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  1. it's not their fault the pictures were leaked, it's partly their fault it was possible at all, but Apple is just as "guilty". it's like saying it's your own fault when your money are stolen from you in a subway car, just because there are people that are good at picking pockets doesn't mean you're stupid for carrying around cash in this case it's different,you know that there are hackers around,so you don't take your own naked pics and upload them to a server that can be hacked easily if you know that in a place there are a lot of criminals\thieves that steal everything if you leave it unguarded don't leave it there in the first place if they didn't really wanted for your pics to be leaked,don't do pics,or like i've said,put them in a safe place. you can't expect to leave fancy stuff around thieves and pretend that is going to stay there when you return try to leave a pure diamond\gold chain necklace around a slum,it's going to dissapear,unless you're VERY lucky i don't justify the hackers because it's still criminal to put pics online without permission,but it's still their fault because they took these pictures first. ehi english is not my first launguage,idiot,so have some respect,i'm trying my best and you even mock me? **** you
  2. that's why i didn't like much some of the characters in ME3,it's like they wanted you to flirt with a man or a woman even if you pick the 'nice' option because you wanted to be friends but not being a jerk,i have no problem with bisexuals or gay but that was ridicolous,there's not even a neutral option, it's stupid Kaidan suddenly being bisexual when he was heterosexual in ME1\ME2,at least in ME1 there was the options to express what you wanted like these options confronting Liara 'i really like you' 'i like you but i just want to be friends' 'what were you thinking? i don't even like you' While instead Ashley you had to pick a total opposite dialogue choice to flirt with her and start up the romance but in ME3 for example Steve Cortez,i met him in the bar after calming him and after a few dialogue lines pops up the dialogue wheel 2 options only 'i think i'll do the girls' 'why not watch me?' even if was already locked in with Tali he flirted with him,so i reloaded and i chose the opposite option but was quite rude,so you can't turn down someone in ME3 without being a jerk
  3. I'll buy The Witcher 3 because i have the feeling that DA:I is trying too hard to keep the hype up and will fail they're trying to cather to too much people,pandering is too high,come on adding the qunari companion as 'romance'.putting many bisexual options,when we all know what the romances are going to be:overly glorified cheesy dialogue exchanges culminating to a pathetic dry hump because bioware is too prude to write a tasteful romance like in TW and TW;2 and the story will be a plot device 'you're the chosen one' clichè dialogue options to ME3 autodialogue style with choices with little or no impact even the 'action' and 'RPG' mode choice in ME3 was available but had little impact,since 40-50 % of your lines were told without a dialogue choice the RPG mode and Action mode in DA:I will be like ME3's 'choice' with gameplay Hack and Slash and badly ripped skyrim gameplay elements Day one DLC cut content that will be sold as extra content after the game will be complete i fear the worst in their forums,the situation will be,well,disgusting to put it lightly CD Project has always treated his customers fairly,while EAware has pissed all over their fans and now they're trying to look nice.i will never forget what they have done.
  4. i think that they got what they deserved,it's a stupid thing to do putting your own naked\sex photos on the Icloud,when pratically can be hacked at any time by everyone or looked by NSA agents,Celebrities are stupid as hell. probably the celebrities have no clue about phones or technology in general,they know about mobile phones as much my grandmother does. if they really want to do photos naked,then they should took it with a simple camera and put in a safe,but it would have been better if they didn't took pics nude at all. i laugh at the twitter Hollywood stars supporting each other and pointing the finger to the hackers when it was their fault from the very beginning in my country the newspapers don't even report this,stupid censorship now they have to live with the consequence of their actions,if i was Apple\FBI i would say to deal with it since they caused this by their own it's ridicolous that when Celebrities get their own photos\videos leaked the FBI,NSA,Apple keep shutting down their leaked photos instantly,but if a normal woman or man has their photos hacked they won't lift a finger and will tell you to deal with it,people treated differently only because they're rich or famous. FBI has no power in other countries and shouldn't be able to do nothing outside America,but they keep getting other countries' business,causing mayhem for the other countries so weapons\oil managers can continue their dirty business like the current civil war in Iran and teasing Russia so they can start WW3 and gain $$$$$ from weapon business.
  5. here's the full list of the mod compatibility http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/393-mod-compatibility-list-for-tslrcm-183/ Quote from Deadly Stream Handmaiden Choice for Females by Stoffe (AKA RevanAnt) - This mod makes changes to a lot of files - files that TSLRCM has already altered and it's labelled as incompatible.
  6. that stuff is not compatible with TSLRCM (if that's what you're using) Quote from Deadly Stream The following mods are INCOMPATIBLE! Do NOT use these when using TSLRCM 1.8.3! This is by no means a full list. Mods not listed here can still be incompatible. If you're in doubt, check or ask in our forums! * Ultimate Saber Mod by ChAiNz, D333, Sep, Svosh, T7 * TSL Un-Restored Content (TSL:URC) by Zbyl2 * Ravager Rewrite 2.0 by Zbyl2 * Peragus-Harbringer-Prologue Correction Mod by Ulic * Trayus Academy Clothing Fix by SithRevan * Dark Apprentice Holowan Consortium * Lonna Vash Mod by Sikon * Force Fashion II by jonathan7, Marius Fett and Ender Wiggin * Nar Shaddaa Hidden Complex by FrantFire * Get your lightsaber back from Atris by Lit Ridl * Darth Sion vs Master Vash by zbyl2 * Khoonda Lost rooms by Darth_Tartarus * 90SK's SUPER Content Mod * Telos Shuttle Crash Movie Fix by Zbyl2 & DarthParametric * Slender Female Bodies * Telos Polar Sidequest * HOTOR 1.6 by Qui Don Jorn
  7. i'll join to watch The Sims 4 fail,EA needs a hard lesson to not mess with his customers and to not ruin franchises i already predicted Simcity fail months before it was released let's be honest here,EA has ruined every game developer and franchises that they got their hands on because of their greed and needs to fail in order for the game industry to regain its original soul
  8. Bioware needs authorization from EA to release it,or bioware will never do it
  9. why would do you tell that? i just want to understand your point of view
  10. the engine was developed by Bioware,Odyssey Engine,and bioware hasn't still declared it open source.probably they will not do it,because they fear someone might release the real Kotor 3 that everyone was expecting
  11. one,better you tell your mod list, i'm 100% sure it's not a vanilla bug ,two don't make double threads,it's not good
  12. TOR isn't 'Kotor 3-4-5-6' it's an insult to the originals Why do i hate SWTOR?fair question i hate it not because of the storylines,whivh are decent i hate it because the gameplay is bad,it's grinding mobs over and over,90% of your abilites are useless after the boss fight you are required to use,since you only smash 1 and 2 until the mob waves are over the way on the missions is covered by overly aggressive mobs barely 1 meter distant from each other,without mobs you would take 10 minutes,with mobs 40-45 minutes,not counting when you have to travel from a side of a planet to another there should be a planetary raid in which rep players face empire players to conquer planets,simulating the conflict,but nope you can't fully explore a planet because of the mobs all over it and the faction protections instantly killing you while generally i enjoy side quests,TOR offers you 'kill 10 of these and 5 of those' ,the quests should be all like the planetary sidequests,tied in with the story I hate it because EAware wants to follow the movies model to attact casuals,see the similarity of the factions every character is claimed to be unique,but then why don't just make an RPG and not a mmo? you're supposed to be unique but there are 5000000 clones of you running around,totally breaking immersion overuse of jedi,during my playthrough as a republic trooper(Clone Trooper wannabe)i've seen so many jedi running around,pathetic,isn't the temple of corusant destroyed and jedi numbers low? the jedi outnumber the other classes by 10 to 3 pathetic,congrats bioware for the good job people who don't even know what they're playing 'OMMG JEDDI KNNIGHT' The same soundtrack of Kotor\Kotor 2 TSL was used for some of the locations and most of the music came from them they don't do justice to the original locations that music was played in the Empire TOR has the same officer look from the movies,they have an 'emperor' (palpatine much),in short lack of creativity and of course,because it ruined Revan,Kotor and its characters,since bioware doesn't like someone being better than they are,they rewrite it Revan,from military genius and powerful Force user to a random reedemed jedi,who was mindcontrolled to fall to the dark side,when before he had to do this to protect the galaxy from the true ancient sith(not this pathetic galactic empire wannabe),ruined first in the book,then in TOR The Exile,from a powerful jedi\sith ,he was a wound in the force,in Revan book,was canonized as a jedi female weakling fangirl named....bah i don't want to name it,killed by a sith lord named Scourge who was having a 'vision' of the JK from TOR killing the emperor,pathetic, ​Canderous,who was condamned to be killed by some other guy,shot in the head T3-M4.since bioware made him in KOTOR 1 useless,they wanted to kill him,and what better way to destroy him during the confrontation in the book? HK-47,who was condamned to be killed by level 20's,when he was an expert jedi\sith assassin Bastila,ruined in the book to be a padme lookalike,waiting endlessly for Revan instead of just go finding him And finally,the retcons
  13. oh **** i'm sorry i thought you wanted to download kotor 2,my bad lol
  14. i only care if the market is making good games for us gamers,i don't give a **** about pointless statistics stating if there are more casual women gamers than more 'hardcore' male gamers,seriously who needs this? is some kind of news made to appease feminists or market corporates?
  15. well i'm at the nar shaddaa (i go there first btw) again i fought them again and nothing is happening same mods with out skip peragus but i added jedi temple and remove force restrictions and still nothing happens do i just walk. like i said i fight the red eclipse asap but i payed the rat to tell the exchange i don't like them first the only thing you can do is to use KSE to change the globals in order to trigger the cutscene or kill the exchange leader,do whatever you can to piss them off.
  16. i am sorry to ruin your fun,but EA has already the license to develop SW games for 10 years by Disney(i know,they're idiots) i heard about a Kotor 3 project being shut down because Disney caught them.
  17. have you looked the compatibility between these mods http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/398-tslrcm-183/ it's likely another mod conflicting
  18. dude you shouldn't reply to a topic that was dead for 3 years,if you want the game buy it on steam,it's just 10 $,or you could buy the bundle that includes Kotor and Kotor 2 TSL, plus i don't think that piracy is allowed here,so unless you search it elsewhere,you may risk a ban(just a friendly advise)
  19. it's not funny,dude Sah-Ree! But you have to admit, those images are obnoxiously large. I imagined one or several at the end of every post you made, and hence, my probably not so supportive response. yeah but i thought that there was some kind of autoscaling program once you put the images in,that's why i was confused,many sites have this
  20. i tried to use this but it give me the error these are the images i wanted to use EDIT:i tried to use the Logo of Revan's Sith empire(the ilogo from wookiepedia,blue and light blue) but it didn't post until i removed it i've tried to remove that from the signature,but it gives me the error anyway
  21. Skip Peragus in incompatible with TSLRCM http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/393-mod-compatibility-list-for-tslrcm-183/ unfortunately it appears you'll have to do a full restart of the game i need help in the Revan's Robes thread
  22. What's this earth thing you're talking about? in the marvel comics,there are alternate realities where events have gone different from the 'real' earth like What if Spider-man joined the fantastic four? What if Spider-man The Other? all these comics are set in alternate Earth\s and given a random number Earth 70134 or Earth-0 1) Yes it is. Because it's not real. 2) Memories and the fact that you can still reread them and replay them. Look. I'm a Lit Major. I get it. But you are taking it way, way, way too seriously. i got that,but i'm not taking too seriously or i'll be like 'Raaar DISNEYZ MUST DIEEZZ' it's sad to have come to this it's different opinion,dude,you have yours,i have mine,
  23. in this case yes,it wouldn't be much of a problem if it was already alternate universe material,but it wasn't,it was a part of Star Wars history.in the star wars universe.Star Wars it's fiction of a fictional universe,but the EU is still part of it, and no less important,that's what i meant the only thing it now remains is our memories of the games\novels nothing will delete my hours of Kotor and Kotor 2.but it's still a unwelcome change when i think that their crappy casual mobile freemium games and DLC ridden games by EA will be the future of Star Wars.it saddens me. star wars is a good license,and deserves much better than that i fear of the (earth 1111) implementation in Star Wars.
  24. unfortunately,no matter how many people want or do an official Kotor 3,you can't do that unless you have full permission from Disney and EA to use the copyrighted material it's insane i know,they shouldn't even have control over that material because they didn't created it. in the videogame market,if you try to do a thing on your own that starts from owned content like Kotor 3,when Disney will know your progress it will stop you,because they own it. if i had enough money i would buy Star Wars and immediately start the development of Kotor 3,Battlefront 3 and Republic commando 2 put it like this,even if you make a food that is remotely similar in taste and smell to the original company one,they will sue you,even if you did it because you wanted to do something new. companies are ****,greedy fat ass whores that choke whatever guy is trying to do in good faith
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