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  1. I wondered into the Bear Cave well before meeting Nonton and conversed with the soul and ran from the bear early in the game. I talked to Nonton on my way to Gilded Vale and left the bear slaying til later. After having slayed the bear, I confronted Nonton and Ingroed, and ended up killing them after selecting "turn into the magistrate." After this happened, the mission remained open. The soul is gone from the cave and my journal says "Confront Nonton," like I never did anthing - I have no way of completing this. :banghead: :banghead: Please fix this! POE is an awesome game, just bugs are
  2. Remaining hopeful that they fix this. Tried several loads of my previous save points to only go full circle back to bugdom. Kana's skeletons remain after my fights and they hang up on previous stairwells randomly, locking my characters in their present room...frustrating.
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