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  1. Also i need a mod that switches all english voice dialogues in the game with portuguese so i can let my brother that has a gringophobia to play.
  2. Bioware's marketing did not tarnish the Dragon Age name. Dragon Age 2 did that all by itself. ^ Pretty much. Theres a reason Bioware managed to come from being one of the most loved companies after Mass Effect 1 and 2, which was done because of the success of these 2 games but add to that Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights 1 and KOTOR, which are all epic games, to being one of the most joked about companies recently. Bottom line is, make bad games, you'll have a bad name. Bioware has it now because of the greatest joke of the century: Mass Effect 3, but add to that DA2, SW TOR (cant believe they wasted 200 million on that ****) and DA:I (which is the embodiement of mediocre)
  3. Gratz Obsidian, it was a damn great ending! Chose Hylia, it was the more appropriate choice for my character.
  4. So its a bug because now its actually way better and more realistic and immersive?
  5. for your party members check their character sheet for any weapon focus feat. For yourself, just pick the one you prefer for its visual and awesomeness and pick the feats that increase your accuracy with it. On armor, you just gotta test yourself during a few battles to see if your recovery time is alright. If its ok you pick up the best armors with that recovery time. For the guys on the back its a good idea to let them have as little recovery time penalty as possible (specially the archers). While for at least the 2 main tankers in the party its best to make them use the best armor you can find.
  6. You all just need to grow the **** up. I personally thought the joke before the edit in the patch was harmless and people getting offended were just some drama queens. After the patch and the edit, i also feel its a freaking joke on how people are geting offended because Obisidan took it out. This is a freaking non issue and i cant stop laughing out loud at all the people giving the game 0 in metacritic just because of this non issue. Basically, GROW THE HELL UP and .... really.... i suggest this to everyone getting their butt hurt over this issue..... STOP WATCHING THE KARDASHIANS, THIS ISNT A REALITY SHOW, THERE IS NO NEED TO TURN IT INTO A DRAMA
  7. I know that TOR was probably more profitable, and no the 200 million isnt a random number, its pretty much exactly what it took to make TOR. But my point was, they wasted 200 million on making a game that in the end was horrible (if it was profitable or not it doesnt it doesnt matters for me, as a gamer), compared to how little Obsidian spent and made such a great game.
  8. Very glad for obsidian! Just saw the budget was 4,5 million........ Oh my god. To think Bioware wasted 200 million on SW-TOR.....
  9. Rat bastards added slots for damn pets who are not even part of your body and socks are forgotten.... THIS IS NOT VIETNAM, there are rules!
  10. And HERE'S the "can I kill the gay party members?" post. oh yes, because feeling regret on doing something you werent aware of the circunstances entirelly always leads to killing the person who misled you. Basically, you guys are overreacting like hell and just need to grow the **** up. I was actually trolling on the victim part though. Of course the male is not a victim. And nor is the trans IMO, that was my point. Of course the guy was an idiot to kill himself because of it, so what? Or what, feeling regret (which in the this case, an extreme regret) over doing something with someone equals hate? You guys have any idea what you are talking about? Did the guy hurt the trans when he found that he was a trans? Did he kill him/her? Is there any mention of a backslash? No. None at all. Basically, stop with the nonsense and your overreacting and end this stupid discussion.
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