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  1. Alright - Fine. Let me just grab all of the old discs, install the games and tell you exactly which ones have the browser and which do not. And then we'll see if "tradition, son" still holds. Tradition isn't an excuse though - With the massive libraries of custom portraits, a simple "left, right" click option is not acceptable at all. Imagine for a second having to manually click through a few hundred portraits - Then going back a step to make sure they match up to the character model...and then having to click through them again. Edit: Actually I'll do you one better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vf5Tzx8wC4 There - that's Icewind Dale 1 with a portrait browser. So that makes Three out of four IE games that had a portrait browser. Tradition, sonny!
  2. Yes and no. Only backed to get the base game so I didn't risk another 100$ on something that had all the potential to flop harder than a pancake on a trampoline. Game uses an arbitrary resting system with charges - I don't like it and I've bypassed it. But it's still going to annoy me having to memory hack the game every time I play it just to be able to rest whever the heck I please. (It's like an Amnish guard is stalking me...)
  3. I agree with this - At least for as long as we aren't allowed to actually drop things on the ground...
  4. It can't be considered tradition if games that came before it HAD browsers though. Of course - It doesn't make it any better that the character creator system doesn't care to remember which portrait you had selected if you go back a step to make sure the facial features and colours match up to the portrait either. Click click click click - Stay a while and listen... wait what?
  5. That's because there isn't really much to adjust - You've got an animated 2D background with some particle effects and then some 3D characters on top.
  6. I can confirm it runs on both 9926? and the recent 10041 update. As it should since W10 is basically just Windows 8.1 with a few new bells and whistles. Every single game I have tried on 9926 in my Steam library has run without a single hitch.
  7. I love the style of your portraits, Wespen. Not a fan of those watermarks...but that's nothing Photoshop can't fix in seconds for personal use.
  8. I have to wonder - Why do we have to regress to before the days of the Infinity Engine when it comes to something like portraits? Baldurs Gate had a portrait browser that saved you from having to click through every - single - portrait - of both - sexes. Sure you had to find a small portrait separately but that doesn't excuse this kind of regression. Defend yourself Obsidian - Or better yet, mend this as soon as possible. I tire of having to "click, click, clickety click" through my massive library of prepared custom portraits just to get to the one I want.
  9. Not going to lie - I really hate the idea of having two health meters that are separate from each other. Reminds me of the terribly arbitrary "you are tired" mechanic from Baldurs Gate... Just give me a single health meter with uniform healing spells and I'm good. (Shelfing the game until this gets modded somehow - If ever)
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