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  1. I caved in and I made a separate save file, choosing the "burned all bridges" option unfortunately. I guess I'm impatient, as I didn't want to wait for a possible fix that may never come along, or at least might take a while until it comes along. I kinda regret doing it and I wish I didn't have to but at the end of the day, it's better than waiting and it's in a separate save file at the very least.
  2. Aye. I'm also running the latest patch, 1.05. In all honesty, I'm tempted to make a new save game and select the "burned all my bridges" option. However, I don't want to just give up like that and I would very much rather go with the Crucible Knights. After all, if I take the easy and only option, it makes my work with the Crucible Knights seem so pointless. Hoping a resolution is made to this as soon as possible. I can't go any further in game until I do this quest.
  3. Hey everyone. I bought Pillars of Eternity from Steam about a month ago and I'm almost fifty hours into the game. I'm loving it, however I've come across what I think is a bug that has hindered my progress. In the quest "The Hermit of Hadret House", I've been asked by Lady Webb to join one of the three factions of Defiance Bay as a representative to go to that animancy hearing. I only did one quest for the Dozens, I did nothing for those other guys (forget their names) and I did all the quests for the Crucible Knights and became an honorary member of that faction. I spoke to the leader a
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