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  1. Kotor 2 was the best in telling Revan's Motivations,using any means necessary to protect the galaxy,and it becomed the black sheep of the SW EU since Star Wars is always about evil vs good. bioware didn't make this game and disliked it how revan and the story was handled,so retconed the cold,brutal calculating tactictian that was in Kotor 2 that becomed the sith lord out of necessety into the stereotypical jedi knight mind-controlled from all along by this emperor to fall into the dark side,disgusting and the exile now is canonized as a female with the ridicolous name of Meetra Surik,is no longer the force anomally that was before,leeching force from his\her allies but inspiring them at the same time,and is now an average jedi knight fangirl of Revan bastila waiting to be old and not going to find Revan? BS and Scourge having a 'vision' to say that revan isn't the guy to defeat the emperor and betrays him stabbing the exile in the back and Revan is put into stasis just TO BE IN TOR !!!!,WTF bioware?and the guy that was supposed to kill the 'emperor' is the JK with NO experience,with no Tactic nature,he had nothing that revan had or the exile that killed wounds in the force capable of destroying planets ,the same character has 930000 copies in SWTOR running around? BS this cheapens Revan even more the true sith that were mentioned in Kotor 2 by Kreia maked me wonder how powerful they were to force Revan into making the sith empire and revolt against the republic? pfff nothing special just a bad copy of the galactic empire, the mandalorians were preparing for a war against the true sith? NOPE just 'protecting' the republic even with canderous sayed that something was coming,he traveled with the exile to know about Revan. and now worst of all the mandalorians are now allies with the empire just horrible EAware,just horrible i wanted to see the mandalorians ravanging the sith with basilisk war droids commanded by canderous,Revan and the Exile stand side to side killing off the ancient sith,Revan's Sith empire to arise and fight brutally the true sith if Revan is set DS,Bastila Using her battle meditation,HK using his sniper-assassin skills,all the republic fleet commanded by Carth if LS,the lost jedi (Brianna,Bao-dur,Atton,Visas) rebuilding the jedi\sith order depending on training i feared that we will never know what obsidian planned to do,judging by the interviews,they were setting something really big like a successfull version of ME3,at least what i thinked that should have been So yes OP i fully agree with you, please,guys, let me know what do you think about my opinion
  2. for now i'm replaying Overlord:RH,it's a very good game on evil roleplay.
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