Main character and tank both suffer "-20 Concentration (Suppressed)" from unknown source. 2) Main character is "Sickened" like forever? No expiration timer. 3) After save loading I can't exit location using _any_ exit (check log file, it's due to Unity error of some kind). Game just stops responding. Here link to archive: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jb0wun0xtun38i3/poe_bug_001.zip?dl=0 Inside there are: 1) DxDiag.txt 2) Quicksave I use. 3) output_log.txt 4) Screenshot (interesting stuff underlined with red) Thanks.
  12. Hey so I somehow lost two upgrades on my stronghold. The main keep and the barracks. Oddly enough I still have the defenders I purchased through the barracks and I can clearly see on the timeline where it states they were both built. Is there a way through console/save editing to get these back? Anyone else have experience with this bug? I'm not sure exactly when it occurred but I *noticed* it after I got my first prisoner.
  13. In the game settings, I selected the option to not have characters auto-attack when attacked or when their current target dies. It works when they are attacked - they stand there and do nothing, but when their current target dies they will charge willy-nilly right at the next closest enemy. Super annoying for trying to maintain defensive lines, keep a choke-point held, or stay out of AOE target areas. Please fix.
  14. I'd opened the chest from the quest "A Voice from the Past" and . Now, I can't go ahead with the quest "The Man who waits" because I should have spoken with him firsts. I was at the step in which you need to ask to Animancer around the place. Considering that this quest is categorized between the main quests, it should be fixed asap. Is there any workaround to move to the next step of the quest via console?
  15. I have just bought and installed the game. I created a Male, Godlike of Nature, Druid. Within the Encampment and the next area, when creating a new save and loading it for the first time, part of my character's health goes down. This happens each and every time I create a save, and then load it for the first time. Does this occur to anyone else? I simply stopped playing and uninstalled the game due to frustration.
  16. Hi My game crashes when i try to enter Raedric Castle from the main gate. I was already inside of the castle but didnt finish the end fight because i was too weak. Cant attache any files but i have them if anyone needs them. Edit: Game also crashes when i try to enter the throne room from the temple. There isnt by any chance a third way in which i could check out? Kind regards Naradin
  17. I notice that upon trying to level from 7 to 8 on Kana the chanter companion, any phrase I choose does not show up in his phrasebook when I go in to edit. In picking from either 1st or 2nd level chants, nothing chosen during levelup shows up in the phrasebook. Is this a known issue, or am I missing something mechanically? Thank you. EDIT: I'm sorry, don't know how to delete this post/thread. I figured out I was confusing more than a few things about the class.
  18. Found a small graphical bug when wearing Breastplate armour as a female Aumaua cipher where a third arm appears on the right side. pictures shown below: It is small but i cannot stop forget about it now whilst i am stuck outside Raedrik's hold :\ http://imgur.com/2TA2VYP,c1A5ecX#0 http://i.imgur.com/c1A5ecX.jpg
  19. So I finished the burried temple stuff last night saved and went to bed. Today I go to play and clicking on continue gives me a black screen and the gauntlet cursor. I try to load other saves and while they are all listed they all load a black screen with a cursor and nothing else. Hitting escape will not bring up the game menu and the only way to get out of the game is to drop to a term and kill it. I saw others post about the game deleting saves but this appears they are there, they just won't load or have been corrupted by something. Xubuntu 14.04 RTK Core i3 4gigs of ram nVidia
  20. It's impossible to pick a party member as destination for a spell by simply clicking on his/her portrait. Instead the area behind the portrait is chosen. Please correct that.
  21. Is it possible to make an option to turn off chromatic aberration? It makes me sick, and I try not to "reach out to souls" just to avoid having to see the effect. Is it possible to turn it off, or make it an option to turn it off?
  22. I saw this on Reddit, http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/30lmx2/psa_doubleclicking_equipment_bug/, so credit to user Kirur for pointing it out, but I wasn't sure if he or she would post it here, as I have tested it myself. There's a webm in the thread for the lazy, http://webmup.com/HArIv/vid.webm Essentially, double clicking to equip armor removes all passive buffs including racials. Pretty gamebreaking if you ask me. Hopefully there's a way to patch back in buffs you've lost, otherwise I'm going to have to restart my 10 hour game.
  23. SPOILERS AHEAD I can speak to Durance about him helping creating the godhammer, and I do this anywhere, i my case, while in town, i just initiate a conversation and speak to him about multiple things and thats one of the things he say. After hours later, I go to sleep, and I wake up to a vision of him holding the staff and light eminating from it, and after speaking with him about it he "reveal" to me he helped shape the godhammer. And my response is - "You helped build the Godahmmer?" Which I already know he did ... maybe its a bug that I shouldn't be able to speak to him about it b
  24. I believe food is permanently increasing my characters health: My wizard and Aloth both started lvl 3 with 150 health / 50 endurance. They are still lvl 3, and now my wizard has 210 health, and aloth has 180. These are the values naked, no buffs shown. Both have identical constitution (10). Notably these are in increments of 10, and I have been using food to buff their endurance (+10 cheese). Also my fighter, also has 83 endurance, but 850+ health. Aren't fighters suppose to have around 5x health? He's showing about 11x. Not sure what happened there. He does get healed
  25. Hello As I've written in the topic, when I press "2" on keyboard, it selects the entire party instead of just that one character. It's important to note, this problem appeared suddenly, after entering the catacombs in Defiance Bay. Things I've tried to do to fix it: Loading a quicksave [still inside catacombs], loading an autosave [inside the catacombs, right after entering], quitting and re-launching the game, changing party members between that slot, reconfiguring keybinds, resetting them to default, and restarting my PC. But, when I loaded an earlier save before entering the ca
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