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  1. The best kind of background for these characters is a goody-two-shoes one where you just happened to have lapses of judgment in scenarios leading to advantages in Deadfire. My Watcher had had too much snowcap when he pushed someone into the blood pool. *nods*
  2. The problem with ToT is that I find the dialogue to be too frequent for none of it to be VOd. Also what you said about DMs, even if they don't do different voices they can still do different tones and inflections. This can convey happiness, impatience, and so on and so forth.
  3. I like books, but I don't play a video game for a book experience. Video and audio are tools at the developers' disposal to immerse me in their story. Use them.
  4. Tower of Time is worse than Kingmaker and Deadfire for language errors. It's not abysmal, but still. I think that author was just referring to how we don't realize that everyone is struggling with something. We only see our own inner turmoil, so we only think our own lives are "exceptionally difficult". It may be a language error, but I say it's for illustrative purposes. Related.
  5. I gave it a try after reading your post. It has its good and bad sides, and while overall a nice game I wouldn't compare it to Pillars - in terms of design, not quality. It's a dungeon crawler, not much of a RPG. It's been hours since I tried to care about the plot because the devs couldn't afford voicing almost anything, so I skip through dialogue. It seems proofreading was another thing that had to be cut, because the language errors are too many. Speaking of dialogue and errors, when I was still paying attention to it, the characters sometimes talked a little too much like the animated stat sheets they are. The combat discussions weren't entirely immersive. Also, if a game has one elf, that elf apparently has to be a hippie. The art is good and I feel a lot of love and thought went into the combat system, so those can be reasons to play. But for story - there might be a good story in there, but it's not well delivered.
  6. I did a thing! It's funny because it's Waukeen's Promenade combined with Queen's Berth. Oh, also, it does things. Check the mod page description, and then you can check in-game what each merchant sells, or check here. I added the file if you don't want to register at Nexus. I am open for suggestions as to things merchants should or shouldn't sell. Here's how it looks right now. Hunter (reagents) Osa (food ingredients, alcohol) Rebero (gems, jewelry, wardstones) Cobbler (various shady stuff, unguents and potions) Wanika (scrolls and tools) Waukeen's Berth.rar
  7. I see your mod is addressing Magran's Blessing. Someone requested that my mod do this too, but I don't know how to actually get that buff. Do you, or anyone else? (the buff - not the shield)
  8. Oh wow, you just solved it. All I had to do was change the numbers for those items. I generously went with 20k, which gave me some interesting loading times for her inventory, but now she has 999 of everything. Just gonna fiddle with the numbers now
  9. I want to create a mod that makes it so that every restockable item is guaranteed to be restocked every day, and in large quantities. For example, Cuitztli can sell Primal Wind. If she doesn't, I gotta revisit or just sit there advancing the game time until she does. And when she does, she might not have as many as I want to buy, so I need to keep doing it. So I thought it'd be as easy as finding the right thing to override, but I can't seem to find it. I searched for Primal_Wind and found a bunch of entries in items.gamedatabundle. Most of them seemed to pertain to enchantment materials and monster loot tables, but one was about the item itself (icon, classified as ingredient etc). It wasn't very useful for my purposes, but I nabbed the ID from it. Then I searched every folder with "exported" in it for that string, but I found very little outside items.gamedatabundle - just a reference as a reagent for the witches' cauldron. Curiously enough, items.gamedatabundle has a bunch of merchant inventory listings (search for "infini" and you'll find them), specifically stating this merchant will sell that and that. It is by no means an exhaustive list [of merchants] and those included only sell basic items like water and hardtack. So I dug out the ID for a unique vendor item - Sasha's Singing Scimitar - and scanned all the folders for that string. But, I found it nowhere outside items.gamedatabundle, where none of the listings are for assigning it to a merchant. Also, these merchant listings don't seem to contain anything to manipulate probability or quantity of appearing items. Just "yeah, I sell these". For my last wild swing at maybe finding something useful, I scanned the folders for the ID of one of those merchants, but again that ID showed up nowhere outside items.gamedatabundle. Any ideas? Or is the thing I'm trying to modify not exported for me to play with? Edit: As a dirty solution, I discovered I could just add the items I want to one of these infinite supply vendors. It's not ideal, but it's something.
  10. I'm not touching the eoten chants because the objective is to clean up the party tooltip. Can't recall mobs having so many effects that the screen couldn't fit them even before this mod. Okay, so you seem more like someone who simply wouldn't activate the mod. I tend to have 2 20+ int troubadours in my parties just cycling 2 chants each, which is full uptime under normal circumstances, and I don't play differently if something messes with those normal circumstances. For me it's a cleaner tooltip, at least.
  11. I'm currently reinstalling the game and have long considered a final addition to my buff filtering mod. I feel that chants are comparable to auras in many ways, so if you want to hide auras, why not chants too? My idea is to filter out any buffs from chants: Come, Come Soft Winds of Death - the buff on the singing chanter only Blessed Was Wengridh, Quickest of his Tribe At the Sight of their Comrades, their Hearts Grew Bold One Dozen Stood Against the Power of the Saint Ancient Memory Sure-Handed Ila Nocked her Arrow with Speed Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr The Silver Knights' Shields Broke both Arrow and Blade Her Courage Thick as Steel Seven Men, onto the Deck They Went Old Siec Would Not Rest 'til His Hunger Was Sated They Shielded Their Eyes 'Gainst the Fampyr's Gaze Mercy and Kindness Followed Where'er She Walked Many Lives Pass By, Each Leaving Footprints (if it leaves some kind of buff on the chanter - I've actually never used this) With all your Strength, Slay the Beast! The Arrow Sings Between the Dragon's Scales So again, this will only hide buffs from chants. It will not hide any debuffs they cause; soft winds of death would be visible on affected opponents of the chanter, etc. It will not hide anything from invocations. Anyway, unfortunately the mod makes no difference between the party and its enemies. Any buff you hide from yourself you hide from opponents too. So I was wondering, is there any chant on the list above that you 1) know some enemy in the game actually uses and 2) you feel would be quite bad to not know about (if you didn't already in advance)? I thought that the resistance chants might be really disruptive to hide, but I can't think of anyone who uses them. As I recall, the only chants from that list that enemies use are: Come, Come Soft Winds of Death At the Sight of their Comrades, their Hearts Grew Bold Ancient Memory Sure-Handed Ila Nocked her Arrow with Speed Old Siec Would Not Rest 'til His Hunger Was Sated (and this I might be remembering from PoE1 ogres even) What say you?
  12. I am entirely in favor of lowering Dorudugan's resolve. I always find him an extremely unsatisfying boss because there's no "cracking him open". Between high defenses, immunities and his resolve it feels hopeless to meaningfully debuff him.
  13. Do I know this? Engagement actually feels very powerful to me for aggro. If you're fighting multiple enemies, you can keep the bulk of them locked down. If you're fighting one enemy and they be like "like I'm gonna hit the toughest target lol", you swap to a rapier (with nothing in the offhand), modal on, and Mule Kick the poor villain over and over. I think I was using Rännig's Wrath for this, as IIRC it has the highest accuracy of all rapiers.
  14. It occurred to me that while passionate <--> stoic makes the most sense for those two in particular, overall the system might be more satisfying with passionate <--> rational and clever <--> stoic.
  15. Yeah no, leave it like that I think. I hope there's no priest/paladin order that favors both of them. By the way, is it possible to go into negative disposition score? For example, Benevolent 3 // Cruel -3. That way, you can kick the occasional puppy without needing to build an orphanage right after, because you're a famed orphanage builder and your occasional puppy kicks are pre-emptively excused. Ok, got a bit carried away, but the point is hopefully not needing to "save up opportunities at benevolence" before you commit your cruel act, if you want to avoid the cruel disposition.
  16. I'm not sure about rational vs. clever, but the others make sense. This will make paladins much more enjoyable to play, not needing to avoid the bad dispositions like the plague.
  17. The ooze has 8 burn armor. When you see it in game, it will probably say it has 14 armor. This is because 14 armor answers MOST questions about what its armor is. Then it also lists the exceptions, in this case being that it has 8 armor against burn/corrode/shock. Edit: So to be super clear, 8 burn armor, not 22. 130% means the damage type your attack will use is so strong against the enemy that it will overpenetrate and do 30% bonus damage. This happens when you have twice the penetration of your target's armor. I... don't remember what the colors mean.
  18. Can't swear on it, but I think it's party assisted. That would mean it's enough if everyone has 4 points. Each would have 4 themselves, and the others would have 16 combined, which is worth +6 through Party Assist. Unless you metagame heavily and/or play No Rest with constant Luminous Adra Potion buffs, you're not going to pass nearly every skill check anyway. You don't have to think of this stealth check as something you're supposed to pass. You can think of it as, here's an opportunity for a stealth oriented party to shine.
  19. I'm pretty sure there are group-wide athletics checks that work the same. And I agree with xzar_monty; these mechanics make sense. It's not a "choose your champion" scenario, it's "everyone gotta do this".
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