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  1. Great idea OP,but unfortunately Disney has given the license to produce SW Games to EA,what a stupid mouse scumbag,so unless we want to be gunned down the second the kickstart has success,you have to ask authorization to EA and Disney,but i'll know exactly the answer,because this will 'damage' their ability to sell that product themselves and 'damage' their profits out of it,and because they 'own' SW,i'm getting real tired of awesome franchises bought by greedy scumbags that want nothing more than put as much money as possible in their pockets and abuse their power by shutting down small companies who try to use a 'protected' song for fair right use. that's stupid,half of the games today need a revamp and nobody cannot because of this damn copyright,what's the point in doing a remake if you are only able to make a brand new game,hell when you are revamping a game right you're doing even a favour to these companies,damn EA should sue Mr Fob because this will damage their chance to use the Extended Cut DLC. if i owned SW i would say 'hey do whatever you want,as long you recognize the original product as ours and don't pirate the hell outta it' today's gaming industry is s*it,and will only get worse yeah,i hope you're joking man,because if you're not,you are an idiot,TOR is not Kotor 3-4-5 10.
  2. the cut content suggest that Bao-Dur was to die on Telos IV to reach the HK Factory,but thanks to LA,who wanted the game as rushed as possible,Bao-Dur is not mentioned anymore.
  3. i wanted to start my company of games or join another that's good enough,if i could i would join Obsidian,and work with Chris Avellone for Kotor 3 i've wrote a handful amount of stories and had a good idea about a new possible franchise,concept of game mechanics to fit them into,only that i need more education about the game industry and how it works,but i'm looking to fix this soon,but the other is that i would like to have people to confront my ideas with and assemble a group. OP i've wrote too Mass Effect 3 stories,it's what made this part of me emerge,i believe to fit into story writer than a character writer,but it would be fine anyway feel free to PM me OP and tell me more about your ideas,
  4. it's not necessary to follow the comic or canon,you can give ambigous choices to the player,to keep their own Revan,and use the old good silent protagonist even Kotor 2 did this,it kept Revan a mistery,and you indirectly choose who really was
  5. this idea popped up in my mind for a while,and the BOS:SR Mod gave flashbacks of you in the Mandalorian Wars events,Malachor V,Revan's Speech I would like a lot a Kotor game based on the mandalorian wars,playing as Revan,starting as apprentice,getting trained by Arren Kae,and then recruit the jedi in war against the mandalorians,to face Mandalore the Ultimate. it could have a bonus final mission when you get to build HK-47 and begin the Jedi Civil War it could have the all kinds of choices,planets,help people,and of course get a party,with Malak as the first companion and friend to Revan
  6. you got the point however,you're no common in Kotor 2,you were one of the last of the jedi surviving Malachor V, and after the jedi civil war,the numbers were near total extintion ,and before that you were one of the most important of Revan's Generals,and later you were an anomaly,a force wound leeching force from people around you,a 'sink' in the force,and after the events of Telos IV you're the only one left. in the original endings of Kotor 2 you could take role of the leader in the Trayus Academy,leave one of your party Jedis to lead who will come in the future and train them,going in exile again,go on your business,or follow Revan's footsteps and going in the unknown regions you're right on the point of the jedi order,because in this way they spared a lot of work and trouble. i've been tricked into buying SWTOR because i thought that it may have been a sequel to Kotor 2,but it just was wrong to skip time ahead if they made the LS path 'canon' they just opted that the exile trained his party members that trained people on. but they were not really trained,they were merely introduced to the basic of the Jedi teachings to learn how to wield a lightsaber and use the force they should have mentioned the exile's companions in the TOR timeline 'hey btw these guys,trained by the exile went to the jedi archives,used the rebuilt jedi academy on dantooine,and trained people in the ways of the force,restoring the jedi once again' a part of me is happy that they didn't mention them,it's better that they left them alone than being ruined like Revan and the exile all we have to do is to kickstart a project for Kotor 3,and we're on again
  7. i don't care even if it was the name generator,the exile is a icon,much like Revan.if you ask to the fans who the most popular sith after the modern republic ones(Darth Sidious,Darth Vader),the answer will be Revan.the exile was a symbol,exile was the name that made that ex-jedi so special,the last of the jedi in the Old republic era. in a way i admire Drew Karpyshyn,because he designed the story for the first Kotor,Mass Effect 1 and part of ME2,which were magistral. in the other i despise him,because he ruined my favourite and my first RPGs i've ever played (Kotor and Kotor 2). but in truth i believe that was 'forced' by Ea\Lucasarts 'hey you have to write why Revan is here after 300 years and why the menace he wanted to defeat is here,and why all of his friends are dead' (it looks similar to the ME3 reapers),he had to clean up the mess by writing a cheap story to justify this,still,he could have avoided ruining bastila or any of the plot done by Obsidian. ME3 was disgusting instead by plot and gameplay,except for some romance dialogue,but that's it,its writing suffered when Karpyshyn was reassigned to TOR,so we got 2 disasters instead of just one (TOR) the canon fortunately is gone,but is gone the EU as well
  8. 1)Carth is mentioned in the stupid holostory of TOR by Gnost Dural,but it's said there that he dies eventually 2)the official explanation is that Bastila leaved HK on Corusant to make him less 'aggressive' ,but it's not mentioned how he happened to be in the cargo of the Ebon Hawk and how he got damaged and scattered across the galaxy the only remote explanation of the Ebon Hawk is found in the 'Revan-is-now-stupid' novel,the ship gets ambushed when Revan went to a planet near the 'emperor' by Scourge and a member of the 'Dark Council but T3 managed to leave,but again there's no explanation on what happened after or how it got against sion. short explanation,the writer was lazy and\or didn't care. 3)pratically because Bioware dislikes Kotor 2 as it's much different than their stereotypes,so they cut them,no single mention of Visas,Atton,Disciple,GOTO,Bao-dur,Mira,Hanrarr,Brianna.the only mention of nihilus is on a mission of the Smuggler storyline where it pops up a holocron made by nihilus 4)same reason as above Link to video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOFPsyjzVLc apparently who wrote TOR didn't actually payed attention to Kotor 2 at all,as Kreia and Visas tell that Nihilus didn't give a s*it about nobody and nothing but his hunger and power,he didn't care to transmit his knownledge to others,Visas got only a small basic training just because was her apprentice. and what's worst,they made Nihilus Mask and costume available as a 'special' offer in the IGP market,oh wait they've got even revan's mask,revan's robes,HK-51(to add insult to injury),Malak's Headgear and robes take a look while i vomit Please,god,have mercy Canderous is rolling in his grave poor bastila there's even some of calo nord's clothing,sith troopers(Revan's sith empire),but it's too painful for me to know more google 'Swtor Kotor gear' sorry if i went OP but i needed to show you guys how bad things were
  9. these sith were like this because they had a civil war,if not,we would have seen the sith empire organized as in Kotor 1,but slightly less stronger and had Nihilus,Sion,Traya keeping order. Kreia was betrayed because she trained them,not only in the DS techniques,but even LS techniques,Sion and Nihilus thinked that training like that weakened them. She hates the force because she has been betrayed both by Jedi and Sith,and admires the Exile because he's a wound in the force that accepts his role,and welcomes her teachings,unlike Sion,and she uses the force it to understand better ,like a poison so she can neutralize it. she wants to destroy it so they would realized that they would be nothing without it. she wants to manipulate things,like she wanted to manipulate the exile i would have liked the redemption of Kreia in the cut plot,it would have given a new way to see Kreia
  10. that makes things problematic,if the whole EU is non-canon it means,no Darth Revan,Darth Malak,Nihilus,Bane,Sion are existant,and all SW Games are pratically as they were never published,it may be a double edged sword.
  11. because you're supposed to choose squad members by talking to the Red colored Mandalorian in the base,and send them in the temple ,you should have the control of your teammates in the temple finish it and you should reappear in front of the mandalorian hangar talking about the basilisk war droid and fly it to Onderon. the assassins should appear before you go to Iziz for the first time,and after you have defeated them you should go in the shuttle and arrive to iziz(this if it's the first time) try talking to the mandalorian in the base but you have any mods installed?it could be a conflicting mod
  12. i was using 1.7 btw when the Red Eclipse bug happened,but i'm currently on Telos IV with my 1.8.3 + M4-78EP walthrough
  13. you need to write down every mod you've installed,black screen indicates a incompatible mod or corrupted save,which i checked it's not corrupted.
  14. have you tried reload a different game save BEFORE you 'spared' him(it means revert the savegame before the fight with kavar) the save could be corrupted and give bugs like this,or give the infamous 'i am broken so very very broken' to companions when it gets really badly corrupted (like rewriting a save multiple times). it could be 'Masters killed count' got bugged the only thing you could do is to use KSE to trigger the plot flags correctly,but you must know what you're touching or your savegame will get f*cked up forever i used KSE to fix a broken mission 'Red Eclipse' on Nar shaaddaa that glitched out and repeated over and over and i couldn't progress.
  15. as Apatia said,Obsidian would need authorization from Disney,and that's not going to happen,since they have agreed that EA will do the next SW 'Hardcore' games and Disney the Casual and movie stuff,so that's not going to happen,as i told in the other thread,they're just too lazy to change that and they won't care since they don't see a profit going back to a franchise that concluded not so well.they'll just continue with Cod,Assassin's Creed,EA sports,Need for speed and all that jazz because it's all the gamer audience is now about,in my country,it's hard to find a title that isn't one i mentioned above,and i get pissed since they think of all the gamer as buying only that s*it.ULTRA MEGA EDITION WITH USELESS CONTENT AND PREMIUM CUT MISSIONS;buy now at the low price of 200 $ even though doesn't mean that i don't want TOR to be uncanon,nothing else would make me happy(as a gamer)to see that abomination to be declared non-canon,though the revan book would still interfere,it should have been done something 10 years ago,when Kotor 2 was still in development.
  16. Revan was smart and cunning,he kept the republic infrastructure intact so he could take control of it,but when something that could threaten him,was destroyed to the ground until all remained was a smoking crater even during the mandalorian wars his intellect and strategies made the mandalorian s*it themselves,and tricked them in the battle on Malachor V only for the half of the mandalorian fleet and his least loyal allies to die in the Dark Mass Generator that crushed and ripped the planet apart the Sith(the actual idea without the stupid stereotypes that Lucasarts and George Lucas gave them) aren't really evil,they want to be free from the bounds of the jedi,but they use questionable methods that the jedi won't allow,and they label them as 'evil',and is that freedom that makes them superior,but are more likely of losing control and be destroyed by using too much power that they couldn't control. and unlike them,they allow feelings such as love and passion. while the Jedi,believe more in keeping control and big renounces to harness power,and use usually 'good' methods,but they are too static and stay to watch while wars are fought. Grey Jedis are a combination of both,though are normally much wiser of Jedis and they're are violent as the Sith,but they are less powerful(Jolee) my Revan tought that being tricked all along to work for them and do the 'dirty work' for them was too much to bare and didn't took it anymore,he desired his empire back not only that in that way he could have been in charge,but he felt that could do more work and greater good and become a hero again of the galaxy,didn't matter if was good or evil practice,whoever opposed him was crushed to restore true order and eliminate the weakness of the jedi,and could have built a better galaxy,no matter what. between Kotor 1 and 2,he remember why he founded his empire and left,fearing that openly declaring war could have brought civil war due of the many unloyal sith lords that barely obeyed.
  17. actually,Revan was told by Kreia,that was his master during his time as jedi apprentice,and told us how actually saw Revan, '' Revan was Power,it was like staring into the Heart of the Force,even then you could see the jedi he would slay in his soul '' and that was always searching for the ancient sith relics,then the mandolarian wars happened,and seeing that nobody reacted he rallied the jedi to join the republic to stop the mandalorians,but the council didn't want this. Revan then turned the tide of the war,but it changed him,since he realized that the republic if wasn't for him,it would have fallen,and later he visits Malachor V,shortly before its first destruction,and visits the Trajus Academy,there the Dark Side tried to overwhelm him,but he kept control and gained massive power,and found the proof that the ancient sith were still alive,and they were ready to strike,and after defeating Mandalore and the Mandalorians,he searched for something that could help them in their fight,here they've found the Star Forge after finding the star maps,and returned after three years,with Revan as commander,that turned into a Sith Lord in order to 'test' the republic if was strong enough to stand against them,it would have been strong enough to stand the ancient sith,but the republic quickly fell one planet after the other,battle after battle,until Bastila came and then we know how the story went until the end of Kotor 2. the truth about revan is that a anti-villain type of character,but still keeping his ideals of protecting the galaxy.confirmed by numerous characters and how they talk about him. in the DS version,Revan kept his empire that was finishing the republic for several months,when Revan remembered the threat of years before,but for some reason he didn't bring bastila,nor his sith empire,and bastila herself that Revan acted because 'it's something that threatenes his power'.and leaved his empire in chaos,and the Star Forge went dormant,but bringed T3-M4 who in Kotor 2 knows exactly where Revan is,and he stops HK-47 from unlocking the star drive,for some reason. the jedi in Kotor 2 were done well,they were depicted not perfect as they seem,but even them are selfish and have fear of something that cannot or won't do nothing (if you're LS) for the canon unfortunately,it was Lucas' fault,or specifically Leelechan a high LucasArts member,and probably Lucas' has declared Drew's novel canon you already see in the novel that it has been done just to clear the stage and set up SW TOR to get rid of the characters that would had impact on the story.
  18. actually bioware follows its own stereotypes,and may take 'inspiration' from cool things from other games to add it into their game,as long is not copy and paste. bioware has this label that follows from over 10 years of Ancient Evil vs the Chosen One,with the ancient evil usually having an unstoppable army that cannot be faced alone and has to unite the land\galaxy to fight this ancient evil. like i've said in the other thread,they have their own stereotypes but if the OP has an opinion,well i respect that. change mass effect to 'yellow' because of the possible origin
  19. i don't claim that DA is a rip off,i'm just saying that bioware is basically following the same model from which it crafts all of its games,so technically all should be classified as rip-offs but i think they shouldn't,they are different in some way,but they follow pratically the stereotypes. yeah i played BG,Kotor,DA,ME,and i found these games wonderful,until their ****-ups,ME3,DA2,SWTOR,Baldur's Gate is the only one that was spared from the horrible fate,but it's still not safe i don't want these games to fail anymore,but let's face it,until EA is around nothing 100 % pure quality is coming out,and Bioware was immersed back in 2007 into the corruption of EA that in 2012-2014 it's impossible to distinguish them from EA,like it's written on their website,they're just a subordinary,a part of EA,the games they show on their website seem they didn't care about them,even though they're the games that made them what they are today,they don't show Baldur's Gate,Kotor,NW,Jade empire and the first Mass Effect.but they show DA:O,ME2,DA2,ME3,stupid ungrateful morons. before 'Bioware Corp' now 'Bioware,a subordinate of EA' i don't want to turn this thread into EA hatred,so i'll return On topic the point here we are saying that's unacceptable the fate of the exile and revan,but like i've said before,they're too lazy to rewrite the story un-canon it,and Kotor 3 is impossible since EA has full license on making SW games. if i was in charge i would have immediately immunized RPG games from canon,and that no matter,the story would have moved on anyway,like 'it could have happened,but it's not sure what really happened,but 10 years after x\z has happened. y has happened ' like Obsidian did with the beginning of Kotor 2,you could choose Revan's fate,and was interesting that they gave a reasonable explanation in both cases why revan wasn't there,like in Dark Side,revan fearing that the threat could have threatened his own power,he departured to face the threat,leaving his sith empire in chaos and the star forge went dormant,since no powerful enough dark side user was there to satisfy its hunger for the dark side energy,and leaved the galaxy much weaker,and was a good explanation why the galaxy was in the dark age like in the light side ending. Lechan or whatever he's called canonized many things that even didn't made any sense and didn't even played the two games and probably has read the story on wookiepedia,even though the story was nice as it was, leaving Revan's character misterious,and it showed an alternate story but could have been true as well,but **** no,let's canonize that everyone is good,and the evil guys are evil just for the sake of evil. if you manage to ask a petition to disney to uncanonize revan book,and tor,then we could have Kotor 3,and i don't think EA would care about that,since it has already its paying customers for the abomination that's TOR then we could have a story having revan on its epic search on the sith,and hell even using obsidian's writing as story,and the showdown with the true ancient sith.
  20. actually,a petition for Kotor 3 is already present,but it has stopped collecting people from like 3-4 years.a kickstart has to happen,but unfortunately,EA has the full rights to SW games production given by Disney,so unless it's an unofficial project,nobody can't make the game,unless you pay the rights to EA and Disney. Actually i hope that Scourge dies painfully in a fire like everyone thinking that making SW TOR was a good idea over Kotor 3 kreia is just a rumor,but it doesn't pay justice to the original character,like the others from Kotor 1 & 2. all they did for the 10th anniversary of Kotor was a blog post and spam Kotor Characters' clothing in the cash shop,that's it,no special event or hd remake KotoR 2 cannot be the end, TOR is not an ending for KotOR either, so there must be KotOR 3 I no longer BSN member, and i fed up with Bioware, not interested in that company anymore I intereted on your mention about KotOR 2 Jedi, I can see that DA "steal" many concept of KotOR 2 have established, they only change it into Mage vs Templar war. Mages are "KotOR 2 Jedis" in DA world, Mages who set the world upside down, but yet peoples need Mages when they are in trouble.The Warden is "Revan" and Hawke is "Exile". So it is not original. i just hope that Obsidian can take part on straighten things out, making KotOR 3, and conclude it. Actually Bioware fills up with the stereotypical story,they're doing that for nearly 10 years Ancient Evil wants to conquer\destroy the galaxy (Reapers in ME,Darkspawn in Dragon Age,Sith in Kotor 1) Player is a common guy who was doing his business when his home\location is attacked player is selected to be part of an elite group of sort (IN Mass Effect :Spectres,in Kotor Jedis,In Dragon Age the Grey Wardens) Player is the chosen one and the only one that can defeat ancient evil The land or Galaxy must be united against the ancient evil player is given 2 paths evil and good,sometimes is just railroded on the 'good' path (ME3 the endings are just written as 'bad and good') player has a set of followers Canon Ending outcomes are always 'good' Ancient Evil is only evil and cannot be reasoned with this how bioware writes characters and story,and how they going to write DA:I and ME4 (or how the hell is going to be called) the point is that they want to follow these stereotypes if someone is going to change something in their story,they're going to change it back to fit into their stereotypes,that's what happened from Kotor 2 to TOR KOTOR 2 is how the star wars storytelling should be like,with sense and logic,and give more points to the fights instead of just EVIL VS GOOD villian wants to conquer the world hero comes to stop him battle villian is winning hero unrealistically pulls out weakness and stops the villian or villian has won,unrealistically make that the hero survived even though he was killed comeback to point 3 this is the storytelling today rinse and repeat,same battles beetween evil and good,there's no point like i killed that guy that was causing trouble and causing a powerful organization to split up
  21. Kotor 3's leaks about itself was like ready to start development,much of the planets,quests,characters ideas were complete,like a jedi called 'Naresha',a unnamed Sith Lord and somebody who i think that was Old Carth Onasi concept art (look in internet).but LA 'screw it,i only want money' and TORtanic failed what their greed wanted. Chris Avellone said that was cancelled because 'business is business' Aka LA wanted to do much money as possible and cancelled it.and he had to deal with it. The main idea was to resume from the same character of Kotor 2,the exile,with the same ship the Ebon Hawk as a mobile base searching for Revan,T3 and HK as 100% full time Party Members,and many of the old Kotor characters would have comed back,a Sith Lord that used the force to hold himself telekinectically.a level with HK in a backpack without legs like C3-PO shooting from your back and shouting insults. and of course the showdown with the ancient sith empire,the true ancient sith empire,used terrible force tecniques worser than nihlus,not the Palps empire copy of TOR,and of course finding your revan evil/good greater good/evil it may resemble ME3?because it was going to be like that(in a matter of the story war)at least a successful version of it.
  22. Yes i agree with you. It seems to be in game industry today what is important to them is making money, they don't care about "art" anymore, the "art" is not just graphic, the "art" is everything, the product. Even the previous KotORs are "ancient" games and system but i find out they are more worth to play than any modern grapically boosted games such as Skyrim. So they just fill in the games with BS for players to play, make up it with graphic, copy everything from WoW and then call it Star Wars. Of course KotOR have some DnD layout, but it just minor and i don't feel it being DnD. TOR is WoW. In both games, the main character is unique character, they are not like any Jedi (or even Sith) ever existed. They are detached from the common Jedi thrope. But sadly the canon ending now making them just ordinary common Jedi. I don't know how they decided to destroy the premise they themselves made? Let see i. Revan no matter light or dark, left the known galaxy in search of the mystery of the True Sith ii. The Exile who is a "leech" Jedi also left the known galaxy, to find Revan, to help Revan with whatever Revan is facing iii. Revan no matter light or dark, ask Canderous to be prepare for his/her return, that is to face the incoming war of belief, the war that everyone destroying everyone iv. Lightside Revan asking Carth Onasi/Bastila to keep the Republic strong, prepare for the incoming war v. Revan no matter light or dark never really have war with the Republic, he/she just using the infinite armada as a diversion, as a cause to make everybody move, the Jedi, the Republic, everyone to move and not become stagnant, it is for preparing to face the unspeakable war that will come vi. Kreia training The Exile not a Jedi or Sith, it is for The Exile to understand both extremes and not bias toward the "religion". It is for preparing The Exile toward the incoming war. vii. Kreia try to destroy both extemes of Jedi and Sith. Kreia said that Revan need allies no matter Jedi or Sith for the incoming war. The extreme belief is only to blind the Force users from seeing the truth. viii. Both Revan and The Exile must leave their love ones, because such attachment is dangerous in the place they going ix. Revan was mind wiped by the Council, it is mind control technique. revan lost his/her memory x. The Council also can cut of the Force from any Jedi xi. The Exile lost memory from the past because he/she cut off him/herself from the Force xii. Battle Meditation is a mass mind control power. Bastila have mastered it xiii. Rakatan peoples are extreme Force users and they build their empire by it. They lost their connection to the Force. That is the premise of KotOR so far...what is the premise of TOR? It totally destroy it. That is why in my other thread i suggest that the "True Sith" is actually building a mind control machine that will control everyone and making peoples fight each other. That is just my conclusion. TOR story however unrelated to everything that being presented in KotOR. In my opinion, the threat is related to mind control thing. To fight it also must be related to mind control technique such as Battle Medation of Bastila. The reason why Revan must leave everyone is because of fear they will fighting each other. The reason why revan want to break the Jedi is because to face this threat, the Jedi cannot be conservatives, or else they are easily being played by the true enemy. The reason why The Exile must be unbias is because he/she must see things clearly to make decisions. The Exile must not be blinded by both etremes of jedi and Sith teaching. The Mandalorian War is NOT Mandalorian choice isn't it? So i believe it is because they are mind controlled. The truth is Light, Dark and Neutral are all THE FORCE. Jedi only focus on light side, Sith only focus on dark side, they become conservatives, stagnant, unchanged, extremists...that what destroy each other. What Kreia taught both Revan and Exile is about "The Force" and not just one sided view. So the "True Sith" i think is the master of the Force like the Rakatan peoples. The Rakatan even navigate their ships using the Force and not engine. So the "true Sith" must be related with Rakatan and their technology. Rakatan lost their connection to the Force because of "something". i suspect that KotOR 3 must reach that conclusion, not like what in the novel or TOR Just my opinion anyway. try to look at the fonts of TOR,they are the same of Kotor,but TOR ain't nothing to do with kotor,why call this thing 'Sequel' 'Kotor 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10' like that ignorant bioware dev told. yes just look at the empire in TOR,it's obviously heavily based from the Galactic Empire,hierarchy:Emperor,Dark Council,Imperial Officers,Imperial Troopers(the imperial senate was like the dark council) TOR empire its just a different timeline and more dark jedis. i hate that cheap explanation 'it's because palp wanted to inspire from the sith empire' take a look i don't know what the hell they had in mind,but if they wanted to do mmos about a bad copy of the empire just put it in the damn future like 300 ABY or something so you can justify the similarity,and let us have a Kotor 3 another thing is the continuity,they even cared about it for example malak's height KOTOR TOR ????????????????? or Bastila ?????? 'i'm not totally free from the dark side,i fear that temptation will be too high to handle,i must stay here and use my battle meditation to help the republic fleet' it was easy to guess who made the republic fleet win using a battle meditation,unless,of course they retconed that the sith had only 1 ship at the star forge's defense and i don't know why they put revan a starkillerish pose. or the jedi being alive after malak shot on the bridge of revan's mothership,with Kotor's Cutscene being clear that were no survivors aside from Revan\Bastila i don't which game bioware played,or lucasarts made the timeline with the stupid canon rule 'impossible must happen,even if its mathematically impossible'
  23. yeah,i had a issue with my save that hadn't M4-78 installed when i got to Korriban it stucked to its last journal update
  24. i don't think so, that would make a mess confusing people,and what remains of LA won't allow that because they love the stupid canon rule,the story now in TOR is canon,and they won't bother to change it,they are too lazy.they are too stupid,everyone wants Kotor 3 except Biodrones,and EA certanly won't ditch TOR,source of golden eggs that convinced back in 2005 LA to cancel Kotor 3 and set up TOR,the same that has bought Bioware,the same that now has control over SW game production,here's why we won't see Kotor 3,at least not by obsidian i want Kotor 3 so badly,to finish Revan's Story once and for good,but at its best we have to hope in modders if we want it,because its not gonna make it,sadly thanks to EA\LA\Bioware,because all they want its money. damn i hate disney for this too.
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