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  1. I don't understand why it's mandatory to have your rogue arbitrarily "hidden in plain sight" D&D style at the beginning of combat.
  2. Ragnar the Red springs to mind - But I guess anything can be considered offensive to someone, somewhere these days...
  3. Based on the ole' eyeball 2.0 software installed into my frontal cortex would make a cautious guess and say that the backgrounds have been designed for 1080p resolutions with 16:9 and 21:9 variants.
  4. I'll repeat what I said on the matter on the Steam forums (before a mod decides to remove it - yay) and leave the matter at that. By all means - Let's ban all of the harmless limericks too (which this is), any reference to dead people (Necrophobia), dwarves (Sizeism), mothers and children killed because they are not mentally well (matricide, infaticide) and so on and so forth. Now that harmless limerick suddenly seems a bit silly doesn't it? It is also obviously not a serious stab at transgendered people...
  5. Let's hope those people stick around for the critical patches we'll hopefully get next week - It's all about first impressions. Nothing says "eff this game" like getting stuck in the keep or losing your racials and such. (Not everyone has the patience to look up workarounds - Of course having the helpful threads removed by moderators doesn't help the case either )
  6. Camera Rotation? .... Hah...no. https://youtu.be/AUleDEFkUtE?t=3m40s This is why.
  7. I have to agree - The map screen is much too dark in comparison with the game view. Especially at night.
  8. Welp - Along with the keep crashes and not being able to loot prisoners taken, I think I'll have to shelf the game for now. Just too many game breaking bugs and annoyances that needs to be addressed. But hey - BG's still receiving mods. I'm sure I can wait a few weeks in comparison
  9. I don't really care either way - It would only be a cosmetic change in practice. What I don't like is having to sneak around every map, searching every inch of it with a magnifying glass just to find a few arbitrary "hidden containers" that usually aren't even in places that make you go "Huh - Of course something was hiding here. I am so stupid!" when you do find them. It reminds me of the days of Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake - Having to go around, pressing spacebar on every walled surface in every map to find secrets.
  10. "I didn't bother to read the thread" You already have unlimited rests because of the Inns, Strongholds and a ton of other places where people will let you rest for free. Hell even Chateau de local Lord offers free resting - One of the arguably hardest challenges in the early game.
  11. "Kotaku" Stopped reading right there - I don't care about that clickbait website or the opinions of their "hired bloggers" in the least.
  12. Decades of D&D would like a word with you - So would about a truckload of RPGs. Hell even Neverwinter Nights had a solid crafting system (so did NWN2) and it is by no means "modern"
  13. Considering how dull and un-interesting (my opinion of course) the companions are in Pillars, I'm not sure I would want a romance option in the first place. It's probably one of my more annoying gripes with the game as I play through it - There's just not banter like in the Baldur's Gate days. Nor are there interesting companions with an opinion and drama with each other. Hell - People don't even acknowledge your godlike origins or nature in spite of the stigma tied to them.
  14. I find it somewhat annoying - Especially when the text clearly gives you a LONG explanation of the scene while the NPC just continues speaking. Deliberate or not, I'm still partial to the old approach where only critical dialogue was voiced and everything else was just text - No constant "in and out" conversations.
  15. See the responses about it being wrong since you can rest in a ton of places for free - Just saying. If you're going to call something "well balanced", you should probably be sure you actually know what you're talking about.
  16. Here's a small compilation of portraits I've adapted from various artwork specifically for my own party of adventurers. Edit: Now updated with fixed small portraits and a handful new ones. I've cut the source material as well as templates since it was becoming needlessly bulky. I'll see if I can include source information in the portraits as tags somehow - If not, people can still easily google the images for their sources and credits. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyjuv7l03cldc8o/PoE_portraits_28_03.rar?dl=1
  17. Already a thread on the topic (several in fact) One of the devs said they'd look into the tags and possibly do a re-release.
  18. Reminds me of Baldurs Gate back in the day. I felt so inferior
  19. Cities: Skylines would like a word. That game is Unity based as well and because they've allowed C# and compiled .dll's, you can do a hell of a lot with the game in terms of modding. The Steam workshop for the game was practically flooded with a ton of community made improvements to the interface, game mechanics and visuals (edit: within days*)
  20. - Give us portrait browser (filename filters for bonus points) - More content, more companions - Preferably ones that are actually memorable. - Rangefinder tool. For when you want to measure out something without having to find a specific spell or ability of that exact range. - Ability to reskin and re-portrait yourself and companions (without having to rely on 3rd party editors)
  21. I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed in the companions in PoE - So far none of them have been memorable. Not anything like all of the companions I remember every quote from in the Baldur's Gate series. They're too serious - Too... dull. Where's my perky rogue bhaalspawn, my snarky wizard who hates everyone - or my "dropped on his head as a child" ranger who keeps a small furry animal? Even the less "focal" companions like the Witch, the Cleric and the others felt more interesting. That being said - I am digging the main story so far. It starts out so incredibly dark and depressing. If your settler had any measure of optimism left in them when they left the caves after losing everyone from the Caravan, they are definitely full on depression by the time they reach the village - their new "home".
  22. Making a clear design decision (that I admittedly disagree fundamentally with) is one thing - Reneging on it by circumventing it is another matter. Like you asked - Would it be more okay if inns weren't a free meal ticket? Why yes - Because as long as the free options exists like that, having campfires being limited is just an arbitrary and anti-convenience feature. If I wanted to, I could backtrack to an Inn every time and get a free rest and go back - ad nauseum. With how much the campfires are at the start it makes even less sense to have the system. Anyway - I'm done here. Just wanted to point out the arbitary design. It's not a problem for me because of the IE Mod. Also try to avoid using strawmen in your arguments in the future - Nobody likes those.
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