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  1. I emailed support about this, but I was not prompted to enter a shipping address at any point. The Addresses tab under Account Settings is similarly devoid of any address form....anyone else having this issue?
  2. Dismissing characters triggers another bug- all items in their inventory disappear for good. I checked the stash and they are not there. Hilarious. Worked fine for me just now...Kana got his third weapon slot back...
  3. Have you tried the dismiss/ add NPC fix or the re-level with ChangeClass fix on the cipher problem?
  4. Check out the ie mod thread....also, search out console commands for another thread about the AddAbility command. I wound use using the ie mod respec command, but you might just be able to try this: "~" to bring up console "iroll20s" to enable console commands, you will lose achievements if that matters to you "FindCharacter x" where's is your player char name, it will probably display something like "Player_New_Game(Clone)_3 "AddAbility x distant advantage" where x is that player_new etc string This will probably only work if you are not seeing Distant Advantage anywhere on th
  5. I lost it on both my Wood Elf pc and on Aloth. Had to enable console cheats to add them back...
  6. It was throwing the same error on .zips for me earlier....
  7. Equipment bonuses don't stack...it would just take the highest Reflex bonus, for example, and on the character sheet it should be displaying one of those +5 values as "Suppressed"....
  8. So, it appears I was able to restore the passives for the time being by using the IE Mod console commands to re-level, and then manually add the racial passive. I'll continue on this play through (don't care about losing achievements) and try to keep a regular eye on the active effects to see if they disappear again. Suggest everyone take a close look at their Active Effects in the character sheets and make sure everything that should be there is.
  9. Yeah, really crappy bug to ship with.....i wonder if console commands can remove/re-add abilities...
  10. Same thing happened to me with both Distant Advantage _and_ Marksman. Haven't found any fixes or workarounds yet...
  11. Yeah, I notice the racial passive is not showing in my character's active effects, as it does for a newly-made Wood Elf I just tested... Does a work around or solution exist? Pissed if I need to trash 10 hrs gametime...
  12. I notice the racial passive is not showing in my character's active effects, as it does for a newly-made Wood Elf I just tested...we have any workaround for disappearing racials or talents?
  13. Well, for whatever reason, the forum is not letting me attache the 918kb savegame... Here is an alternate link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7oRRfKK_JIlbzdDME14OTVrWGc&authuser=0
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