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  1. There's a difference between saving - And saving in separate files every few minutes just to avoid losing progression because of a sudden bug. Cloud? Only a fool would use the cloud. Most unstable pos on the face of the planet.
  2. See the part about not knowing or caring about it until it was pointed out to them. Someone had to proof-read the backer text - It isn't just machine text conversions. @Darji: I don't see how a government mandated censorship system has anything to do with this? If a company wants to sell their games in Germany, they abide by their rules - That's the end of it. Steam can't sell certain games in Germany because their age-restriction system isn't strict enough to abide by German rules. So they aren't allowed to sell the games. Pretty simple and entirely based on laws - Not pressure.
  3. You may want to give the "known issues" list a read. Plenty of things that can and will ruin your experience. Crashes at the keep, stats that raise and drop permanently (ruins balance) and losing racials. Just to name a few.
  4. Steam - Because the (free) Steamworks implementation could have given the game painless Co-Op multiplayer in no time at all if Obsidian hadn't promised a non-steam version. Also - Only a tiny margin of people actually buy non-Steam versions today if given the choice. Paradox caved to a loud minority of people who wanted a "DRM free" variant of Crusader Kings. Turned out they sold less than double digits worth in Gamersgate copies, not even enough to cover the costs of running two separate builds.
  5. Not an awful lot of need for that - They've either caved to minority response or shown that they care more about said minority's complaints than keeping harmless backer content that fits the universe and theme.
  6. Or not - Earlier versions has plenty of gamebreaking bugs. This one does too. You know - I think I'll pick the third door. Shelf the game until it's playable without forcing me to keep a small database of savegame backups around.
  7. Eh... Damned if you are, damned if you aren't. 1.0 is still too broken to enjoy unless you are OCD levels of meticulous with constant backup saves.
  8. Not sure I see the relevance of the EA comparison. It's not like EA/Bioware has tried to make a game in the genre since Origins, which was at best a spiritual hybrid between tactical 2D games and the more "modern" take on the genre. Also - EA with their "We use bots to praise ourselves for supporting gay rights as a smokescreen" tactics probably don't think too much of anything.
  9. I don't believe I ever claimed that to be the case - I am pointing out that being told by a loud minority to change something is NOT censorship. The choice is still in their own hands. Of course you can debate the legitimacy of the concept of self-censorship, which is pretty much the core of the drama as far as most people seem to be concerned. If Obsidian caves this easily to a small group of loudmouthed people (who arguably haven't even played the game for the most part judging by twitter responses), what will be next on the "I am a minority and feel offended by ___"? And how will this sort of behaviour affect the universe, story and future content that is still on the drawing board.
  10. Censorship is definitely the wrong term to use here - No one is being legally forced to do anything. Caving to certain loud minorities on the other hand... Knowing the tenacity of modders who feel scorned, I'm sure we'll see a travelling bard version with full VO reciting these Limericks somewhere in the game as a mod. It's bound to happen.
  11. Haven't tried without a small - But I DO know that if it did work, the small portrait would look weird since they aren't just supposed to be re-scaled large thumbnails. The small picture is used for the "head focused" up close shot ingame on selection.
  12. Being coerced rarely does - There's this thing called "public image". It kind of puts a damper on what you can reasonably tell the public regardless of what your opinions and feelings are on a matter. If you don't know already, you could look up the whole Fez drama a year? ago. Massive mental breakdown of an Indie dev on Twitter. It was pretty ugly. While an extreme case it paints a pretty good picture that you sometimes have to "play along" publicly and appease everyone. Put on that corporate mask.
  13. There's that fallacy again. They already posted the update on the Kickstarter page - It frankly reads like the word of a politicial. I'm sure you can find a quote of the entire thing here.
  14. Oh you mean "learn to source a blog post that can be removed retroactively by anyone, leaving photographic and potential bot crawled states intact" ? Yeah... there's this thing about the Internet where people can delete stuff they've said and those links will magically break after such happens.
  15. Unless people are willing to wear gender specified pin badges or are willing to show some kind of up-front documentation, people will call it as they see it. See something that in your mind relates closer to man than woman? You're probably going to address them as "he" - Judging by their clothing, hair and style would be a completely different manner of -ism, since we aren't allowed to force or assume gender roles in a modern society either. The hypocrisy rises.
  16. The part where you imply that the limerick was written with the sole intent and purpose to repress the homosexuals and transgendered people, when it is clearly entirely up to personal and subjective reason. Also - to quote the typical television or motion picture. [No Transgendered people were harmed during filming], which is entirely on point since the only one to get hurt here is the poor bloke who ended up in bed with something he didn't expect or wish and fell to his death.
  17. Thanks for proving my point that it is entirely up to your own twisted and subjective mind to be offended about...
  18. Except it isn't - You've purposely misread it to fit your need to find it offensive. Man gets drunk - gets into bed with "woman". It isn't "woman" - He panics and hops off an edge, which kills him. In what way does this degrade homosexuality or transgendered people? That's right - it doesn't. Not wanting to sleep with someone is not a crime against gender or sexual orientation. Last I checked there was no "#gamergate" prescence or interest at all in this until the SJW's (as usual I might add) decided to name their opposition "obvious GG supporters" because it's convenient to do so. I don't see how a movement that attempts to fight corruption in games journalism relates to censorship in a product - Sure there are some similarities in having a small minority dictate the order of business, but this is clearly not a "GamerGate versus SJW" issue.
  19. Fallacy - Just because you consider yourself to be one gender does not mean everyone is required to respect that and address you as such. That is not transphobia or anything of the sort.
  20. I'll have to agree with this one - If only on grounds of realism. If you design a game that doesn't try to do the whole "kooky cartoon physics" thing, it feels weird to have chainmail bikinis, male loincloths and boobplate. All of which has been proven to be more trouble than protective.
  21. I think it does unless you have some setting enabled Actually it does - There is no such thing as "disabling patches" on Steam. If you're online and you attempt to run a game, it will check for the latest version and try to install it without asking you first. Only way to avoid being force-patched is to go offline and stay offline until you want a patch - Or ask the developers to add in a rollback feature (or letting the game run without Steam running) In 99% of cases you wouldn't want to do without those automatic patches (because you want to get in and play asap), but in the remaining 1% it's a trip to hell and back. Especially games that aren't savegame compatible across versions.
  22. I find that attempt at humiliation a tad ironic given your habit with ending all posts with "lol" just a few pages ago. Credibility? I don't think you had any to begin with - who are you to comment on others lack thereof?
  23. A perfectly valid statement - Except for one tiny little detail. This was never a limerick aimed at degrading transgendered people, nor does it in any way involve the issue unless you deliberately misread it and act offended by it. There's a difference between the two.One is used as a story element, discussed by characters ingame, reflected upon so that the player is encouraged to think about it. The other is a few lines of throw-away text that are just there. There's a big difference. So when - If the topic of transgenderism comes up and it isn't handled in a way that is acceptable by your opinion? (Opinions are opinions afterall - no matter how wrong. This is not the real world so you can't play the #Ifeeloffended card) Standards are great - Double standards are doubly so.
  24. This over and over again - The game is filled with so many topics and situations that anyone can find offensive. If the developers can ignore their actual customers and cave over a simple joke, just wait and see now that people can smell the blood and start complaining over everything from infanticide to making fun of real medical conditions like schizophrenia.
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