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  1. I was looking forward to this game. :-/ Not sure I will buy it all now, to be honest. Maybe in a year it will be a sale purchase on Steam. I will probably just not buy it, though. Once a game gets old, and I've stumbled across spoilers, it usually just isn't worth it.
  2. I like your superconstructive approach... Not always especially with 1.1. The fact now that Troubadours are better Summoners (and everything else) then Beckoner says it all really. My changes -1 to Summon Invo +1 to all other Invo -50% summon damage and health, -30% duration Let them have their cheap expendable Summons they were sold as having and take away non summon abilities. Definately a work in progress. This makes more sense to me than what they've done.
  3. I sided with the Principi and didn't lose anyone. I wasn't really keen on siding with anyone (all of the factions are full of terrible people), but the pirates wanted me to get a ghost ship and that sounded awesome. My actions pretty much led to the Huana getting screwed over (I released the dragon and didn't side with them) but Tek didn't care. His ending slide has him happy and fulfilled as he helped bring his people together as an emissary of Ngati. I helped Maia's friends with their missive quests, and Maia regrets doing those underhanded missions for Atsuna and her ending slide is about her swaying the King to her opinion. All in all, some good stuff. You might get the best faction ending from the pirates? Which is weird. Not sure if siding with Furante is different, but that's what I did (and let Aedlys live).
  4.   Oh, interesting! Thanks for this. I noticed that Kana got very useful in White March 2. I just thought it was because the fights were longer. I pretty much put him on very short phrases and smashed out the AoE paralyze whenever it was up (which was pretty often) and he became really, really useful.
  5. I just ran across them. I have to say I'm really disappointed in the design here. My #1 pet peeve for any game is when it breaks it's own rules. Monks don't teleport. Why are they ignoring the engagement system? I also literally had 3 or 4 of them randomly appear in my back line (not teleporting from another location, just non-chalantly walking up to the engagement from an area I cleared). I'll use dominate spam or whatever on them next time, but this time I just quit the game in disgust. I very much agree with the OP. WHAT. THE. ****.
  6. Actually, it's a cone that originates from your target and flows behind that target. The targeting cone in game is wrong. It's an incredibly effective ability, because it's cheap and causes aoe prone with very little positioning setup.
  7. Objectively wrong. The only way Fireball is superior to Noxious Burst is in cast speed (Fast vs. Average, whatever that means). Fire may matter a little, depending on what you're facing (Shades, Shadows, etc) but for anything armoured (that is, most things), Corrode is better than Fire anyway. Also, it Sickens. I enjoy keeping both. Fireballs for Shades, Shadows and so on, or when I want to get the attack out quickly, and Noxious Burst for everything else. I feel that they should be set further apart by increasing the size of Fireball and make the "friendly zone" smaller on Noxious Blast, but that's really just nitpicking. Fire is also more versatile for damage dealing overall, making Scion of Flame a pretty solid talent for a wizard that wants to play with the various fire spells. Without that talent though, you're right that fireball only has the advantage of cast speed. I'm not sure how beneficial cast speed is on fireball, actually, unless you're just unloading fireballs in a chain.
  8. no, building a super tank is the optimal method, you can get most enemies in most encounters to hit ur tank and ur tank takes probably 5% or less of the damage of your other characters, so it is by a large margin the optimal solution to normal group fights. which is really the problem w/ the tank or with the AI depending on how you look at it. you can build a character that does .8 dmg a hit but takes nearly zero damage and then get the enemy team to attack that character exclusively. Scenario A) Your tank takes most of the damage for the group. The group does 5x damage (missing the tank, for all intents and purposes) Scenario B) You control your enemies to mitigate damage your group might otherwise take. The group does 6x damage (the "tank" is a healthy contributor to combat) Both are valid. B), in my opinion, is the superior option because it's generally faster and more fun.
  9. Building a super tank is kind of the novice's approach to the game. Which is fine and all, but when you understand the game and the systems behind it? You don't need to build a super tank. You'd do better making the character you want and then use other available means to control encounters besides having a super tank. There are many, and several of them are more effective. Now put down the shield and get to cutting folk up.
  10. That is an opinion with some merit. Why use a lvl 1 Wizard Spell (all of which are very useful), when you can use a lvl 2 Wizard spell for blinding, and it's foe aoe as well? Trading a lvl 2 spell for a lvl 1 spell in this instance can make a lot of sense. I personally like some of the lvl 2 spells because they're fun and interesting (the ray and the rolling fire ball of suicide), but they're generally niche spells.
  11. Druids make great healers. It helps to give them a reach weapon so they're behind the front line as most of their healing spells center on the druid itself. My last playthrough was without a priest the entire time and I had zero issues just using Hiravais to thow heals when needed. In truth, in hard mode and below you don't need a healer at all if you use cc and debuffs to their full potential.
  12. Not really. It's in good company, I would say. Most of the level 1 spells are good for the entire game. Eldritch Aim, Fleet Feet, Fan of Flames, Jolting touch (great for being foe only), Slicken, these are all great all-around spells. Parasitic Staff, Spirit Shield and arguably Wizard's Double are all great if you want to play a more melee style. Chill fog gets taken down a peg in my opinion because you can get blinded status from lots of different sources. Why blow a wizard spell on it when they've got all the rest of that going on?
  13. Pallegina isn't a paragon of her order, though. She has a good bit of internal angst about the terms of the trade agreement and the long term consequences. I think having Pallegina's personal alignment be a step away from her Paladin order's alignment is about perfect.
  14. The pointy end of the stick seems to be best, but the blunt end will work in a pinch. Best of all is to set the stick on fire before you hit them with it. Practically speaking, this is difficult.
  15. The review certainly achieved its aim: To generate clicks for RPGCodex. It's a terribly biased review and full of misinformation. Bu that's what generates clicks when you're reviewing a game long after its release and the game is almost universally praised. "Awesome: 9/10!" doesn't generate revenue when it's review #1087745 "This sucks! 3/10!" does generate revenue when it's review #1087745 and the metacritic of the game is 90% or higher. That's all there is to see here.
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