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  1. There's also a similar old saying - Don't fix what ain't broken. Unrestricted resting has worked fine for IE games for ages - And since Obsidian didn't actually restrict it properly, just make it bothersome to do, I wouldn't exactly say it's "design" Heck - The very same Inn offers a random traveller free sleep, board and food (not to mention medicine) in a village that is literally starving according to its villagers. But what do I care - There's a workaround to this arbitrary restriction.
  2. You mean like being able to walk back to the nearest inn and get a free rest? Oh I am feeling SO limited all of a sudden - On my patience that is. It is arbitrary because it's simply an anti-convenience mechanic.
  3. Not entirely sinister (or short and beardy) but this guy might fit your needs?
  4. Try picking one of the original races - Three portraits per gender. Now that's a lack of variety. As for custom portraits - There are several threads on the forums here with portraits you can use. And there's other websites with them as well.
  5. Yes - A Steam key unlocks the game for Windows, OSX and Linux all together.
  6. I completely agree - Chanter's invocations are practically irrelevant in most fights because they end before you have enough chants to even fire one off. Is it bad design? Well... At least they don't have "per rest" restrictions.
  7. Don't know about player made companions, but you can make a premade companion leave by talking to them (See their ability bar) and simply tell them to go on their way.
  8. Best way I can think of is to find a spell or ability that has the same (or close) range and hover over it to see its range of effect. It's crude but it's possible.
  9. As much as I hate to do this, I have spent over an hour trying to find this elusive "Endless resting charges" mod that people have mentioned several times in separate threads - Yet nobody has coughed up a link to it. I'd prefer using a mod to having to memhack the game every time I run it - It's a bit volatile in comparison and considering the length of the game, risky with savegames. So uh - Does anyone have a link to it? I assume it's buried somewhere in the (beta) general forum somewhere since there isn't a dedicated subforum to mods yet.
  10. Yeah I'm pretty sure those are Kickstarter pledge rewards in some way or other - You can tell these NPCs apart from "normal" ones by the gold tinted nameplate (hold TAB)
  11. "Party in a box" luxury spa package - Only a mere 63c a piece (at discount). Meanwhile learning spells permanently costs 100cp in comparison. Still waiting around for a friendly link to that mod - definitely easier than having to memory hack.
  12. What you need is to take out your bedroll - And sleep. Anything else is a luxury and entirely dependant on the environment and your dietary needs.
  13. Someone needs to take a chill pill - You've argued your case, Kata. There's no need to shove down the "Don't cheat - The developers intended the game this way" philosophy. I completely agree that "rest spamming" from the IE engine is more immersive and less arbitrary - You can't just port pen and paper mechanics into a video game when you leave out the flexible GM aspect. Not being able to put down a sleeping bag for the night because you ran out of an arbitrary resource - and being limited arbitrality in how many you can carry along is just a weird approach in my mind. And since you can run back to an Inn all the time anyway, it's not really cheating - It's just a timesaver. As for the "per rest" abilities, I don't see the point of them in the first place. They add an immersion breaking aspect to the game that I'll never learn to love - No wizards for me. I memory hacked the limitation away from the second the game was released - But I'd welcome a less... volatile approach (anyone happen to have a link to the mod?)
  14. Happen to have link handy? New to Obsidian's forums and there are a lot of subforums
  15. People on the Steam forum keep saying "pick up item, right click on another item slot to separate"
  16. I can explain that one easily. After Windows 98 and XP, Microsoft decided to finally give up supporting 16bit (which was getting very old even by then). To play anything from the 16bit era you're going to have to keep an old installation of 98SE or XP around on the side - or look into emulation. Anyway - Getting off track here. Do you have Steam by any chance? It has a very easy "What is my hardware?" tool that puts it all together in a neat logfil you can copy/paste into a thread and have the youngsters look at and give you a rough estimate of what kind of performance (if it'll run at all) out of it. If you do - It's the "system information" menu under Help, at the top of your Steam window If you don't, you can try a DXDIAG - which is a bit more cryptic to read but still fairly useful.
  17. It's an arbitrary restriction that Obsidian thought would be cool to port from Pen and Paper to video game format - Of course they didn't take into consideration that such a restriction puts some demand on the GM to actually make the campaign flexible enough to avoid trapping the party in suicide situations all of the time. I've memory hacked the restriction away so I always have 4 supplies - Makes it feel like good ole' Baldurs Gate (and Neverwinter Nights) - I wouldn't mind an official workaround or even something as simple as a mod turning supplies free and giving people a higher limit.
  18. Game doesn't pause when I alt-Tab. I'm using borderless fullscreen, not exclusive though (As everyone should - it's the future)
  19. It was a lighthearted stab at the developers for the most part (lack of coffee meant I accidentally left out the continued humor in responses. My bad) - But I would prefer it if they'd put in a browser asap. Maybe even add some basic filtering so you can filter out a specific race or gender while you're at it. The filename format they've chosen supports it after all.
  20. It's an unfortunate but common occurence with any game that involves Paradox these days - The people they hire to do these translations are downright terrible.
  21. That doesn't cut it in the world of music and game copyright though - You need a written agreement to ensure that your let's plays aren't false flagged and that you can actually prove to websites like Youtube that you're allowed to do so. So a confirmation that they're using Paradox's policy or putting one of their own up would be great.
  22. Might want to look into an English version for those who are frightened to death by French.
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