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  1. Hello, My main issue with the game was unchallenging enemy AI and buggy unit collision. Enemy units often can't find an alternative path around their allies making the fight a walk in the park while I kill them one by one. I know that doors can be "tactical spots" but it happes in open space too. Does patch 1.05 change enemy behaviour? I think I will wait with my full playthrough till enemy AI gets a boost.
  2. Wiki based combat? I was playing BG2 without internet connection and managed to kill all monsters with so called "obscure defences" using trial and error method. I also didn't like BG1 but loved BG2 so your arguments are flawed. PoE on the other hand is just tank&spank.
  3. I doubt the game would be praised that much if it was made by less popular game developer.
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