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  1. No because IE had healing. I'd run with a druid and a cleric and it was fine. Most fights didn't require spells after all. You just ration them till the tough fights. It was pretty rare to run out even in a big dungeon. 4-5 encounters would usually mean 4 easy fights and one semi difficult one. The four easy fights would be covered by 2-3 healing spells and the difficult one you'd use a couple wizard spells. Usually you wouldn't need to really start slinging till the "boss". Some people would call that "too easy" but it was hard in the strategic sense. This game is far easier in that resp
  2. Actually Tigranes said that. I have no idea why it put your name there and it won't let me edit it now. As for your actual post I'm not going to just "accept things" without complaining. Resting in a hostile area is degenerative gameplay.
  3. Having a particular party is strategy not tactics. Please read my posts though I'm not resting a lot. I was just thinking about changing tank setups to mitigate this somewhat though. Focusing on evasion tanking seems paramount.
  4. In another topic someone said magical healing doesn't exist in the lore or it's really rare. This left me really confused. My guys are getting serious injuries and instantly removing them in 4 hours somehow. Is the world of PoE just far advanced to ours in medical science or something? Perhaps I should drop my health care and go buy some camping supplies.
  5. My rule in IE was basically "never rest anywhere hostile EVER". I'd also never backtrack to rest if it didn't make sense roleplay wise. This made spell use really strategic and fun. I had to carry proper healing rations so I could actually use my priest spells too. Sometimes if things went bad I'd backtrack and rationalize backtracking and resting but that was rare. Playing PoE feels like I'm cheating the entire time. It feels like the game is forcing me to cheat because of these health bars. That surprises me. At a minimum every char needs weapon training + weapon style. Then
  6. How are they healing at all then? If there's no magical healing then something like adventuring can't even exist. The minute you got injured you'd have to stop and heal for months. For some classes getting injured would mean the end of their ability to ever fight well again.
  7. Yea they stop the morons who rest every fight. The game still forces us to rest too often though. Resting in a dungeon is wrong no matter what. It lowers fatigue so that's exactly what it means. It shouldn't heal so much health either. The only way to heal health should be magic. Either spells or potions. I didn't say map I said dungeon. Dungeons can be several maps large. You should only rest once per every four combat maps or so. Ideally I don't want to ever rest even once in a dungeon. It should happen before and after.
  8. It seems like people are completely misunderstanding my post. All of you seem to want to rest spam and say that it's ok. I want the opposite. Think about it. You go into a dungeon and you take 2-3 naps? That's rediculous. The monsters would find you and eat you. That's what camping supplies are supposed to stop.
  9. That's rest spamming though. I did it in two (which I also considered rest spamming) but I couldn't find a way to get it down to one. No matter what I have to rest twice in there. I expect to be able to do the ENTIRE dungeon resting only once. That's how little I would rest in IE. Its a HUGE DEAL. How can I enjoy strategically using my spells when I know I should just spam them out? I could maybe be cheesy with CC but that's really unfun too. I would prefer doing the entire hold without resting considering it's size. Resting once near the end would be acceptable.
  10. I don't see how you can not lose SOME health every fight. How many fights are you making it through before someone gets low? Take into account I don't want those talents. I'm starting to think the game is trying to force me to go gung ho. The only way to avoid health loss is to use spells far to often.
  11. I'm not running out of camping supplies. I'm being forced to rest even when I have spells left.
  12. You're drastically misunderstanding what I want to do. I want to never rest (until fatigued). I want to carefully ration my spells. I want to get through an entire dungeon by only resting once. Health does exactly the opposite of that. It forces me to spam my spells because I'll be forced to rest up soon anyways. Also there are only 2 rations max for me.
  13. How is "resting" every 3-4 hours roleplaying? Is everyone in my party narcoleptic?
  14. This makes no sense then. So let me see if I understand. 1. They create camping supplies to stop "rest cheesing" of uses per day. 2. Then they create health to force us to rest cheese? Except we can't so now it's inn cheesing? Like I said I know about those. Why would I waste incredibly valuable talent picks instead of just going to the inn constantly?
  15. I know about the talents but that's all I've seen. I'm fairly confused by this. I'm forced to rest so often for healing that it's ruining the rest system. I have no need to ration spells when 4-5 encounters puts several chars into yellow health. Does this change later into the game somehow?
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