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  1. I did not think of the uniques from the store have not actually bought any so far. I had a similar problem with restarting but I seen a great thing about it I wanted to play with the companions story but was having a hard time having them fit with my characters. If you split the companions into 2 groups of 4 your first play through only take 4 of them you make 2 custom characters and the rest the games companions but heres the thing. There are only 2 companions that can tank so you ethier go 1 and 1 tank or 2 tanks second bit if you want a healer there is only one priest. So my plan ended
  2. So mages can learn spells from the grimoires if you open up one from a mage you have killed it will have a little + mark you can click it and it will ask if you want to learn the spell. Mages have two limits a daily amount of spells they can cast per level and the the spells they have selected for that rest. Those are the spells on the right side you can add and remove those spells. The left side are the spells your mage currently knows you can use the arrows to select different level of spell 1-8 I think it is. You left click them to add them to the right side if there is room. If there isn't
  3. You really wont run out of money by the end. As I was saying earlier I had just hit defiance bay only level 6 and bought every keep upgrade I could. Level 5 endless paths That really really wont be a problem. Once you get to enemies dropping fine equipment you start making a ton of cash from selling it very easly. I don't have the best guards though so the drain could eventually get higher then what it makes full upgraded so unsure on that you still will probably be swimming in cash by that point though.
  4. I am not sure on gog but I think in steam saves are located in their cloud but you can access them in steam Steam\userdata\Accountnumber\291650 the account number is what ever your account is numbered as. Screenshots again in steam Steam\userdata\Accountnumber\760\remote\291650\screenshots If you are on gog I don't have a clue, and those screenshots are only if you use the f12 command on steam.
  5. The keep money thing really isnt to big a problem I had it fully upgraded by the time I made it to defiance bay there is a enough gold around before you get there. But I am a little disappointed with the keep there should be more to it should feel a bit more alive then it does right now it comes across as a little awkwardly I feel. Other then that one point I wont get into it plays 0 story significance. You get 8 npcs guard that are around and the shop keepers thats it that is as alive the keep gets. Now the endless paths are neat kind of feels like a entire diablo 1 game in their as a dungeo
  6. Why has this discussion deteriorated into this gender nonsense. It doesn't matter a ass hole is a ass hole what ever their junk is, this debate of it is stupid this was about censorship originally and now it is just absolute trash now. I was pissed initially that obsidian would bend over for any one. Now i am getting pissed at people just being pricks. I agree with darkpatrior this is just turned into people doing personal attacks on each other.
  7. So there are two sides to this argument I think most can at least agree on that. On one side you have crazy fanatics like the person on twitter who started all of then. Then on the other side there are people like you and the crazy person from twitter come off very similar. But both are of you are nice little bundles of hatred and should go far far away.
  8. Link? fixed: http://i.imgur.com/2k5C7dV.jpg it might seem to be silly jokes, but it's all like that, and not jokingly Even if I bought into the way it's been framed it is obviously hyperbole to call her a sociopathic monster (and dehumanising). Him. Eric. Don't you get it? They get to decide what her name and gender is. Her identity is their property. aroulet continues to ignore This Aroulet person is really after the fight aspect of this right now spamming quite a few threads. I wonder what obsidian thoughts are on this they have been quite silent since their post
  9. He's mentally ill because Gender Dysphoria is in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Milo? Is that you? Arouet you sure to like attacking everyone else how about answering some criticism being tossed your way?I see you posting all over the place. This whole thing though is quite disapointing I want more talk being done about this patch then this things that should be brought up are completly ignored. I was all fired up earlier to whine and cry about things the patch changed and now none of that can be done because of this whole poem thing.
  10. Yeah, I just found that out as well unfortunately there is no fix for the nerfs right now it seems
  11. So on the event tab it shows I have 5 events but when I click on it only two pop up. I took a screen shot of it. I did not notice the problem until getting a message saying I failed a event because I couldn't see the event to send any one it. My stronghold is kinda useless I think without being able to see the events. I am pretty early on in the game I have unlocked quite a bit of the stronghold but I have not made it to defiance bay yet still current mission. http://imgur.com/a/ev4bI If any one knows a work around for this I would appreciate it as this pretty well kills the stronghold
  12. I agree it should be skipable but I don't think it should be a separate menu you need one to help be some one easier for new players to get into the game and tell them the basics of the game. But yeah it being something to skip would be nice.
  13. I think it should be a option not based on easy normal hard but just a option that should be enabled automatically and if some one wants to turn it off let them be able to turn it off. My only thought on having a friendly fire option and why I think it might not work in this kind of game. Some would not want their party being killed by AOE attacks but what about npcs outside your party? If your in a town and you have a friendly fire option off what happens when you cast a fire ball in town with friendly npcs? Do they attack or don't they? If they don't then you have other problems with startin
  14. I think something as long as it doesn't take longer then a normal attack is good. I liked seeing people end up turning into giblets from critical strikes. I think it would be nice having different death animations. Like some one mentioned earlier cutting limbs off and being hit with spells should have effects on their death animation. I would prefer that over say a straight up your character doing a finisher. But nothing longer then a attack unless it is a death animation that you don't actually have to sit their watching it or having it interfering with combat.
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