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  1. U can enter the Edler Archives but in stealth mode and then tehy won't be hostile.
  2. What about stronghold bug? Not giving the achievement?
  3. Yup, i've got the same problem. Mayby there is a hidden upgrade, after an event or something? This matte should be explained.
  4. But that does not explain the problem with stronghold showing more events that are aveilable. And the number of events is too small.
  5. Problem with the "flag" is that it shows wrong number of events. After 4 hours of quests only couple events that needed one of my characters. I have seen only ONCE a event where i could buy "rare" boots from a merchant. I'm Act 3 now, and still not many events, quests, like game forgot to add more events or "Show" them.
  6. Hi! I think i have a problem with my stronghold. I've purchased all the upgrades and nothing happend? (no steam achievement- I'm in act 2 btw) Stronghold is also not showing all possible events. Flag says 3 but i can use only 1 or 2.
  7. I have the same problem. And i've got another aswell, after buying all upgrades of my stronghold i didn't get achievement for it? I'm in act 2
  8. Furthermore got 2 other bugs. 1. When i summon the drakes with Kana Rua and his II Chanter spells. I summon 3 drakes, they fight with me but after battle they dont dissapear and i can control them and they follow me everywhere even after save/load. When i dissmis KAna, they stay in the place where they were standing before dissmis but now they can't be controlled. Afetr chosing Kana again those drakes are still there. After new fight and new summon new drakes are following me again. 2. Got a notification about bandit raid of my stronghold. Went in person. Killed them.... and nothing happend. W
  9. I have the same problem. Did the same thing. But before killing Raedrick i went do Caed Num, and progressed further and went to the city with cooper in its name, after you cross the bridge first aveilable city in the bay. MAnaged to finish act1. Compleded some quests in with the missing evlen girl and drake egg. And i wanted to clean up Raedric. But after the kill nothing happend. In the house where Kolsc was there is now only Giaccomo.
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