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  1. Right click on SWKotor 2.exe click "Property" check "Compatibility mode" Choose XP from the slider Click "Apply" For the config Run SWConfig.exe or run the launcher and click on options\configure. then check disable audio and intro movies. also when in the main menu,set the resolution to 1024X768 60 Hz then see if it works EDIT: Try to see this topic,it's a different OS,but same problem https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/47429-kotor-2-loadingfreezing-issues/
  2. Unless you had the Odyssey engine source code,the skill to rewrite the game from scratch and have money to buy some servers,it's not going to do it.
  3. huum... try to load it with the "Windows XP Compatibility" or load the config screen in KOTOR 2 launcher. my computer loads SW:KOTOR 2 just fine and it's Windows 7 Ultimate. Have you done the Update? (Found here http://help.disney.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Where-do-I-find-the-latest-patch-for-Knights-of-the-Old-Republic-II-The-Sith-Lords) I strongly recommend you afterwards to install the "Restored Content Mod" as it greatly increases the stability of the game,before it used to crash once in a while or the saves got corrupted randomly. The hardware is like this: Videocard ATI Radeon XXXX 1.2 GB Intel I7 Dual-Core 2.4 Ghz Do you hear sounds during the loading screen? or it suddenly stops? Usually the crashing loading screen is a corrupted save or a unpatched game which was very buggy because it got rushed. always run as Administrator.
  4. Hello,i myself want KOTOR 3 so badly but i alreaduy KOTOR 3 was in pre-production in 2005 but was canceled by Lucasarts several months after. There is still some concept art about the game and several characters The exile was proposed as the main character and Revan was supposed to come back. HK-47 and T3-M4 were confirmed to be party members The Ebon Hawk was still the "main base" The plot would have been about the fight with the "True Sith" and show that Revan was one of the most powerful users ever. Like Leferd said,EA has full rights to the franchise,and SWTOR (MMO) was released instead. Suffice to say that SWTOR has ruined KOTOR's plot and character beyond salvation. The best that you could hope from EA is a microtransation-ridden shallow FPS. Obsidian has tried over the years and more than once said that they were interested in making KOTOR 3,but Lucasarts\Disney has ignored them. yeah,i don't trust EA
  5. It's an unused engine function left. Obsidian used the same engine that Bioware used to develop Neverwinter's Nights and Baldur's Gate,which had multiplayer Same as Skyrim having in its files in the Creation Kit "Pipboy" commands despite not having it.They just used the same engine
  6. mmm...can you release the file on Deadly stream or Nexus?
  7. Hello! Can you tell me if you use mods? If yes,list them ALL. O.S? Hardware? Original copy (I still have the 2005 Release discs) or Steam?
  8. If you bought it from steam then the disc shouldn't be needed. "Missing CD1" means that you installed a non-original copy.
  9. What kind of mods did you install? that's always what you have to list so we can understand your problem
  10. That's the cultprit,remove that mod and re-play onderon
  11. Where did you install the game before? (Ex:I have the original 4 disk retail version) The default location is "Disk Letter:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\Saves" if there's nothing inside or the folder doesn't exist,then that's what is your problem
  12. strange,it should come up different options like going back into exile\stay there to teach others\leave someone to teach others and give "answers" to those will come there. to destroy Malachor you need to be LS and have not the line "you have failed me" from Kreia.
  13. yes,it should come a line "I want to teach you something i learned during my travels" or two,that teaches melee or force powers.
  14. i trust him completely,i was just saying that maybe i misread or was an old TSLRCM release.
  15. Hello! I don't know if you know it,but EA has been given the license to make SW games for 10 years. We Kotor fans would like a remake of KOTOR and KOTOR 2,but the problem is that,EA will put its enslaved companies to work on SW games. In fact DICE is working on a new battlefront,but it will be more of a battlefield game than an actual Battlefront.No space battles,No campaign,only 4 planets and max 32 players.
  16. strange,last time i checked sayed it was recommended to restart the game when updating to avoid bugs. I had many weird bugs myself when using M4-78 and TSL RCM,just when i updated the game
  17. No you can't. You have to restart over,otherwise you might run into game-breaking bugs and ruin your game forever. You could,but it's very unlikely it will work. That's why everytime you have to restart each time this mod is updated. this way the saves are clean and good to go.
  18. well,Hassat,unfortunately not many people are active on the KOTOR 2 board on the topic,that's great news.If i had more friends with gaming habits i would suggest them to buy KOTOR 2
  19. So you written in all caps to tell this minor problem? whatever,to solve the problem go back,check the dialogue options,agree with G0-T0,it will give you dark side points,but you will gain influence and rewards like Knights&Darths said above
  20. strange,it should appear automatically. have you messed with swkotor2.ini by chance? or try to look in the settings both in the main menu and the in-game menu settings
  21. If they would release the source code of the Odyssey Engine they could even make KOTOR 3 on their own. One can dream..
  22. Hi you should post all mods that you've installed,i'm pretty sure that this is a mod conflict
  23. Thanks for the reply. What's the variable name for Kreia influence? Is it just a random bug? No no-cheat/hack workaround? go to the npc list with a + on it There should be a list of names like this Atton [+] Kreia[+] T3-M4 [+] and so on click on the plus and a list of attributes should come down. find "Influence" and set it to 100 click save then click apply to savegame then load your game and check dialogue,if kreia talks to you about Revan then it's done
  24. You have Incompatible mods. simple you have to uninstall the incompatible ones and restart the game,or BAD things might happen (missing npcs,broken quests,VERY VERY BROKEN game breaking bug,buggy variables,ect ect) usually mods that add new stuff into the game (unless it's specifically known to be compatible) glitch and crash the game. Kreia added robes is one. Advice: Don't use mods that aren't listed in the compatible mods for TSL:RCM unless they're sound\texture mods
  25. simply use KSE Editor to boost the influence to 100(Maximum value) 90 is required for Kreia to talk about Revan,Atris at 60-70
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