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  1. And for a ranged cipher? Otherwise I'll spend everything on lore. For reasons unknown to me, quicksave is not working anymore. It went well until the point when it stopped working at all. I changed the control-button a few times to make sure, but whenever I press quicksave, nothing happens. Does this sound familiar?
  2. Ah, I like this game -- just started again. ^^ What I did not find in the different guides is how many points in which skills is recommended. Aloth is going for mechanics, so I won't need this. I have spent some in lore. But I guess some in athletics and survival won't be bad.
  3. Since I always get so wonderfully precise answer I will try to continue with this run. :D From time to time, I would like to peek at a walkthrough to see whether I have missed something (like the Disappointer at the beginning). There are some walkthroughs, but some do e.g. not list "hidden" stuff like the Disappointer. Is there any walkthrough that is complete with all these "secret" locations and is otherwise complete in the sense of listing the effects of the different answers etc.?
  4. Thank you for all the input. I have read some cipher builds and am pretty sure that I will go for a blunderbuss one. The only thing I am worried now is that without a priest or druid I will miss the healing part -- is this so? Rogue seems not to be necessary since with mechanics one can find traps and open things: but, to which character (Eder, Aloth, Pallegina) should I give mechanics?
  5. I wasn't aware of this meme till now. It was a direct translation from German. Will I miss a lot of content if I don't have for instance Durance in my party? And exp-wise, is there a huge a huge difference between a 4 and 6 member party? And can I start playing and install the expansions later, or will I have to start a new game?
  6. About a year ago I started playing Pillars of Eternity but had to abandon it till now. My main character shall be a cipher, but -- unsurprisingly -- I am not sure about the rest of my party. I do remember that I disliked Kana and Sagani very much. Furthermore, I heard that the companions are much weaker than building the characters on one's own -- but I guess I would miss a lot of interactions and quests, so I will go for the companions eventhough they are weaker. My question: Is it advisable to play a 4-head-party (for instance cipher, Eder, Pallegina, Aloth)? And second: I have not
  7. I must admit, I am positively surprised that my conclusion was correct. :D
  8. It won't get out of my mind, I have to ask again: Since I cannot imagine that the answer-options in this encounter are forcing you to say things you as the main character have not done and the behavior is so unlike the character played till here, I assume that it is a memory from someone else (since here, like when you reach out for a soul, the surroundings get purple) and, unlike the other reaching-outs, you can choose answers concerning past things, i.e. the answers and behaviors in this scene are not the ones from the main character (or at least not in this incarnation) but the memory from
  9. I remember him from the main quest. However, is this dialogue at this point at this place right? Because it sounds as if I had a mission which I neglected. And this is the part I cannot remember.
  10. I have just completed the quest "the man who waits". When leaving the sanitarium an NPC approaches and the quest with Lady Webb starts. In front of her house a "old robed man" appears and speaks to me about a mission and that I have gone astray. This seems to be totally out of the storyline, especially since my possible answers are few or only one, concerning something about that I excuse by his excellence etc. Is this a bug or does this encounter belong to a quest I might have started without knowing?
  11. Here I am again! I am now pretty "into the game" and like it much more than at the beginning. My group consists of myself (obviously) as a cipher, Pallegina, Eder, Aloth and Durance (whom I do not like). I kicked out Kana (who is pretty annoying) and the Ranger (who is even worse). I still have not bought anything. The prices are pretty high and I do not have much money. So, which of the unique items do you deem worth purchasing? And my second question concerns the enchantment function: For Lead Splitter (and probably all other weapons as well) I have to choose an enchantment while
  12. Thank you very much for your suggestions. I have now access to all three merchants. However, the items are rather expensive so I wonder which ones are worth acquiring. I also just found Lead Splitter, of which I have read in some thread that it is supposed to be the best weapon for a cipher. However, I cannot see why. The damage is very low compared to e.g. Forgiveness. Do I overlook somethin?
  13. My appstore PoE crashes on my mac whenever I travel to another another etc. In the older threads in this forum concerning similar problems I could not find a answer. This is the crash log: Process: PillarsOfEternity [418] Path: /Applications/PillarsOfEternity.app/Contents/MacOS/PillarsOfEternity Identifier: com.mpdigital.pillarsofeternity Version: 1.0.4 (1.0.4) App Item ID: 979217373 App External ID: 812173845 Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Pilla
  14. The following questions have probably been answered more than once, but I could not find the answers through the searching-function. I just started the game and am now at the quest 'Never Far from the Queen', I myself a Cipher. I just picked up the dwarf. 1. I wonder whether there is a list on the order in which the quests should be addressed. I spent too much time on quests which are apparently meant for a higher level than I am. And I do not want to miss anything in this game. 2. Where can I buy/find good weapons etc.? I have not bought nor enhanced anything yet, since I want to
  15. I think the problem is solved, I did find a fighter companion. However, I just started a Cipher. Since I really hate it if I, after having played some time, find out that I chose a wrong ability (as with my Wizard), I would like to ask whether what I have done so far is fine: Human Death Godlike Old Vailia - Aristocrat Mig 18 Con 5 Dex 19 Per 7 Int 20 Res 9 I was mot sure whether it would be better to have Con and Per on the minimum, on the other hand, this does not feel good. Mind Wave and Soul Shock are my first two skills.
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