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  1. I feel bad for the "non-steam" "slaves" who think Steam is any more restrictive than any other measure of DRM in practice.
  2. Why do people care? Because this reflects poorly upon the integrity of the writers of the story - If they bow down to such a pitiful and fundamentally flawed complaint, there's little hope for any wit and interesting dialogue in the future content (Remember that Expansion they've pledged to do?) I see a game that shows off people hanging from trees, infants being killed because they are "wrong" (infaticide) - making fun of people who have split personalities. And that's just the first couple of minutes of the first proper introduction of the game. It was a harmless joke that had nothing to do with transphobia in any way. Changing it just proves it was deliberate and that they've bowed to a fundamentally flawed complaint - Which is hilariously ironic given some much more serious complaints people could make about the setting and content...
  3. And this thing went from bad to worse... Oh boy. Well - I'm grateful I never backed this with more than the minimum required for the basegame. I feel so bad for the people who spent hundreds or more, only to be shat on.
  4. I for one don't - Steam definitely should have the same amount of QA testing that other platforms offer. All it takes is a few bad appls and you've got an entire market of people infected with something. But Valve don't respond well to people trying to help them improve things - A dev injected code into a Steam news update a while back in an attempt to whistleblow (it was harmless and purely to show the problem). He was banned - permanently last I heard. A developer.
  5. Well - There's goes Obsidian integrity. Not because of transphobic issues - But pitiful "media" attention by a few angry and confused people. I guess this is why the writing in Pillars feels out of place - There's no soul or wit in it.
  6. That's entirely incorrect though. Anyway - Unity uses MonoDevelop which is their own offshoot of C# as far as I can tell http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/MonoDevelop.html
  7. Well...uh yeah it did. It didn't have what people consider to be "Early Access" in the Steam store sense, but it had a full beta for backers and people who pre-ordered for it. So yes - It had access, early.
  8. Some of these release bugs are quite embarrasing to still have around at release. I mean double clicking removing racials? How in the nine hells did that not get picked up on and get fixed? Consistent area corruption and savegame crashes at the keep? Vanishing pets and companions? Someone at QA had to have picked up on all of these during testing - When bugs are preventing your game from progressing, you need to clench your teeth and postpone release for at least a week regardless of promises and deadlines. Doing anything else only hurts the product longterm (as is rather obvious from the Steam forum's panic like state)
  9. Using only a single weapon in one hand and nothing in the other increases your accuracy. It's the "one handed" tradeoff. If you put on a shield you lose out on the bonus AND get whatever penalties to accuracy the shield has.
  10. As an option? Sure - Hell I'll bet you could mod that in easily. But as the standard? Hell no.
  11. Because it's been discussed to death already? See final post in the earlier thread. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73243-memorials-problem/page-30?do=findComment&comment=1612181
  12. Thread was locked for length, not because of the board rules. When threads are locked for length, it's usually good form to start a new one. Talk about cherrypicking only the part you wanted to hear from the moderator ending statement...
  13. Pretty sure the message was quite clear - "Enough is enough. No more threads about this"
  14. Yeah... about that. DRM Free isn't such a big sales pitch any more. Just look Paradox's own games. Their most popular title, Crusader Kings 2 was initially only planned for Steam. A loud minority convinced them to put money into a DRM-Free version through Gamersgate. Want to take a guess at how many copies that sold? Single Digit - The lower half. It didn't even begin to cover the costs of having someone work on a port for every patch. So what did Paradox do? They went full Steam only - And proceeded to implement Steamworks' Multiplayer API which has made Multiplayer games more stable than ever.
  15. You could have if Obsidian had prepared even the most basic of modding API guidelines as well as a rough list of what you can expect to mod. Look at Cities: Skylines. Didn't take people more than a day to give the game quite basic, yet perfectly mandatory interface fixes. Both are Unity games I might add.
  16. Did you really have to quote their post - image and everything? Talk about wasting vertical screenspace...
  17. Have you? In IE games you could literally stealth in plain sight (horribly broken design) outside of combat at a chance - A CHANCE. Once discovered you got no more sneak attacks. In this game stealth is about flanking people, not magically going POOF I AM HERE in plain sight next to an enemy after your "stealther" has crossed an open room. One time stealth - or as many flanks as you can get away with? I'll pick the latter as per Pillars and P&P D&D. (Also I am not sure where the hell you get dictionary from - Sneaking isn't about your class, personality or gear. It's about trying to get past something without being spotted. Pretty basic really...)
  18. Scouting - Paying careful attention to their surroundings. Also class, personality and gear is irrelevant. When a situation calls for a stealthy approach you do what your leader tells you to do.
  19. No - It does not. But if you made the foolish mistake of saving onto the CLOUD and then expect not to have to use the INTERNET to connect to the CLOUD to retrieve it...well... yeah
  20. Nothing preventing you from that - In fact it's made even more "realistic" (or at least closer to the pen and paper counterparts) since you flank them now instead of doing "magical undetectable damage from the shadows"
  21. Doesn't excuse the website that Josh wrote the article in the slightest - They are a terrible business.
  22. I'm going to have to call you out on that one - So by your logic nothing is allowed, anywhere? Because I'll bet you that we can find plenty of examples of harmless jokes aimed at any culture, sexual preference and even race in the world. Now and then.
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