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  1. I reinstalled TSL(Kotor2) and now KSE will not find my saves. I have redirected it to the TSL folder but it still doesn't work. I'm using steam version.
  2. Honestly, someone should make a mod that places a button or something outside of the Ebon Hawk on Dxun that you press and it teleports you in. It would be handy for people with this bug. Is there a certain place I should go to to request something like this, or just make a forum about it?
  3. I appreciate the help, although I was stupid enough to delete the save game and I have to redo Onderon all over again. I will make sure to use this when I get back to the point though. Again, thank you for the help! ~No one.... But everyone
  4. Thanks Rosbjerg! Which code should I use? I don't want to end up breaking the next dialogue, as I have heard that there is suppose to be a cutscene once I rejoin the Hawk after completing Onderon. (Which I have already completed)
  5. I'm bugged. My last planet is onderon and I'm at Dxun. I haven't finished it yet but I cannot get on the Ebon hawk. I had already done Dxun, and this had happened. I'll explain more. The first time I tried I did Onderon first, after completeling everything I was trapped on Dxun and could not access the ebon hawk. There is an invisible wall and the Ebon Hawk tag is gone. I tried this modded and not modded. So I restarted.. -> This time(My second time) I am doing Onderon last. I can already tell I've run into the bug because I have just left the EH(Ebon Hawk) and I cannot gain access to it. The tag is gone and I cannot enter. I tried it modded and not modded. I hope I can receive help, its the last planet left. I'm going to continue to do Dxun and complete Onderon but I'm not sure how I will get back on the EH to finish.
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