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  1. an update. I can confirm by being about 45 minutes into the start, that the game is running perfectly! and i must say it is amazing so far. my original post is too old im guessing to edit it, so if youd like to edit it with an update saying that it is working, id be totally happy with that. i was worried with the state of beta and knowing that a great number of people are using it.
  2. okay i will be doing so shortly. thank you for the reply! yes i agree that every game i played with build 9926 ran flawlessly, except maybe Cities:Skyline, i suspect that might have been the game though. on the contrary, when I upgraded to 10041 it pretty much broke my entire steam library of about 40 games.
  3. Lets get this out of the way first: yes I know, its a beta OS, thats why I signed up for it. Ive been testing the the Os for several months now and with the recent upgrade to build 10041 it broke a lot of my library. can anyone confirm if PoE is running or not with this most recent build? If not it will be the final nail that makes me revert back to win 7.
  4. haha, oh yeah? when is your birthday? mine is March 23rd so i did the exact same thing.
  5. really??? well maybe i will have to rethink my decision not to buy the beta.... good grief, im a poor college student.
  6. im just surprised at how completely different the models are during character creation, compared to the content in game. from the character creation screens it looks like im starting a new game of The Sims, not some epic dungeon crawler. they just look poorly rendered, and of bad quality. I know it doesnt effect game play, but it is a sharp difference from the game world and honestly does not look good at all.
  7. when the commentator asked about the age of the world (1:43) the presenter mentions that this is about half way through the game.. really level 5 is half way through the game? and the beta is about 3-6 hours long? so how long is the game? i was anticipating a 60+ hour game.. and the character creation looks like crap.
  8. my question is: was the guy playing just that bad, or is this game really that hard? i like challenge, dont get me wrong, but i had being frustrated constantly over insignificant enemies in games. and im not sure if i like the decision that experience isnt gained by killing monsters...
  9. has there been any mention of race specific classes? or races that cant be certain classes? id be really bummed if i couldnt play a barbarian dwarf.
  10. more than likely ill pick dwarf. ive played too much dwarf fortress not too. haha
  11. that is a real worry that I too share when I saw the same thing. id really hope obsidian isnt hoping to do this to its customers, cosidering if it werent for the community there wouldnt be this game.
  12. just preordered my game today. Im so excited for this! thank you guys for making what will be an amazing game!
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