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  1. So how did my kids become death guards? Well, they were fighting over a toy and I was tired of intervening, and before I knew it...
  2. As I recall it's just a symbolic act of defiance because you don't want him to break the Wheel. But I do so rarely finish a playthrough...
  3. My guess is this, unless the boar regen is also called Rapid Recovery. I am an outlast nerd and I've never seen two different kinds of regeneration not stack.
  4. Your world building guess regarding the Book of Storms is the same as mine. You can't join the Circle.
  5. I would say the greater opportunities for this don't stem from your class choice. Might depend a bit which god we're talking about, though.
  6. Chiming in with the only-with-that-scimitar crew. Although late in a playthrough I put this shield on that same chanter to get even more oomph out of empowering every fight. If I didn't constantly play No Rest I would probably empower way more.
  7. Oh, this looks damn good. The only thing I'm wondering from seeing your demonstration is if I can change my mind about multiclassing and go back to SC.
  8. Where have you seen this? Iovara's movement was about the gods being fakes, not about their attitudes. Besides, I am sure there's an actual word for wanting to get rid of gods that doesn't need to be a kind of not believing in them. Anyway, you realize like 99.9% of the world has no hard evidence that the gods are fake. And the majority of those that do are probably due some "mysterious circumstances" from the Leaden Key or the Hand Occult. On another note, why would people generally entertain the thought when priests in Eora have, you know, distinct magical powers. Related joke. Not how I understand what happened. Each god is a congregation of souls, not a single mind empowered by the absorption of other souls. There wasn't an Engwithan individual they decided would become Hylea, but they did decide there would be a Hylea and that she would prize life. I'm imagining she is the product of a number of souls that shared these values, or perhaps they even took that specific part from a soul and put it into Hylea, whereas another part from the same soul that valued diligence went into Abydon. Mandatory reminder: WE REALLY DIDN'T NEED RYMRGAND. So, could you absorb souls and become a "god"? Maybe - but it's not what the Engwithans did. Getting back to this, I don't think there is much point to denouncing the gods. Yes, you are correct, but people have little reason to believe you, and there are at least two pseudogod-empowered organizations who would take a keen interest in thwarting your efforts if you tried to enlighten the world like Iovara did.
  9. So much has happened since your 10,000th post! But does Firebrand still suck?
  10. I'm reinstalling PoE1 and remembering one thing that annoyed me about the game; the fact that if you're out of adventures for the category you rolled you get a generic one instead of a non-generic one from a lower category. I couldn't find a mod to fix this. Is it possible to write one? Edit: Seems this actually does something close enough.
  11. For fighting the boss ships regardless of reputation, I guess. Vindictive something something. It seems to be gone from Nexus. Also, this probably wasn't available at the time the thread was posted but these days I believe you can tank your rep with any faction by just bullying their ships. Intimidate them into giving you stuff for -rep.
  12. It's because internet discussions aren't about addressing your opponent's arguments but about invalidating their right to present any to begin with. On that note, if you disagree with me you're obviously a troll.
  13. I agree about the writing to some degree, but my real issue with PF: KM derives from what feels like a religious adherence to the tabletop game rules. It's either that or they just made the system confusing (and unenjoyable) for some other reason. Let's compare: Tabletop Con: Humans don't want to go through advanced calculations for every action, so it's all just a few die rolls. Pro: There's a DM to tweak combat to make it enjoyable for the players. Computer Con: The computer is the DM and it's a slave to its rules. Pro: Advanced calculations are easily doable. Yet the result of this is that we just put the PF ruleset in a video game and call it a day. A d20 is a terrible form of difficulty. I hope the next time - and every time thereafter - a studio wants to create a video game adaptation of a fantasy story, they leave whatever tabletop rules are associated with it out of it. It's the 21st century, use the computing power available to create fun mechanics instead of automating stone age technology. Thank you.
  14. I'm just gonna start taking for granted that every time something broken is posted these days, the Strand of Favor is involved.
  15. Thoughts here from someone quite familiar with WoW death knights. Invocations are all good, I just want to add that ice and cold are part of the DK theme too, so add: Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept -> Her Tears Fell Like Rain So Singt thy Biting Winds o' Eld Nary (this is essentially Chill Streak from WoW) For phrases, fire isn't much associated, so Aefyllath isn't much of a fit. However, DKs can become [temporarily] immune to a lot of crowd control types so any of the resistance chants will work (One Dozen Stood Against the Power of the Saint; Seven Men, onto the Deck They Went; They Shielded Their Eyes 'Gainst the Fampyr's Gaze). This said, they're not really much for buffing the party, so offensive chants are a better fit. Also @freddfranca: Paladin is a great choice, you get to enjoy the same [lack of] mobility as in WoW don't you dare be tempted to go with fighter, they have charge.
  16. Modals are a toggle you get for being proficient in a weapon. Typically it's you attack slower or for less damage with this weapon, but... and the but is, in the case of the club, you reduce your target's will with your attacks. Mandatory reminder that there is no penalty for using a weapon you're not proficient with other than not having the option to turn on the modal. All modals: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Weapon+Abilities Use Brisk Recitation if phrase accumulation rate is more important to you than chant uptime. At the start it's a no-brainer to keep it on because you only know one chant anyway. I almost never use BR after that because it pleases the master to have full uptime on two chants, whether or not throwing more invocations would be better.
  17. Sure-Handed Ila is good, but I wouldn't use as the only archer. You realize you're only going to keep 1-2 chants up at a time, so dedicating one of them just to buffing your own damage a bit just runs contrary to your support idea. As a supporting character, the weapon types I'd consider are: Club, target -25 will modal Flail, target -25 reflex modal Pike, target -10 deflection modal Dagger, self +10 deflection modal Wand, target -10 accuracy modal Morning star is the -25 fortitude one but it's a two-hander and doesn't have the reach advantage of the pike, so you make yourself a very juicy target. Of course, the saving throw reducing effects only make sense to use if your party actually relies on such abilities. This said, as a supporting chanter you might love Sasha's Singing Scimitar, which has some enchantments tailored to chanters, one of them being an aura. It pairs well with the shield Lethandria's Devotion, which also comes with an aura. Plus, the medium shield modal is fantastic.
  18. Lay on Hands is the single target heal of Deadfire so I can't say I agree. There's also Exalted Endurance for periodic party healing. I wouldn't make a paladin with no other job than healing though.
  19. I think there is a more important distinction here than what priests and chanters do, and it is how they do it. A chanter never permanently runs out of resources. They sing as long as they're alive and not crowd controlled, providing you the benefit of their chants. And these chants add phrases, and phrases allow you to use invocations. A chanter never runs out of steam, but you cannot tell your chanter to throw five invocations in rapid succession, because you can only stockpile as many phrases as your most expensive invocation costs. A priest (or wizard, or druid) on the other hand, has finite resources, but can spend them at their own leisure. Throw all your spells right after each other if you want, or space them out as the fight requires. Another thing you might not have picked up about chanters is that chanting is not something they do actively. You might be used to bards who cannot do anything else while singing, but that is not the case with chanters. Your chanter can attack or cast spells while singing without missing a beat. This makes them great for multiclassing as you pretty much get someone who provides chants + invocations while doing all the things the other class does. Nothing stops you from solving your dilemma by playing a priest/chanter multiclass. Mandatory addendum: Chanter is the best version of a bard I have seen in any RPG.
  20. So... do you actually know where this check is? Streetwise has long felt like the safest passive to ignore for me
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