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  1. Disney said also that the stupid clone wars show is canon That show features Darth Bane,so he's "canon",and Revan should be automatically canon since he's the guy responsible for Bane becoming what he is now and plays a crucial role in his story (Darth Revan's Holocron),they cannot ignore him. I hate that show,it has messed up half of the lore just because it followed GL's desires I really hope that Obsidian gets the license to do KOTOR 3,i don't want to see it destroyed a second time Aye,that's the feeling i'm getting for Battlefront. there's nothing from the second game and it has modified to be a battlefield clone. It will be bought by countless dumb kids or dumb fans who will buy it just because there's "Star Wars" on the cover,even if that game will suck. Come on,no space battles because they "want us to stay on the ground" how dumb that guy thinks we are ? i've heard that he was the leader of the battlefield hardline game project (another dissapointment) also no galactic conquest,no instant action i'd bet that it will all be Day one DLC **** EA and DICE,maximum betrayal on my childhood videogames,killers of creativity. i hate them so much. Battlefront was one of my favourite game franchises of all time,i lost the number of the hours i've played with those games If they **** up even that,and they will,mark my words,i'm going to flip out really hard and they're going to pay. sorry guys,but i've seen too many good franchises fall,get ruined and milked to death by greedy publishers,in particular many of my favourite games of all time were ruined by them.
  2. yeah,the fix should be disabling the frame buffer effects. that's unfortunate because it fixes a lot of visual effects that look ugly otherwise for example stealth generators turn characters yellow.
  3. hello Nilus,how you're doing? i would have loved to hear your story in the other thread. btw,as far as i know,she doesn't give you credits in any istance of the game.
  4. hello you need to list all the mods you've been using. for example USM (ultimate saber mod) it's incompatible with TSLRCM (assuming you've got that specific restoration mod) you can even find the list of incompatible mods on deadly stream (TSLRCM 1.8.3 compatible mods list). you had a cutscene related problem before? you also need to list your OS (windows 7-vista-8-xp).
  5. you can give yourself a single bladed lightsaber using KSE (Kotor Savegame Editor) that tool saved my game more than once. the newest one can even add stacks of a specific item
  6. i would love to have a KOTOR 3 by Obsidian,but as TrueNeutral said,TOR messed up badly KOTOR's story and it's not going to happen as long TOR exists. my dream would be a reboot by Obsidian starting from KOTOR:The Mandalorian Wars,then KOTOR 1,Then KOTOR 2 and finally KOTOR 3. but it will not happen as EA is a greedy company that wants maximum profit and doesn't care for games or gamers. i will never buy a EA KOTOR as they will make Bastila ugly and shoehorn SJW writing,since the old staff that made Bioware great is no longer there. i want to keep my memories of KOTOR as they are now. EDIT: i'm afraid that the next battlefront will be a battlefield clone with microtransations,season passes,Disc locked content,day one dlc,ect ect. i hate EA and i'm not going to trust them with my favourite franchise of all time,they've ruined it once,i don't want to see it ruined twice.
  7. 100% agreed,couldn't have said it better myself it's sad that we will never see KOTOR 3
  8. install TSL Cheat and Warpband,that armband can teleport you to different modules among other things without the need of using the console,it's a pain in the ass to type correctly with the invisible console. unless someone mods the game to make the console commands visible. it may be as Hussat Hunter said,you reloaded a old save that didn't have the mod at the time,it's always recommended to start a fresh game after installing it. other mods you have installed? it may even be a mod conflict the console commands in KOTOR 2 work,only that the text is invisible and it's harder to know what you're typing you'll understand that the console is working when you'll see that your character doesn't move anymore or responds to commands
  9. I know this thread is 7 years old but I just fired up KOTOR 2 again and installed a ****-ton of mods, thanks for helping me out of a bind you should try TSLRCM many mods have been updated by now and are compatible with it,TSLRCM doesn't have those bugs anymore.
  10. i must congratulate and thank every person in the project for all the patience and effort they put in TSLRCM,discovered by 4 years never running KOTOR 2 without it. thank you for bringing KOTOR 2 back to the way it should have been. my only gripe is that Kreia is never going to be redeemed. again,excellent work, Hassat, would you bring to the rest of the team my thanks?.
  11. as far as i know there's no Handmaiden "Romance",the SW leaders would never allow it,and any romance was heavily reduced because of the time constrains by Lucasarts.even Mira's romance was cut from the game, i'm sure the devs had a lot more content planned about the LIs,but it was cut. even if KOTOR 2 is my favourite game of all time,"romance" was lackcluster in KOTOR 2.
  12. Hello! KSE can mess up your saves if you don't use it carefully,trust me (experienced it myself) are you sure that don't have any mods outside TSLRCM? if i'm not mistaken,black screen means mod conflict for example,you use the Ultimate Saber Mod? 90sk's Super Content mod? Or Handmaiden choice Mod? are your party members still there or have dissapeared and have "I'm Broken so very very broken" in the party selection menu? that means corrupted save or try to use the console Enable the console open the game when the cutscene is frozen open the console (it's invisible and you'll understand it's open because you cannot move anything and pressing any hotkeys will do nothing) Type "Warp 003EBO" and press Enter this will teleport you back to the Ebon Hawk and you'be able to proceed normally For the new bug you must have messed it up with KSE or you have a Ebon Hawk Map mod,there's no way a bug like that could happen to TSLRCM by chance you have upgraded TSLRCM by 1)overriding a previous installation (for example from 1.8 to 1.8.3) or you have installed it by 2)first uninstalling the previous TSLRCM and then Install the new? because i heard that doing the first can cause a lot of problems and game instability i don't know what it could be if it's not these options-
  13. but it's bad writing anyway,doing this to a character like Revan means making him even more one dimensional
  14. thank you for the reply i'm one of the few people that still cares about Revan and KOTOR after all these years,it would have been better if they didn't include him at all in the MMO the only hope we have is that Obsidian takes the license someday and can reboot KOTOR and finish Revan's story in KOTOR 3 but in the meantime we see what used to be one of the best characters in SW torn apart,it saddens and makes me upset at the same time that "expansion" was the last straw of patience i had,i have now deleted all my info on TOR
  15. Hi fellow Obsidian and Kotor fans you clearly know about SWTOR treatment of Revan and KOTOR,already insulting,but i wanted to talk about Shadow of Revan,the latest expansion of SWTOR that it was clearly the end of Revan for those who like SWTOR or simply don't like harsh but constructive criticism,please don't read what i think that they have done a very poor job they have ruined Revan for the last time making him a one dimensional villian. basically what the TOR "Writers" had done is to turn Revan evil once again.making his redemption in KOTOR 1 pointless the poor sod is just being constantly torn apart and made him turn back and forth on light and dark side for expansions and more money even when it was previously stated that he didn't die and that was alive,but that he used the "Fold Space" ability to get out of,it was retconned that Revan pyshically died after the foundry,but when he went to join the force the dark side part of him didn't want to and used his dead body as vessel,kicking out the "lightside" part as ghost and splitting in two apparently,after all his struggle with the emperor,his redemption solved nothing and meant nothing, the novel made his fight with the emperor a personal matter and the goal of his life,but since he was just letting himself die for no reason just because "hey i was defeated,i'll just myself die in a minor appearance after 300 years of struggle that i resisted and give up on my main objective that i spent half of my life to fight " with that logic,he could have just stood in the known space without going to Dromund Kaas because he would have died anyway Revan's goal was to defeat the old sith empire,it was his destiny to do it now we will have the next ****ty expansion with the JK and Republic players gang up against the emperor with a shoehorned Revan ghost that will say "hey good luck with that" Since he was freed from the foundry he has been constantly being harassed,underplayed and written to be a kid's show villian the Ofiicial wikia information "So many centuries. The Emperor and his Dread Masters, trying to wrench me apart, to unleash my anger and hatred… I detached myself from the pain. Focused on the Force." "You hid behind Jedi platitudes! You weren't strong enough to survive the torture, or the battle in the Foundry. I faced them! I survived them!" "You carried on, dragging the remains of a body that should have long since faded to dust." ―The two halves of Revan However, his long imprisonment had an adverse effect on Revan. Because of his link to the Emperor's mind, he was able to temper the Sith ruler's hatred and desire for war, but Revan was influenced in turn, and he underwent centuries of torture at the hands of the Emperor and the Dread Masters. The Sith sought to twist Revan to the dark side once more, and though he was able to resist their efforts, he was forced to separate himself from the pain and focus solely on the Force. This had the effect of splintering Revan's mind between its light and dark halves, though the effect was not evident at first. By the time he was released, he had come to view the Empire and the Emperor as a scourge on the galaxy that he would sacrifice his moral principles to destroy. Using the Foundry, Revan intended to unleash an army of extermination droids upon the people of the Empire, and he was once again willing to sacrifice innocents in order to advance his cause When Revan was defeated in the Foundry, he died and attempted to became one with the Force. However, his darker half—the part driven by hatred and anger—resisted and retained control over Revan's body, while the rest merged with the Force and became a spirit. The new "dark" Revan became obsessed with destroying the Emperor permanently, and he readily accepted leadership of the fanatical Order of Revan. He viewed both the Empire and the Republic as obstacles to his plans and so sought to remove them, and believed that he was strong enough to defeat the Emperor despite having failed before. While the light Revan possessed the original's wisdom and compassion, the dark half possessed the Revan's strength and focus but clouded by hatred. It was not until the dark Revan's defeat on Yavin that the two halves joined together once again, and the newly whole Revan was able to fade away and become one with the Force. After being freed from the Maelstrom Prison, Revan's face was permanently scarred with circular marks and lines and his death in the Foundry left his face even more scarred. Thoughts? lame ending for such a good character thrown away for money i'm not good at explaining,but i know for sure that this is not the ending that Revan should had,make him turn on the republic and empire again it's a lame cliche' Your thoughts?
  16. i miss the grey wardens too.. btw,how you managed to get perma banned? I got perma banned from BSN, but before that i delete everything as far as i can, there's 3500 posts or so, i don't remember, so i cannot prove it to you. As for why it is important to have Grey Warden as the central theme, it is because that is what we have been established in the first place. You may argue using TES, but TES is different thing, it is an open world where the story never being the important thing. Players love TES not bcause of it's story, and TES stories suck. Most players love TES because of the world it give, and that is. Most players don't even care to pursue the main plot in TES games, just want to be in that world, romaing around, messing around until bored to death. It is different with DA, the game is a story, a story about you as any role you choose, then it progress as the story progress, the central theme is being a Grey Warden and how your perception on "what it is mean to be a Grey Warden", that is the issue, you are a new recruit, your master dead, you only assume your role as a Grey Warden. So for the next story they should maintain that, giving another perspective of being a Grey Warden, and so on for the next story. That way Dragon Age will be remembered, because it have central theme, and not just bunch of stories of different characters. So now, what Dragon Age is all about? As you can see, Dragon Age Origin trailer is so awesome compared with DA2 and DA:I, as yourself why... Dragon Age games doesn't mean it must be necessary for the protagonist to be a GW on the contrary,GW should not be cut out from the game and play a major role i agree,the trailer for DA:O is awesome aside from the fact that the "Sex Scenes" being the classic prudish ridicolous bioware method i liked DA:O for the characters,the story,the feel of having a big responsibility in your hands,and for the immersion the biodrones are the majority of users on the bioware forums,and they'll say that the game sucked because it had too dialogue and not enough romance
  17. that's what the title says i wanted to create a thread for those who want help finding specific sound effects found in many games or movies and link them here for example i wanted to know how it's called the background wind sound in this video from 3.02 to 3.33 please help i want to so badly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HkPb1gBe7k post your request here who would like help find some of his favourite sound
  18. Just look in DA2, they never show any good side of religious folks, they are all extremists. Religion is bad since DA2. Templar - hate Mages to the extreme with no good reason, especially if The Warden is a Mage and mages who help against the recent war, the Blight. The religious military order want to take over politic of Kirkwal under Meredith Chantry - their hipocrisy is to the extreme, do you see any decent priests in the game? Chantry feel threatened with Qunari religion and conspire to eliminate the religion from Kirkwal. The grand priest just close her eyes and ears about everything that happen Mages - the one who are religious are abomination, Wynne (in DA:O) and Anders are both abomination. Are there any good mages other than Bethany? And because of being opressed by religion making them going into dark art to against religious people. The religious mage who blow up the church Qunari - going rampage on a foreign city in a foreign country who provide them shelter and home because someone stole their holy book. Then want to force everyone to convert into their religion. What is the good side of Qunari? None shown. City Elves - killing peoples with poison gas and want to blame it to Qunari because of many Elves converted into the Qun. Again it is because of religion Meredith - religion justify the War on Terror or Crusade against Mages because the act of one person who blow up the Church. She even going crazy with religious chantings And because of religion the world is turning upside down. The God didn't care, He even left and created The Blight in the first place to wipe out His creation, so all those religious peoples are just deluded fanatics So go on the BSN and bitch to, you know, the people that made the game in the first place. This is the Obsidian forums, if you didn't know. well,there's no reason that we can't discuss about that here plus,if you do a legitimate critic on the Bioware Forums,they will ban you because you didn't say that the game was good or the biodrones will maw you down Qistina has the right to speak her mind here,as long it's civil back on topic Bioware has fallen hard,yes i blame that to poor administration and that much of the senior staff left Bioware,there are only an handful of good writers in there,but they are controlled by EA handpicked Project leaders,so no matter how good these writers are,unless this project leader is experienced or good(i'm not excluding that) the story won't be so great. i've got the feeling that DA:I will improve from DA:2,but will not be great as DA:O or the First Mass Effect,but we will see how it will be, i didn't like much the previews,a 30 minutes long combat gallery with the same enemies culminating with a boss demon and a few dialogue choices that seemed pointless i liked the return of the strategy control,but it needs some work the ability skill tree reminds me of the witcher i didn't play DA:2.but i saw the game playthrough\analysis on youtube,i could clearly see a change in how the chantry and the mages were depicted in DA:O the chantry didn't look so evil or oppressive as the catholic church was hundreds of years ago in DA:O there were many that didn't believe into the maker and Andraste,having theories that the Maker is nothing more that a powerful spirit of the fade that got corrupted and when the tevinter mages went into the fade the "maker" turned them into the first darkspawn and sent them back to spread their god's illness. or that Andraste was possessed by a Spirit that made her believe into the Maker. In DA:2 it looked that the chantry was the oppressive evil organization and the mages innocent that fight back
  19. Awesome.dude.it was about time someone upgraded that game now with the TSLRCM and that KOTOR 2 graphical update is finally complete but whoever did this is going to upgrade npc and party members models/faces.PC faces,weapons/items,special effects and all the other stuff? there's a KOTOR 1 upgrade like this?
  20. yeah,i agree Nilus,they copied the most famous characters of SW and followed the stereotype of star wars to attract more SW casual fans filled with any sorts of tropes,cliches,stereotypes both of Bioware and Star Wars, the sith emperor clearly designed to be a copy of Palpatine The sith ships being similar to the Galactic empire ships the sith troopers strongly resembling Stormtroopers The republic troopers having clone trooper (Prequels) armor That imperial intelligence is the same as the Imperial intelligence of the Galactic empire Sith Inquisitor=Palpatine Sith Warrior=Vader (clearly by the lines) Bounty Hunter=|Boba Fett Imperial agent=Imperial Officer Jedi Knight=Luke Republic Trooper=Clone Trooper commander(Cody) Jedi Consular=Obi-wan Smuggler=Han Solo the fact that the sith are called "Empire" the unnecessary fanservice by making Satele Shan and Revan appear in the game(Shoe Horning) the funniest thing is that Bioware Austin claims that the original KOTOR staff in there,but it was Bioware Edmonton that did KOTOR back when Drew Karpyshyn was the lead writer I loved KOTOR,had an awesome party(HK and Canderous were my favourites),i remember all of them,Jolee,Juhani,Trask,Carth,HK-47,Bastila,Mission,Zaalbar,Canderous,T3-M4) KOTOR 2's party was still awesome,while TOR has very few characters that are interesting,mostly because they are rip off of KOTOR's characters and i don't even remember them,except for Vette and Malavai Quinn that's a shame,because some of the stories are not bad,if TOR was a DA:O like SP RPG that had nothing that mentioned KOTOR's events (to make KOTOR 3 possible),it would have been awesome but EA:"mmm,look at that cash cow that bioware has,time to milk it dry"
  21. thank you hassat,i'll go check that out what can you tell me about K1R?
  22. hi guys i wanted to know what was actually cut from KOTOR 1 since i was checking in KOTOR tool to fix a dialogue line of the TLK file,and i've found npc lines that i've never seen before it mentioned finding a injured sith apprentice in the Temple of Ancients,that was injured after a fight against a young rancor that took 3 dark jedis to take down. there was a dialogue option to tell to the apprentice that you were Darth Revan(apologizing because he didn't recognize you), he/she swore alligiance to you,but she needed several hours of Kolto to recover and after that she could follow you(possible party member if DS)
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