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  1. Hello, I'm stuck on loading screen and I play on Xbox Series X. It loads up to 80% and stop. I tried with older save files and I got the same result. I tried to delete local files to reload cloud files but it's still stuck on loading screen. I also tried to reinstall the game, it didn't change anything. Did it happen to anyone else ? Anyone has a solution to this please ?
  2. For the next game, I think that the known characters of our group should be divided into two groups: Those who accompany you to the battle in your travels, and those who stay at your base, and give you advice. Among those who accompany you, you should see Maia, Pallegina and Durance. (Apart from the new colleagues you meet during the new adventure.) And among those who are at your base and talk to them from time to time, I would put Aloth, Eder, Fassina, Ydwin, Kana and Hiravias. (Oh, and also our dear Vela) What is your opinion?
  3. currently doing the White March 1 and ran into a weird glitch. anytime i tried to enter a building the game would freeze and i’d have to load from the quick save right before entering. this used to work fine but the last time i did it everything was still frozen. i can pan around the area still but the characters’ pictures don’t show up and i can select anything or control them. the only menu i can access is the pause one. i don’t typically like having a bunch of save files so i can’t go back to an older save to fix the problem. i’ve tried reinstalling it and shutting down my switch but
  4. I've been thinking, which region would be the one with the most possibilities for the story to continue. And I think, unless new things happen elsewhere, it would be one of two: 1- Rauatai: With the end of storms across the region, it is a place where there can be many changes. But it is true, that it would be repetitive to be again in a country of aumaua. 2- Yezuha: This region that Rekke presents us, presents us with something new. A land where the "gods" of Eora have not promulgated their doctrines. And also, being a country unknown to the rest of the powers, there woul
  5. Hi, I want to change the limit for the amount of custom adventurers you can hire (currently set to 8 in vanilla). I found the script that sets this value and I am able to read it with some free software that can decompile it, but I am unable to change the value and save or recompile the script to make the adjustment I want to make in game. Is this at all possible? If so, how do I do it? (PS: sorry if this is a noob question, I'm new to modding scripts)
  6. so, i have a really nice pc, is not a high end one but i can play most games from the last generation at 90-120 fps on high or ultra, the thing is deadfire is running like ****, sorry for the word but its that, im getting 40 fps and about 10-20 on cities and its not even stable it constantly goes from 10 to 40, or just freezes right away, when i open the game i get a black screen for about 5 min before i can start playing. i already tried setting all the graphics to low but it still runs like that, so im not sure what is causing this. any help please?
  7. Hey everyone! Your friendly, neighborhood, marketing drone here with what I hope will be an eye-opening insight into gamers' thoughts on DLC. First off: a big thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. Hearing your thoughts helps us understand your opinions better, and make better games. Background For those who don't know, on October 4, 2017, we published a survey, asking some key questions about players' preferences regarding DLC, and a bit about their backgrounds, as well. As anyone at Obsidian will tell you, I am big on data, and have been pushing for stu
  8. I'm not sure on how the sales for pillars 2 is currently to this date, but last i heard is that, even though the sequel is amazing and on par if not better then the first, the game flopped financially and sold poorly,with developers stating that if they were to return to pillars, they would need to re-examine the formula of the pillars games and why the second game didn't do as well. If they decide that it was due to the reason that everyone who played the first game had enough of RTSwP type of game play and didn't need/want a sequel, then they may divert from this genre of games entirely, the
  9. Is there a way to switch from the pillars of eternity game to other apps like google chrome? I'm playing the game on macos and would like to be able to look things up on the internet without quitting the game. Thanks everyone.
  10. Hello, I am in act 3 just before entering in the pits in the Court of Penitence, but my quest progress for the Trials of Durance is still on ID 10002 "I had a dream about Durance. My eyes seemed unable to focus on him, and a blinding light burst from his staff. Something about the dream seemed all too real - as though something in his soul was revealing itself to me. I should ask him what I saw." I searched around and found out that I am way behind on this quest and I have already seen the second vision about the twelve fading circles on the staff. Looking at previous forums, I figur
  11. Because of the pinned thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103029-issues-with-nvidia-graphics-cards/ Still a thing or fixed?
  12. Hello, I've been searching for the game cursor for a while now, because I would like to use it as my main cursor. There were other people online asking about it too, but nobody had it available. If anyone could post it or at least direct me to where the cursor is within the game files, I'd really appreciate it. Sorry if this was meant to be in the off-topic section, I just thought a moder would probably know how to go about finding it easier. And no, I can't make it in paint Thanks in advance.
  13. Well would you look at that! Deadfire didn't just win the best desktop/console game for Unity, it even won the Golden Cube award! I say this is definitely well-deserved considering the fact that Deadfire is a criminally underrated gem. It even managed to beat Cuphead which makes it even more impressive. Congrats to Obsidian for this amazing milestone. With Microsoft's funding I can only see good things coming out from the talented developer over the coming years. (Link provided below) https://awards.unity.com/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=community_global_gene
  14. Long story short Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire saved my life with it's beautiful world and storytelling when I was suicidal and in a deep psychosis. Thank you to all of the developers of this game for saving my life! Greatest game ever made. <3
  15. Something really cool in this game is the way some of the mechanics, quests, and storylines surprised me. The direction(s) the game took instead usually make a lot of sense, too, but go against what a player used to typical RPG patterns. Examples!: Romance - As a disclaimer, I'm not really into the romance feature of RPG's generally. I've been listening to that content and the negative rep conversations post-facto because I wanted more PoE content and I've already beaten the game, and probably won't ever go the routes needed to see the content naturally. That said, although I k
  16. I recently purchase the two DLCs for the game and now when I try to launch the game it crashes. I'm running it through Steam. I get this message: Oops! The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2018-01-16_182532" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game! I have attached my system specs to this.
  17. Hallo there, I've played PoE for more than 20 hours but after a 40 days break, every time I am launching the game it crashes creating a folder suggesting to send it to game developer. I' ve tried many things (like reinstall, files verification etc.) but to no avail, my drives are up to date. I am also attaching the error folder. Thanks in advance. ERROR Unity Player [version: Unity 4.7.0f1_9c73fd3cda99] PillarsOfEternity.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module PillarsOfEternity.exe at 0023:00000000. Error occurred at 2018-05-12_134326. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\st
  18. Or rather, my game doesn't even want to open when I add in the SweetFX files.... Is my PC the problem? Or does this have a work around?? I'm pretty sure this mod worked fine about a year back, but now it just doesn't....maybe it isn't compatible with the the latest version? Anyway, If anyone knows how I can get it to work, that'd be great! Info; I have an intel I-5, 8gb ram. All I recall atm, but I'm pretty sure it the mod should work fine with the rest as well....it did before so, why not now? :/
  19. I felt like sharing my favourite characters, and would love to see your best one as well! (This one's almost straight from the dark side lol. But she's honest about it... xD) CLASS: Barbarian (Will also be druid in Deadfire. multi-classing FTW! ) PERSONALITY: Aggressive, Cruel, Honest, Passionate. BACKGROUND: Raider. BIO: She was pretty much raised by a group of bandits. Her real father is unknown and her mother abandon her, leaving her with her aggressive stepfather when she was of an early age. Despite the hardships, she found comfort in nature, and wile observ
  20. Will our characters from PoE be able to be imported then, if we are still the watcher ? Maybe with a remake at the least to keep the level etc... does anyone know if this has been asked before or addressed and if so, do you have links to what was officially stated ? Please and thank you and bless your good faces all you backers of this marvelous project !
  21. Hiho! I'm Jahz and I'm new to this forum and PoE. I have to start with - "Sorry for my english", couse it can suck at times. Okay, now before I post my question I need to give you guys some background: I haven't played a lot of old-style cRPG games. Only a few quite a long time ago already and tbh I never was a smart man, more of a straighforward one so I need some help from you guys. By not being smart I mean - I suck at micromanagement of my characters and figuring out good tacticks to use, so I'm probably going for normal difficulty and I'm not realy looking for MIN/MAXing my character
  22. Today I got on to Pillars of Eternity and an update news announcement let me know that a bunch of new portraits and a few unique items from Deadfire had been patched into the game. That would be great, except now the game itself will not work, I have tried loading different saves, I have tried starting a new game and it keeps crashing. Any fixes?
  23. Back when Pillars of Eternity was released on GOG.com there were no upgrade paths to higher tier edition - unlike on Steam. However, we have been promised this: Source: https://www.gog.com/news/release_pillars_of_eternity Well, no such thing was ever introduced. Now there's the new Definitive Edition which includes all extras of the Royal Edition. As I'm a big fan of Obsidian's work and I'm one of those customers who bought one of the lesser editions of the game I would have loved to upgrade to the Royal Edition at some point but we never got those upgrade options. I'm very disapp
  24. Dear community, Finally, the fan translation for Pillars of Eternity has been released by translation brazilian community "Tribo Gamer". I was wating for years to finally buy Pillars so I can enjoy the game in my native language, and I can confirm the translation is just fantastic. Tribo Gamer has a history of superb fan translations of MANY PC Games, and even CD Project Red made a deal with them to release a translation for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition (already released). They translated Pillars of Eternity main game, and also have plans to translate the expansio
  25. I was thinking about that recently, I hope there will be somekind of a Résumé, to remind us what happened in Pillars Of Eternity. Like the Voiced-Over Slides at the End of the Game, having something that tells you the Story you've experienced & where we're at now at the Beginning of Deafire. Even better if the Slides could react to your past choices & their consequences, as they did at the End of the first Game. Where, when you Import your Saved File, your Story continues, but we're exposed to some sort of a reminder about what we've done would be so freaking cool. Remin
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