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  1. So the accuracy penalty of a shield doesn't apply to spells either then? (I'm all for the lazy/economical mode caster firing squad, but in a difficult battle where I'm not going to tell them to attack, I want to know what should be in their hands)
  2. Running around with a random onehander will boost their spell accuracy as well?
  3. When push comes to shove, my druid isn't going to attack. Same for my priest, and presumably the same if I had a wizard. Are there any weapons that augment their spellcasting?
  4. As far as I can tell, they stack. Two ways you can check: 1) In your inventory, just unequip one and see if you lose deflection 2) On your character sheet, browse your active effects and see if either says suppressed
  5. Thanks. Yes, there are some more specific questions I have. 1) Why not Scion of Flame for druid? There are at least 2 fire spells I'm rather fond of, especially the level 5 bouncing one. 2) What would you take for a priest? Heal/buffbot, no offtanking aspirations. 3) I took Cautious Attack once, but it seemed I couldn't run it with Defender, do you switch between them? (or does Defender suck too?) 4) The defensive talents seem weird to me, like you can take +10 will or you can take +10 to every debuff that you will-save against anyway, how do you choose?
  6. If you could elaborate further on terrible talents I'll read intently and sacrifice a virgin in your name. I seem to have made some mistakes and would like to avoid further ones as I just started a PotD no-reload run.
  7. When my cipher got bugged, I recruited a new one and dumped the old one. More or less the same as deleting it. That being said I would love to know a way to change the voice. I have two mutes and I'm pretty sure I didn't ask them to be.
  8. Attacks fortitude, lowers will. Attacks deflection, lowers reflex. Etc etc etc. There seems to be a plethora of ways in which you can mess up an opponent, each effect improving the chances of its successor. But where do you start whittling down your enemy's defenses? I realize of course you could just assault whichever defense is naturally low for the particular creature, but in general, do you have a favorite ability or spell for this?
  9. Tell me he's a BG2 reference. I mean he's even standing outside what would be the closest thing to a thieves' guild. (perhaps not a story topic, but oh well)
  10. Thanks. On second thought, could I more subtly dismantle them? I've aided their mark in Dyrford Village and delivered plus defended their little nuisance's shipment in Ondra's Gift. Would be nice if I could set him up to deliver his stuff to the Salty Mast but he seems to have flown the coop. And while I'm here, what's it gonna take to get to see Lady Webb?
  11. Tell me this isn't going to break the story and their lives are forfeit.
  12. There's a talent you can take to heal in combat, so it stands to reason it could be an advancement of a more basic method used to heal under calmer circumstances.
  13. This thread touches on my own little OCD for unlocking conversation options. Now there isn't really a class I want to play that works the way I want it with 18 int/per - and these 3 anything builds just won't get past my brain. So I'm just gonna ask, how much is it really worth to unlock those options? Is there some real goodie to be had somewhere?
  14. Word. I'm aiming to take on PotD (with both the painful condiments) one day. Now I've no idea how difficult it is, but if it's a real nutbuster, I could theoretically blow every per-rest ability on every fight and go back to the Black Hound and rest for free. And I'd obviously get some infinite rest mod instead of actually enduring that =.= I'm not a fan of the camping supplies mechanic. The real epeen is indeed how little time you spend on your playthrough.
  15. That does make sense actually, considering when I'm running from someone and they reach melee range I automatically return the engagement rather than keep running. Woot, +1 tanking skill, thanks.
  16. In a completely curious tone: Why is engagement limit important if you're doing nonexistant damage? Are opponents less prone to change targets if the engagement is mutual, or is there some other benefit to engagement than the opportunity for disengagement attacks?
  17. As far as I understand, Greater Focus only affects how much you start each battle with, but that's not a cap. You can go way beyond your default number without that talent.
  18. I agree. I wonder if I actually have guards or not without the hirelings.
  19. Why isn't this in the workarounds sticky? I had one party stuck in RH and two avoiding it like the plague. This worked wonders.
  20. I'm loving my cipher. Or let me put it this way. If I had a party of five ciphers and one tank and had to improve it somehow, I'm not sure I'd remove a cipher or add one. However, much of my success depends on her landing her spells in particular, but also her attacks. Now, in which ways can accuracy be increased? As far as I can tell, dexterity does not aid it, though level ups do help. But items? And is there a class out there that can buff my dudes' and dudette's accuracy a lot? I have some room in the party.
  21. Sweden. Oh man I am so hyped about this game, I was just looking for a thread where I could say this :D Such a fan of BG2, and it was the EE forums that tipped me off to this. Sure I can't make a late pledge no-strings-attached while I'm excited enough to give you one? Do you hate money or something?
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