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  1. Back a while ago during update #36, they were discussed slightly; Is it possible to know how it's being handled now? Obviously there is a zoom feature, but I'm curious what the "correct" level of zoom is so that the background renders are pixel perfect, but also what the "correct size" is, as in which resolution the game was designed around scale wise. Thanks!
  2. Ah! Just figured it out, the phrase I was thinking of is Framework. As in Flixel, it's a framework for flash Also, I'm not really proposing this to be legit for legal reasons, but more of a nickname to keep both the spirit, and the dev name alive.
  3. Incredibly* Eh, I thought it was a decent idea. Doesn't require anything to do, and keeps that little connection there.
  4. I know that the game is being built using the Unity engine, but I have to ask this. I was lying in bed the other night, thinking about what the actual engine could be called (As in the core codebase of the game that is built within unity), since the old games used the Infinity engine and that name was IMHO quite a defining feature. Now, after 20 minutes of sleepy thinking, my brain settled on.. The Eternity Engine! Yeah, I was tired. But regardless, when I woke up, I remembered that and thought it was a pretty neat idea! Since this is a continuation of those types of old ga
  5. EDIT 2: After a bit of reading, thinking, and messing around with old IE games, this is my new assumption, please tell me if I'm right; The game will be rendered for two different base resolutions. 2560x1440 and 1280x720. If you are running either of these resolutions, the game area will be exactly the same size, but the backgrounds will have double the definition. If you are running >2560x1440 you will be using the renders designed for 2560x1440 but will have a larger game area, similar to using the resolution hack on old IE games to run at 1920x1080 or higher Now, running at 1920x108
  6. One of my greatest loves is a properly conducted full orchestral score. A good example is SMG. I sewar, the music changed that game for me from one of the best platformers I'd ever played, to probably the best platformer I'd ever played. Recording the orchestra live adds a layer of depth to the music that you just don't get anywhere else - especially if where it is recorded has spectacular acoustics. People severely seem to underestimate the impact of music in games in my opinion, but you have to look at it as a whole package. You can't have a game that is all gameplay, or all graphics
  7. Paypal estimates are currently 100-150k, with about 3k-3.5k backers. If it's 3.5k, we get 15 levels, if not, 14. We have comfortably passed 4m however. They simply haven't updated any of the artwork yet, I'd hold your breath until about 10 hours from now.
  8. An I right in thinking that it's 3516 from PayPal for us to get 15 levels? I still thik the 50k likes under the KS video should be used in place of the 40k obsidian likes, just incase we don't actually end up with 15 15 is such a nice number =[
  9. I started at $20, then went up to 140+postage, then 140+postage+xpac, then 140+postage+xpac+cards, and now 250+postage+cards+cd $310/£200 and I'm getting about 3x the swag compared to a £150 collectors edition
  10. I'm in the crowd of people who want extra dungeon levels/100k. We're currently on track to get 13, and obsidian said then initially wanted 15. I also think we should get an extra level for 50k likes underneath the KS video - it's so close, and we'll never make the 40k likes on the obsidian page goal.
  11. Gah! we'll never get 40k, but there are a good 50k likes hidden underneath the video D: Also thanks for the confirmation, just wanted to make sure. Kicktraq is currently estimating about 3.7m at the high end, combine that with paypal and we MIGHT hit 4m! A man can dream..
  12. EDIT: Thought I'd put this at the top - Would getting 50k likes on the KS page be a good goal for an extra level? They said a couple of weeks ago they were looking to get about 15 levels, and 40k on facebook is looking like a gauranteed no. Hey, I've got a few questions that I just want to confirm - Does the paypal total count towards the overall total with regards to stretch goals? Does the paypal backer total count towards the mega dungeon? Do the "Likes" underneath the Kickstarter video have anything to do with an extra level? I just want to make sure I know what's counting
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