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  1. Hello, everybody! Excellent news: the Backer Portal is ready and waiting for you! Please use the Backer Portal to confirm your reward and shipping address. This is very important. You must enter your shipping address with the Backer Portal or you will not receive your game. Click here to access the Backer Portal. You will need to create an Obsidian account if you do not already have one. If you have an account, you can log in at that link. If you are already logged in to the Obsidian site, click Manage Pledge from the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner. If you used the same email address to create the Obsidian account as you used to pledge here, it will automatically display your pledge. If you used another email account, you can link the pledge by clicking the “Link a pledge” and entering the other e-mail address. Verify your pledge then click "Complete Pledge". Your reward tier is automatically selected or you can upgrade to a higher tier. Click "Continue to Next Step". Verify that your cart looks good and click Checkout. Enter your customer info/address and click Continue. Verify the order info and click Place Order. If you didn't make any changes your total will be $0.00. If you upgraded you will be prompted to add additional funds through Stripe or Paypal. You will get an order confirmation number. You will also receive a confirmation email. If your tier includes digital rewards, you will also have access to them by clicking on "Get My Rewards". Please note some tiers do not get digital rewards (such as the Hero & Deluxe Six Pack tiers). You will be able to use the Backer Portal to make any changes to your shipping address between now and when we need to prepare the addresses for our fulfillment house. Do not delay! Please confirm your pledge and enter your shipping address now. Please be aware that the Backer Portal is where we will be getting backer addresses when we enter the fulfillment stage. We will not be using the Kickstarter system. So it is vitally important you keep your address up to date on the Backer Portal. We will send out reminders as we get closer to shipping. If you have any problems, please email us at support@zeroradiusgames.com. Thank you!
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