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  1. Hello fellow no-resters. I take it you're all used to filling up your buff list to the point that it relays almost no useful information in combat. With the help of @Kvellen I wrote a mod to address this. Please help me make it awesome.
  2. With much thanks to @Kvellen for laying the groundwork, I have created my first mod, one that in three different steps reduces the combat tooltip clutter. See mod page for details. When you've done that, I would appreciate some assistance in making it better. Weird strings - I saw references to a courtesan possibly named Nisanga, who gives +1 to all attributes. Can anyone make sense of this? - There are some Magran's Blessing strings that do not seem related to the shield, for example "Boon_MagransBlessing_SE_CritWatcher", again, can anyone make sense of this? I'm hung up on these two because I've been filtering a ton of things that begin with "boon" (generally Watcher buffs), but I couldn't explain what these were about. Additional things to filter While I probably nailed most of the beneficial auras (please point out any I missed), I'm sure there are tons of item buffs that I haven't addressed. Any that come to mind, please mention! Of course, also goes for buffs that slipped through in any other way. Buffs I chose not to filter I elected to leave the following buffs untouched: Nalpazca reactions to being drugged or not, Street Fighter health level reactions, Stalker Companion Bond, and Psion Soul Mind. If you have strong opinions, make them known. Also, being my first mod, I might have unknowingly not observed various NexusMods customs, so feel free to point out errors like that too.
  3. In the least combative, most curious voice possible: What then is your explanation for Pillars 1 being more of a success, if they both had the same problem? Is it that people simply noticed in Pillars 1 that the complexity level was too high and didn't bother with 2 after that?
  4. I'm curious to hear if anyone has any strong opinions on how to do this. The options, to save y'all some time, are: Thermally Stable (+15 defenses against Fire/Frost) --> Bronze Core (also +15 defenses against Acid) vs. Nonconductive (also +15 defenses against Electricity) and Arcane Interference (+15% resistance against Evocation/Conjuration/Illusion) --> Apostatism (also +15% resistance against Punishment/Condemnation) vs. Arcane Suppression (upgrades the original 15% against Evocation/Conjuration/Illusion to 25%) It's currently the go-to shield for a tanky crusader who just ties down as many enemies as there is space around her to engage, but it could also be the plan B for a melee who needs to bunker up if given too much attention (uses Nerian's Ward for that right now).
  5. Deadfire is "done". Chances of a content patch are pretty much inexistent, chances of a bugfix patch... quite tiny I think your best bet is spawning Benweth with the console, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Note that doing so will disable achievements for your playthrough. Failing that, you could probably set the quest outcome with the console and give yourself his loot while you're at it, if killing him is the solution you have in mind. And while I'm here, not to sound too preachy... in the standard encounter Benweth has like five goons helping him. You worked your way to ambushing him alone, and probably had a full party, so the two skulls wouldn't have helped him much I mean he's actually terrified of you in that situation and doesn't even want a fight.
  6. Every time (Suppressed) I feel (Suppressed) like playing (Suppressed) some Pillars 1 (Suppressed), there's (Suppressed) this one (Suppressed) part (Suppressed) of it (Suppressed) that makes (Suppressed) me not.
  7. Oh, that is AWESOME. Thanks! I'll get to work on it, and if all goes well I'll try to make it a full mod, rather than just something that covers only the classes I tend to play. I've made quite some progress, and had like four hours of troubleshooting because of sloppy c/p skills. Might be I can figure all of this out without further help...
  8. Ciphers can rarely cast any of their spells (even the buffs) on themselves, and I doubt you can even cast Soul Ignition on allies. You wouldn't want to outside shenanigans like the one you have in mind, so the game won't let you.
  9. Cheers! I don't think you are correct about the rest though. This isn't merely about the displayed accuracy on the scroll, this is about what I'm seeing in the combat log details. From nuking a bunch of Vailians (I said eccosi so it's fine): 1) The damage was always within the scroll's displayed intervals. I only checked hits and not those that overpenetrated, to keep it simple. Frankly, it's very easy to see given that if the fire levels helping non-burn damage were a tooltip lie, my minimum damage would in fact be my maximum for the crush/freeze attack. The burn/shock attack has a wider damage range, but nonetheless I caused shock damage that wouldn't be within the interval if the fire levels weren't helping. 2) The accuracy was the same for all waves, with the exception of +10 for the burn/shock instances from the ring. Again, no matter which type they actually went for. The only thing I can't figure out is the penetration. All damage instances gain the same amount in the "Level" category, but the shock/burn has a base penetration of 9 whereas the crush/freeze is 7. I don't have Scion of Flame, and if I did, it shouldn't show as base anyway, should it? I thought perhaps Devoted mechanics were playing a trick on me, but even with my favored weapon equipped they are still 9 vs 7. Is this innate to the scroll/spell? If I check the penetration score it lists 7 base. I suppose it's possible that it's just too nerdy for Obsidian to list the different values on the scroll. That could also explain why the scroll itself does not mention the Ring of Focused Flame - the pen/acc displayed is that which pertains to the crush/freeze attack. Do you know of a +water PL item? ^^
  10. That made me think of the Deltro chestpiece with its +2 electricity PL. Turns out that this boosts the spell in its entirety, including the crush/freeze attack. So, Great Maelstrom has a bunch of keywords: Elements, Wind, Electricity, Water, Fire, Storm and since it's a scroll, Scrolls. Items that add PL(/acc/dmg/pen) to these would be awesome. Notably, Magran's Favor is just as good as the Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff (+2 fire vs. +1 fire +1 electricity) and the tooltip doesn't change when I swap these. Just need something useful in the offhand for the axe to be better. Pozzi pet gives +1 fire >:)
  11. Are you trying to loot it from land or sea? You gotta do it from land, AFAIK.
  12. A long time ago, in a thread not so far away, MaxQuest said: P.S. This character might also be into scrolls/arcana as he has nice bonuses. (Can't use actual quote or it won't let me submit the post) So long story short, Great Maelstrom is super strong. But can we make it even stronger? As far as I can tell, attributes have no effect on scrolls. No extra (and safe) AoE from intelligence, no damage from might, no accuracy from perception. Here's what I've gathered does help: - Nature's Resolve (Tikawara buff) - Character level - Arcana and the chromostaff, each adding some accuracy, penetration and damage - Int inspirations for power level (probably also the potion) - Conquerer Stance (fighter) - Disciplined Strikes (fighter) - Ring of Focused Flame / Scion of Flame, for the shock/burn damage instances, even if it elects to do shock damage - Sweet Aroma (+4 acc, Keeper of the Flame) - Cruelty and Curios (+3% damage, Baubles of the Fin) - Infamous Captain - Improved Critical - Captain's Banquet (when it does magic damage) - Effigy's Resentment: Saganever-mind-did-not-do-that-promise! So eh, anyone have any other ideas, available to a Shieldbearer/Devoted? Party buffs are also fine. I will say I wanna get the fireworks started ASAP so lengthy rituals will be avoided, but fire away. On that note, Sworn Enemy does not work. Big +arcana items are nice too. The list has one item on it; The Left Hand of the Obscured (+3).
  13. You went for base SF3, didn't you? Not Soul Harvest I haven't played base SF3, still waiting for the uh, adaptation. That said, the general theme is simply that the AI sucks at macroing or perhaps is slow to get started, so I tend to drown them in a continuous stream of basic melee/ranged units that I don't micro beyond attack moving them somewhere. I don't even use control groups, just the "select whole army" key. Usually I have to defend myself with just my heroes until I've gotten the deathball rolling, but after that the RTS part is lazy-easy. The army comp isn't varied at all, just 1-2 unit types, and all I do is attack move them. Then there are mission specific tricks, for example the first RTS mission (after the tutorial if you count that) where you have to bring down a magical barrier before you can begin the RTS in earnest, where you can just amass a full army and a massive resource stockpile before you actually dispel it, because the AI on the other side is inactive until you do. If you can confirm you're actually talking about Soul Harvest I can give you every trick I remember.
  14. Anyone else find this looks like Torchlight? Also the moral of the discussion on page two is: Some people value immersion over control, and some don't. *nods sagely*
  15. I'm a bit rusty about this but I believe I can explain the last two. Disabling crew: Some (I guess most) ships have what are called "deck defenders" - you can see that number somewhere in the UI. They are entirely exempt from the broadside battles and cannot man the ship, nor be harmed by your cannons. If you board though, they are what you have to contend with (not sure if that's on top of other crew). Speed, from the wiki: (As I recall, it was just bonus 20 speed, but I haven't bothered with ship to ship combat since the last big patch) https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Ship_combat may be enlightening, but it doesn't seem entirely correct.
  16. The thing with RPG combat in general is, if you don't bend the rules of realism a bit you risk reducing physical combat to shield wall formations and polearms. We had a similar discussion in another thread (started about here). Anyway, let's look closer at the dagger. Yes, it's not going to deal as much damage as twenty other weapons you could name. But it has advantages for this particular scenario. Firstly, the dagger is a deceptive weapon. You can hide a dagger. Even if just sheathed-but-visible it's still less intimidating than carrying a loaded gun or a spear or what have you. So if you're looking to assassinate someone who isn't automatically hostile towards or particularly wary of you (think in public or at a banquet), it's a great weapon. Furthermore, let's consider the actual sneaking. Again, the dagger is a very handy weapon for this, because it's, small. You can sheathe it or carry it 'tween your teeth, or just have it in your hand and it's not much of an impediment, as opposed to bulkier, heavier-hitting weapons. We could actually represent this by giving daggers and stilettos +stealth. Anyway, let's go for the kill. If what you're sneaking up on has a throat that can be slit, do you really need to paint the walls with its brains? Covering your victim's mouth while you give them a red smile is a subtle kill, one that might go unnoticed (not in game mechanics, of course). Unloading a firearm at point blank range? Not only extremely noisy, but also making that weapon useless until you reload. Why would you want to? For more "honest" combat, daggers are indeed difficult to justify as being a competitive weapon though.
  17. RTwP (and without it) is way more immersive. It's an actual battle. It's the legendary showdown in which the dragon thrashed, wailed and fell. TB is transmogrified Chess. By no means do I refute your arguments for why people might prefer TB. I agree with them, but this is what heavily tips the scales for me. It's also why I wished for (with little hope of it coming true) battle replays back in Pillars 1. Note that this video is not me hiding the UI and letting the AI play, by the way. I had autopause for completed actions, at which point I turned the UI on, gave an order and turned it off. It wasn't fun to edit that video, and you can see I got a bit lazy in the end
  18. It's freaking Dungeons and Diablo. Paraphrased excerpt of a piece of powergaming advice from those forums back when I played it: Teach your wizard to wear all types of armor. Then stack all the randomly affixed cooldown reduction items you find on them. Now you can largely perma-CC enemies. We can all hope for BG3 to be the next big thing. By the way, cheers to RTwP from here too. It saddens me how RPG's seem to gravitate towards turn based.
  19. You should note that SF3's UI is a bit different from SH's and there was pretty much a stated sales pitch that if you buy both, you will eventually be able to play the SF3 campaign in the SH engine (same engine probably, but yeah the UI). That said, the devs have gone... quiet about this and everything else. I believe SH is generally considered an improvement. I don't like the SF3 action bars for instance, they're even worse. Uh, anyway, what I said about SH does not necessarily apply to SF3. And, do check my edits to my previous post. But, above all else, enjoy
  20. Again, I can't speak for other titles than Soul Harvest, and that includes base SF3. To me, Soul Harvest is more cRPG. For starters, for a majority of the content you do not play RTS, although that's not an easy thing to measure; if you struggle with RTS, those missions will take a long time, and thus comprise a larger portion. Even when you play RTS, you also play to some degree cRPG: There's always more stuff to do on a map than just destroy the enemy base, although it can be nice to do that first so you can do the other stuff in peace and quiet. I've also devised lazy ways to win every RTS mission, even at the highest difficulty (frankly, the difficulty tuning ain't all that for RTS). Also, your heroes can eventually become powerful enough that you don't need to RTS. You just control your four man army destroying, base razing machine. That said, I have read stories about people who just wanted to RPG and couldn't get past the RTS missions even at the lowest setting, I think perhaps because the AI doesn't play differently no matter the difficulty, just the damage numbers get skewed in your favor. Also, I don't find it a satisfying RTS experience. Been a while since I played but I do recall taking issue with the UI in several ways. But, it has some refreshing twists like you don't manually control your workers and they have a separate population count. Edit: I should make clear how action bars are handled, because it bothers me. There's a shared action bar with a total of 24 slots that your heroes have to, uh, share. The benefit is you don't have to select your tank to taunt; you bind taunt, you press it, aim it, tank taunts. It was a new idea, and I don't like it, though one benefit I appreciate is that you can always see everyone's cooldowns. One downside is this limits you to an average of six keybound actions per hero. If you want to bind healing and focus (mana) potions, that's two. Trinket with use effect, that's three. Now you can bind... three abilities! You can get a lot more than that, and I long ago gave up on binding anyone's potions. They can be clicked, but it's not ideal. Another is you have to think of 24 smooth binds. I was able to do that fine, but it's not how you want to start your game, because the default binds are F1-F12 which is just awful (the other 12 binds are shift + the first 12 binds). So I had to change those binds, then I had to assign some obscure stuff to handle the command card, because I was overwriting those in the process. (for the record, WC3/SC2 are examples of how I think this should be handled - everything on the command card, select hero, press key to use ability/item) A (smaller) third problem is that when your party composition changes you have to address any conflicts with the shared action bar (Alice left, Bob joined, Bob started using Alice's vacated slots, but later you have both Bob and Alice in the party). While easily done, it does mess with your muscle memory. For all my complaints, the game did offer quite interesting character build options for a non-AAA game (and surpassing some AAA games for that matter) and an okayish fix for my real time RPG combat addiction.
  21. Right, so it's as I suspected, thanks. What I meant with FoD was a question if it could somehow not add stacks, not if it wouldn't benefit. But on that note, I do love the Ring of Focused Flame for precisely that reason Edit: BTW, does the deflection debuff (which for some reason shows up as a buff) from Tarn's Respite work the same way? With multiple instances and all that stuff.
  22. I have a herald dual wielding this (with Tarn's Respite). She's also sporting a Contender's Armor with stacked Athletics. She's boasting impressive accuracy, say 120-125 in a fight without counting Adaptive. The sabre modal is off. She strikes with speed and precision; this is observed, not just the expected result of the listed factors. It feels to me that over the course of a long fight (which she spends pretty much only attacking), she should get to 10 stacks and just stay there, but usually when I check her buffs it's not at 10. My primary guess is that the buff in my character sheet is merely a summary of 1-10 individual buffs, each with their own duration. But, while I'm asking anyway, I would like a confirmation that Flames of Devotion cannot in any way be blamed (it does seem to stack the buff) unless striking fire immunes, and that on-hit also means on-crit - for the purposes of Adaptive and for the purposes of every other proc in this game.
  23. Apologies for the necro, everyone. To me, the case has usually been that I complete the quest in here, fiddle around with switches for a few minutes and then compose a whole new chant with nothing but expletives in it. As chance would have it, I found a very simple way to get the sword. I certainly didn't find it first, it has probably been explained but I couldn't find a pretty enough picture, logic logic yada yada, here's my new family recipe for getting the sword ASAP so you can happily tinker around with the switches to get the quest done without a care in the world. It's possible the first switch I tell you not to press does the same as the one I do tell you to press, but my autosave got overwritten so I'll never know.
  24. (Note - only talking Soul Harvest now, haven't tried/didn't like other SF titles) There isn't strictly RTwP, but there is an action wheel function in the UI (just press alt IIRC). I don't use it, but there's an option to slow the game down or pause it entirely while the wheel is up. From there you can perform an action from the wheel and then the game will unpause again. Yeah, more like a typical RTS. It certainly has its own twists, but it's always real time.
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