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  1. i guess that's pointless trying to ask for opinion here
  2. if you're joking,it's rather funny,but if you're not about points 1)then suggest me another solution that isn't 'stop posting' or 'suck it up' 3)who said that i\we have to stick into a specific subforum?i welcome people that asks for my opinion,or want to talk,as long they don't act like immature and impatient pricks (i'm not saying that you're one,in case you're thinking that) 4)i don't think that what i have done here is a crime or unacceptable,so i can do it two rant topics aren't so much,don't you think? if people blow this out of proportion it's their fault not mine 5)what about people not being a **** in the first place?that would be better for anyone,i don't think that 'not being able to take the heat' justifies the people's rudeness. i can take the heat as long people are not so rude about new posters that actually want to exchange opinions,not flame wars explain what is 'eye rolling' to you, 6)yeah,i'm sure that nothing malicious was posted,sure you may have been flamed,but it's really necessary to do it in this case?
  3. the first mature reply i've received in this topic agree,but there's no reason why these games should keep on being great. i'm maybe symphathetic at best to a game developer when it produces good quality games,but i condamn it when it produces bad quality games and i tend to distrust them more Obsidian did many good games,but they did many mistakes too. i know that ME3 has been criticized before,but my reasons are different than the usual ones,i wanted the game to reach its full potential i don't like criticize a game,but if it needs it,it's in my blood.i simply feel that i have to do it.
  4. all right,i'm damn tired of people actually being rude because they don't like opinions i write my own and you don't like it?fine but don't bother me you're pissed at me because you've already complained and now you don't care about other people's opinions once yours was out i played the game late,and i can comment on it,even after 20 years it's a goddamn forum on opinions and you guys complain about someone 'new' ranting too much i don't bother you in other forums about you posting too much what do you expect to be? i've got all the rights to write here A word of advice IF YOU DON'T CARE DON'T REPLY,I GOT IT THAT YOU DON'T LIKE IT. i thought that here there may be better people than BSN,but it appears i was wrong then ignore the posts and don't reply i do that,simple solution Ignore them,pal,i'm not there in other forums complaining about you exchanging your own views on a game or 'full of ****ing threads' of rants and opinions i should call them out as well so if you don't have any significant arguments about this game,you can leave right now yeah,they're more original than people being rude to those who want to tell their own opinions on a forum it looks i'm on BSN and not on the Obsidian forums,i wasn't aware of people being so 'nice' to newbies,no it's even worse than BSN,when i told my long textwall rant nobody complained,they either 1)Told that they agreed or disagreed 2)ignored my post and moved on the next one it's so hard for you? you jump on the throat of every guy who dares tell his opinion here? nope i never got banned on BSN,i post on whatever bothers me,Skyrim,oblivion,you name it
  5. hi guys it may be strange for you to see it now,but i needed to tell this off my chest i needed to publish this rant i first played ME1 two years ago,in september before the school began then after a while and after completing ME1 for 3 times i decided to move onto the next chapter ME2 i was first dissapointed how the lore was retconned so much at the start of the game,Shepard's forced death,pointless spectre authority,thermal clips,ect and how the RPG elements from the original were removed but the dialogue mechanic was improved and found myself loving the game for the superb characters and the immersion it gave me after i finished this game other times to level up my character and be at max for ME3 then i was excited for ME3,so i bought the CE (as i did with the other ME) i played through the game,but i noticed so many plotholes,laziness,stupid design decision,it removed more than give but after completing the story without the EC to see if the ending was so bad as the internet told,and it was right after the insulting message to buy more dlc,i raged and turned off my xbox then i realized that wasn't only the ending that i actually hated and i realized that the whole plot fell apart from the very beginning the ending just unleashed what i actually felt during the entire game in several seconds it has caused the 'story collapse' for me “Story Collapse” That’s the process where some plot hole or nonsensical event irritates you and causes you to analyze the story more closely, which reveals more problems, which leads to more scrutiny, until the whole thing falls apart. At first I just thought the story was a bit dull and convoluted, but once this scene happened I began looking more closely and uncovered all of these other problems. Quote from here http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=14411 so i'm gonna post it here in a nutshell The RPG elements were dumbed down even more in favour of combat or turned into combat related elements The Exploration is pointless and non-existent The game forces you into bland and boring shooting sections at any occasion,even if doesn't make sense the dialogue mechanic,the bake and bread of Mass Effect was dumbed down to 2 options,with shepard speaking automatically 90% of his lines,most of investigate,Intimidate\Charm,neutral options are removed The story sucks (this will have a special spot) Tali's face was photoshopped using a free image sharing site and altering slightly the image for 5 minutes thinking that we are fools that will never find out Day One DLC The Normandy is ugly and horrible in that dark red lightning,junk thrown around,cables visible on the floor Forced decisions or outcomes (Shepard forced into the alliance) Illusion of choice strikes again (Hello Rachni,weren't you dead? sorry,my bad,i thought that queen on Noveria was the last one ) The Spectre authority is useless once again (don't tell me that those 3 crappy weapons are all) and doesn't change nothing,since you are elected spectre regardless your choices are watered down to a number (EMS)and this number is reduced in value if you don't play multiplayer,WTF? Interactivity has been dumbed down to an extreme level Side quests are so boring and repetitive (oh overhear a guy that talks about a random relic that no one cared about before,let's go into the reaper controlled space to find this useless piece of crap and deliver it to that guy) The N7 missions are simply ripped off SP version of the multiplayer missions all Romances except Liara has the 'fade to black' crap Diana Allers and James Vega Seriously?these guys are in the game? Jersey Shore Effect ANNOYING as hell Zaeed type of dialogue with companions, i hated Zaeed's dialogue in ME2,i never spoke to him once after i've finished his loyalty quests The Zaeed Autodialogue system is when the companions reply to shepard in a way so bland or uninteresting without even getting into a cinematic (where the dialogue wheel appears and the camera is on your character) dialogue session and Shepard automatically dialogue .Example 'Hi' 'hey' hi shepard' watch from 16:40 to 17:04 to get my valutation replace Star Trek with Mass Effect and it's good to go http://youtu.be/w_AgjWkNGew?t=16m40s i will upload my analysis on the story tomorrow please write your opinions,i'm eager to know them
  6. They're not, but the Imperial City manages to sort of feel like a city. Also, as stated by Qistina (I'm just going to start calling you Cristina) there are more things to do within cities than in Skyrim. Local chapters of Guilds, and what not. Plus, despite their lack of character and dialogue the Oblivion NPC have a schedule that actually feels sort of realistic. Rather than the Skyrim ones that are either locked into a job or wander around aimlessly asking you about the Cloud District. It took me a while to learn that guy actually had a farm, specially since he's never on it. Yes, and they throw away disposition mechanic, that is why Skyrim feels dull. In Oblivion everybody react to us depending on their disposition on us. So when an Orc meet a Breton normally they say "what do you want Breton trash?!", if disposition is low...facial expression also changed. In Skyrim everybody will greet us for quests (and forced quests to be exact), in Oblivion if we are popular as a good girl/guy, bad guys don't come near, in Skyrim a thief giving a job to a random stranger who just get into the settlement That's what i like about Oblivion, even though the world still dull actually (due to graphic) but that system make it alive And more...in Oblivion our character move in 3rd person, the head will look around, but in Skyrim our character just stand hard.. in Oblivion there was the Fame/Infamy system that,IMO,worked well Fame generally makes people like you more Infamy makes NPCs with responsibility less than 30 like you more,but npcs with Responsibility more than 30 will dislike you more there's no such thing in Skyrim as Fame/infamy,you get one random line from a guard if you assaulted that specific guard (If it's a fight you want,i'm ready this time)then starts the random dialogue again.you can't roleplay as a criminal scum hated by the guards in Oblivion you had to be famous (10 fame or more) to buy a house in a City and required a long quest for them. in Skrim you have to 'help'(fetch quests)5 people in the hold Oblivion if you had high infamy,the guards would be rude and aggressive to you (keep your blade sheathed murderer,or i'll put you down myself) my major problems are npc that are bland and boring to talk,they repeat the same lines and that doesn't matter what you do. yeah the thieves guild questline is atrocious it may be a minor issue,but i liked seeing my character in the inventory menu equipping/removing stuiff i consider it one of the iconic features of TES that were removed in Skyrim in favour to the casuals
  7. 1)as i've said,the guilds being dumbed down for casuals isn't exciting,i've expected some kind of useful power(not the werewolf power,but like being able to command some of the companions into doing biddings for you Dialogue branch yes,Harbinger? follow me i need your help i need you to do a mission for me>go into this cave and kill this guy,it bothered Vignar(random)and he wants him dead. Max of missions for week:3>NPC has done less than that value>yes,it will be done Harbinger or NPC has done 3 missions>sorry harbinger,i'm busy for now. based on how much the guy is skilled,it will have a greater chance of success. if he accomplishes the mission,you get a gold reward from the npc that 'hired' you (Ex:Vignar) and a sum has to be given to the companion fortunately there are the 'requirements' mods in order to be accepted into each guild you have to have high warrior skills for the companions,high stealth skills for the thieves guild,ect,too bad the storyline sucks and ends even worse yeah,as a stormcloak supporter,i felt dissapointed by the conquer-fort-city-is-yours system of the rebellion i have CWO mod installed,so it's a little better,but it's nothing compared to what bethesda's dev team had in mind
  8. maybe because my first language is not english and i'm trying my best?
  9. Playing devil's advocate now. If it wasn't a Bethesda game, would you really care that much about NPCs sitting in one place and saying the same lines? It really is partly Bethesda's fault for raising expectations about their NPCs, but even so. Every open world/sandbox type game has the uncanny valley hidden in its geography. Moving on... The thieves' guild questline and everything associated with it is pure unmitigated garbage and the absolute worst part of Skyrim. Ok, the armor looks kind of cool, but that's what crafting mods are for. yeah,maybe,but other linear rpgs have some lines varying to some degree,you can't make the NPC say the same things over and over from the first time you met them,even after events that are too big to be ignored if a random guard in a village knows that i murdered the emperor,then the npc in the main cities should know it better. it was cool if there was some kind of 'corrected' version of Oblivion barter between NPCs like the dialogue 'The Emperor,and his three sons,dead,under the noses of the imperial guard,it's a disgrace' 'have you heard rumors from the other provinces' 'they say that when you murder someone,the Dark Brotherhood comes when your sleep,it's how they recruit new members' it wasn't the best system ever,but it worked well and you felt that you were in a city and not in a monastery if they overhauled that system it would have been the best i could ask for npc chatting with each other seemed more alive than the same conversation in a inn in Skyrim instead of 'unlike my husband Kepplr,i watch after our guests' 'What you have said,you venomous wife of mine?' 'nothing you pigheaded oaf' i hearded this exact conversation like 300 times by now and got boring it's not a big problem,but the npc now overreact to people stealing/trespassing/pickpocketing too much IMO for example they attack me after stealing a wooden bowl,at least only the guards in oblivion carved you out,they had heavy legion armor and very good weaponry so it made sense for them attacking you. but in skyrim 'never should have come here' Nazeem,after i was caught pickpocketing,pulls out his crappy iron dagger and attacks me while he's wearing fine clothing while i had full Steel Armor and Dwarven Weapons(it was between level 15-20) it's stupid to program all npcs to attack you with iron daggers wearing clothes when you have full dragonbone/daedric armor and a Legendary Dwarven Warhammer even when you commit a crime that isn't assault,only an idiot would attack you,don't make them attack you,just call the guards and chase the thief,like a normal person would do they should say 'hey that's not yours' or another random line for the first three times and then call the guards,after stealing again make them come for you and get back the item/s from you if the guards aren't there yet Oblivion that was the perfect method,unless you attacked the shopkeeper they wouldn't attack you,just limited to get back the item from you and call the guards they would stay out from fights even trespassing in Skyrim they get aggressive after 2 seconds and attack you the same annoying lines 'you're not supposed to be in here' 'can't a man/woman get a blah blah' How to solve this make the npcs run away if they see you after murdering someone or if you assaulting them call the guards and lock the house if you are trespassing call the guards,chase the thief and get back the items if you are stealing/pickpocketing i agree the Thieves Guild in Skyrim is the most retarded and boring storyline,believe me. only one game beats this storyline in retardness.
  10. as i've said,i've liked the game overall,make no mistake,but it could have offered so much more that's what i'm trying to say some perk are useful,but some are OP like the perk to remove negative effects from potions and positive from poisons i didn't feel the accomplishments of mine being rewarded all the small details make up the immersion,if a minor one isn't present,it's not a big problem but when half of these small details,that were present in the previous games aren't developed anymore i get annoyed,and if it keeps going on like that,i end up being angry and i abandon the game when a major mechanic is removed it's my opinion,i've played the game multiple times,finished every storyline and put hundreds of hours in these characters so i'm free to rant it,like it or not,so stop being rude it's not about choice,it's about immersion and perks don't justify the missing abilities that helps get into that character you had two abilites,for two different weapon types,but in the next game it all falls into 1H or 2H that's what RPGs are all about,roleplaying,i want to roleplay as a guy that's good with swords,bows and daggers but it has little to no experience with maces and heavy weapons,but in the gameplay mechanic of Skyrim,you are good at both,even if just used swords and never touched a mace you will do same damage and no penalties if a RPG limits roleplaying,it has failed
  11. hi,i wanted to rant some things on Skyrim,that were very annoying and broke immersion for me 1)NPC are static,the npcs are the most static thing in the Skyrim universe,you can do whatever you want,kill Alduin,become leader of all guilds,and still they repeat the same lines over and over,like 'once i've made enough money trading with the Khajit caravans i'm going to buy the bannered mare from Hulda' or ' Do you get to the Cloud District very often?oh what am i saying of course you don't' 'Welcome to the cozy little family,i'm one of the lookouts for the guild,i watch Delvin's back' the hell?couldn't you do more lines to greet the player instead of that? i don't care about those lines,make them speak about my accomplishments take the Thieves Guild NPCs they never get out from the Ragged Flagon,unless it's a scripted event that requires them to go somewhere and Vex says 'will you take a job or you're just gonna wander around all day?' says the woman that stays in a sewer 'inn' all day standing next to a wall or eating bread indefenetly 2)Guilds easy to access and completeneedless to say,the guilds in Skyrim are done in a way so that even if someone isn't trained into what the guild usually asks (high warrior skills for companions to progress,high stealth skills for thieves guild) can access,and after two hours of radiant quests the player is named Guildmaster for no reason other than 1)The previous Guildmaster dies or dissapears or 2)The previous Guildmaster betrays the guild and leaves and after completing the storyline,what does the player get?can he send someone to errands for him? can he do some important mission that isn't a fetch quest with some of the guild's high rank members? can he do some fun stuff that the previous Guildmaster did(Like planning an important mission)? nope,if you're lucky,you are 'rewarded' with a pair of crappy followers and some lines changing for some members (like Dirge will no longer say that he will bash in your skull,but not even 'hi boss how you're doing') or if you're not lucky,you will get just a random sum of gold taken from the last dungeon clearing and told to **** off or sent to do stupid errands to recover stolen family heirlooms,even when you are doing a thieves guild 'special job' 'recover the silver locket from a bandit camp for Cruel-sea' seriously? a generic dungeon clearing for a Thieves guild mission? . the missions in Skyrim's DB are far worse than Oblivion's quests for example,i remember sneaking in the imperial sewers to kill Daven Verth (the dark elf in the start of the game) and to get the bonus you had to not kill any guards or be detected or the crazy party,where you had to murder all guests and to acquire the bonus,you had to kill them individually without being detected in Skyrim,just run over to the Target,kill everyone standing in the way,and you're done,bonus + mission reward same with the thieves guild,you had only few missions that required sneaking,and were done badly,you could kill everyone,while before you had to pay 'blood price' for every kill during a special commission in oblivion you had to go into the lower levels of the imperial palace,sneak around and steal an elder scroll and after the completition of the storyline 'it's the grey fox' the guards running after me,it was fantastic the removal of the ability system​call me old fashioned,but i disliked that Bethesda removed much of the ability system,it was part of the roleplaying like choosing birthsign,class,ect removing blunt and blade to '1handed' and two handed looks like they wanted only for casuals to play the game Casual Gamers dumbing down the civil warin Skyrim there's the civil war,and originally it was far better,striking towns and mills,real time strategy elements,bribing stewards,battles for every hold ect but Bethesda wanted Skyrim to be released on 11\11\11 so they dumbed it down to 1)do a crappy dungeon clearing or kill a ice wraith 2)go to a Korvanjund and recover the jagged crown(another dungeon clearing) 3)bring it to Ulfric\Tullius 4)send a message to Whiterun 5)Battle for whiterun(good) and then it all falls apart with small fort sieging counted as major battles just take over a fort,and the hold is yours,what kind of logic is that?it sucks do that until the final hold,when you get the final battle for Solitude\Windhelm that's it? the entire civil war was finished in 2-3 hours it was worth it? for a dumb plot about dumb dragons trying to destroy the world? don't get me wrong,i liked the game,but it needed some much more to become what it should have been it's good,but it's so overrated thank you for reading
  12. i praise Obsidian for the excellent work on KOTOR 2 that is far better than KOTOR 1,but it drops the ball in the KOTOR 1 outcome effects because it leaves so many questions that aren't answered. like those seen in my Original post i understand that they couldn't develop two different stories,but that's not what i was asking i was asking for the sith to be stronger in the DS version or weaker in the LS but the republic is still in the same condition regardless i would have done the republic is in critical condition.even if the Sith empire weakened due of the dissapearance of Revan,they still hold lots of the worlds conquered and have now the strength to wipe out the jedi due of the republic getting desperate losing ground or the republic is in trouble,even though the sith nearly disbanded after the battle of the Star Forge,the Triumvirate decides to reunite the remnants to attack the jedis
  13. Revan is the key character on all the plot is revolving around,the jedi civil war,the mandalorian wars,The true sith,all this mystery was good and exciting until TOR popped up the triumvirate for me was a great idea,it symbolized each one the aspect of the sith that is their weaknesses Nihilus (Hunger for power) Sion (Wrath) Traya (Betrayal) yeah,the linear outcome is bad,but i guess there couldn't have been no other ways to do it,if Revan was DS and didn't left,the galaxy would have been under control of the Sith,and the exile would have been dead from the start or he would be just a random dark jedi under Revan's rule in TOR,yes,it sucks,it's a complete huge mess you don't get to see Carth,but Bastila gives you a short explanation on the sith empire yeah,but remember that KOTOR 2 launched in the fall of 2004,and the movie was out in 2005,so it's a little impossible that they 'copied' the scene please KOTOR 1 closer to realism than KOTOR 2? Kotor 1 was all about Evil vs good and a plot of redemption,In KOTOR 2 is grey against everyone (plot of betrayal,wrapping around the entire galaxy)
  14. Darth Nihilus if i'm not mistaken was a dark jedi in Malachor,but it wasn't a monster still,he was still a human,it was shortly after he and Sion betrayed Kreia that he had to encase his spirit in an armor he originally was a jedi following Revan in the Mandalorian Wars,and woke up after the battle of Malachor,but he felt a sense of Void(he was like the Jedi Exile),he met another survivor but using the force he killed him and his hunger was no more,he felt bad,but he was 'whole' for a time,then he found Kreia,that taught him how to fill his hunger,but his conditions became worse and worse. Sion was a marauder serving the Sith Empire of Revan then fled to Malachor when the empire fell into chaos Kreia was a Sith Lord on Malachor teaching T3 came back with the ship,was assaulted,then found by the Harbinger,tried to leave,shot again and got stuck between Peragus and Telos it's only 5 years after KOTOR timeline 3961(end of mandalorian wars) 3959 (Revan and Malak come back as Sith lords,with Revan as the Dark Lord of the sith,start of the Jedi CIvil War,Founding of the Sith Empire) 3959-3957 (The Sith restablish Korriban as base and capital,restabilish the base in Malachor training assassins,The sith conquer 1\3 of the known space,Revan duels with Malak and cuts his jaw when he calls him soft,then shortly after Revan is Captured.Malak becomes the Dark Lord) 3956 (Revan's quest and possible return as Dark Lord,Malak dies LS:Fall of the sith empire) 3955 (DS:Revan leaves his sith empire) 3954 (the sith begin to fight each other,and the Sith empire falls) 3953 (the sith triumvirate takes control of the remnants of Revan's Sith Empire) 3952 (Darth Nihilus assaults Katarr and takes Visas as apprentice) 3951 (T3 comes back from the Unknown Regions,and the exile starts his quest) that's how things went The Exile was being searched both by the Sith and by Kreia,the first to kill him,the latter to destroy the first(and the force) it's never mentioned that was the entire republic fleet,it can be assumed that was a large portion. it makes more sense in KOTOR 2 for the republic being so weak and nearly non-present if Revan is DS,if Revan was LS the republic should be stronger. you can ask questions about the mandalorian wars and that's optional,in KOTOR 1 it wasn't so explored aside from Canderous' stories. yeah,the jedi masters are killed on Katarr anyway,but Vandar if i'm not mistaken it's not mentioned if Revan was DS quite the contrary,the story was well explored,it explained well both the republic and the sith,it was attached to the lore in the cut quotes it seems that Revan himself,not Malak, ordered to bomb Telos in order to cause fear and show to the jedi that there will never be a safe heaven so yes,that the only problem i've got with the game,but if Revan was there,there will never be a Kotor 2 in the first place,especially if he was DS. i always wondered why Revan left Sith space if he had such a big empire,powerful,the Star Forge,Bastila as apprentice,he was pratically unstoppable the giant fleet dissapeared,the political body of the sith,gone,the sith ranks completely reduced to a small jedi hunters community i was impressed in KOTOR 1 how the ranks and the empire itself was very well done,a 'evil' version of the republic,but much more efficient i wanted to see more worlds still controlled by the sith,that they are not gone,that they are still strong like see Duro under control of the sith that's what i didn't like about KOTOR 2,but Darth Sion,Darth Nihilus were very well done.
  15. I always do a Dark Side Male Revan with Bastila as apprentice and lover he's a good guy and kissed bastila ,until he gets captured and meets Malak,when his true identity was revealed,he felt used and manipulated he got angry so much that he started following the Dark Side to reclaim his identity and regain back what was taken away from him, he kept his ideals of protecting the galaxy,but he became more and more cruel as he used to be back when he was the sith lord and started having hatred for the jedi and the republic,considering them weak,he was a hero and they treated him like this when he met Bastila again,she was changed,and so he was. he showed her that he didn't lost his power,and she wanted to rule the galaxy alongside him,promising to never betray him, so he struck down Juhani and Jolee to mark his return after the Star Forge battle and executed his vengeance against his former friend Malak,he got back his life and title of Dark Lord,so he started mass producing the ships and relocated back to Korriban,where he led the sith empire for several months,where the Dark side energy of the planet helped his mind recover he sought to look for the true sith empire as his memories returned,to prevent them from destroying the galaxy and usurp his place of power thinking that bringing the fleet with him was suspicious and could have started power struggles,he left one day,leaving Bastila to rule until he would return of course,Revan never returned after a year,so the sith thinked that he will never return and started fighting each other to take control of the star forge and Bastila left to find Revan before she would get killed he was a pragmatic guy,trying to look for the best logical outcome of every situation,he was ready to do anything to get the job and ready to do sacrifices if it was necessary, The Exile was a Light Side male(Jedi Jesus face ) he used two single handed lightsabers,one green,another cyan (mantle of the force crystal) he followed the Jedi Weapon Master path,so he was a true master of lightsaber combat,though his command of the force was master-wise he loves Visas,but has a way with Brianna too he's a kind guy,but when you touch his friends or love he gets mad as a bull and cuts through everything to get vengeance though he keeps in touch with the light side of the force, he doesn't regret what happened at Malachor,because it had to be done,the Mandalorians were threatening everyone,more innocent people that anybody could imagine he helped Canderous regather the mandalorian clans,believing that they can become heroes and do good to the galaxy he symphatized with Vaklu,because he wants to keep his people true to their traditions,(in my mind,i always imagine him sparing Kavar and letting him go to Dantooine)and because the general is no **** or fool,he's a veteran of the mandalorian wars and a tough soldier,he cares about his people,instead of the queen talia,who is naive and destroys the onderonian culture by joining the republic and spreading their culture thin he believed that Kreia deserved redemption (as the cut content allowed her to redeem herself by saving the exile from a hit from Atris,then Atris would replace Kreia as Darth Traya) before the war,he liked Atris as well, she never revealed her feelings to him,but spared her after defeating her and saving brianna The Exile wanted to stay with Visas,but he had his destiny to find revan. he gets to Malachor.believing Kreia that she could still be saved,when he arrives the trayus core and defeated Kreia,he bides her farewell and redemption HK and T3 came with the exile,while the others remained to prepare the galaxy for a war,
  16. ripped games like that(from 4 to 1 CD) or pirates games in general suffer crashes and black screen due of hackers cutting out half of the files to reduce the total file size i suggest you go to Steam and buy it there (it's only 4.99 Dollars) a tip,never try to load a save after uninstalling and reinstalling(expecialy if there are mods),it can get into a real mess
  17. hi guys i wanted to start a topic about describing your own Revan and Exile
  18. no,Revan's motives were 1)test the republic if it was strong enough to stand against the sith or 2)replace it with his own empire if it the republic was too weak the republic was falling and before Bastila captured Revan,The Sith were conquering hundreds of worlds and were unstoppable due of Revan's intellect unmatched and the best republic officers followed him the sith after Kotor 1 if Revan was Dark Side were powerful enough to attack the core worlds.and had the manpower to use all these vessels the sith troopers were trained in masses in the conquered worlds.but after five years their numbers are like very limited and went into hiding for no reason even if the sith civil war decimated their numbers,they would still have a considerable number,and the civil war happened several months after Revan left,Bastila confirms this by saying that Revan feared that what he remembered about the unknown regions could threaten his power in the galaxy,but she doesn't explain nothing about the huge fleet,just barely mentions the star forge that devoured the sith lords who tried to control it and thinks that Revan never wanted for anyone else except himself to use the star forge the republic should be nearly non-existent if Revan was DS because 1)half of the republic fleet was destroyed and one of the best admirals died 2)the elder jedi tokare died 3)The Infinite fleet would have crushed instantly the republic because Revan disappeared several months after the Events of Kotor 1 and had the time to use it 4)the sith were in greater numbers than the republic 5)the jedi order was crippled
  19. In Kotor 2,there's an option to choose that Revan chose to follow the Dark Side and kept the Star Forge so 1)the star forge is intact 2)Revan relocates back to Korriban 3)The Sith win the battle of the Star Forge 4)Revan is proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith 5)Revan uses the Star Forge to produce an immense fleet and Revan dissapears few months later the question is where the giant fleet went?this is probably the hardest question why the political body of the sith doesn't exist anymore even if the sith navy wasn't destroyed? why the sith don't have some world left or stronger influence since the Republic is too weak after the Battle for the Star Forge and Dodonna is dead?the sith controlled thousands of worlds on the peak and they should able to hold,even with their civil war
  20. wait a sec,you have the original version or just the pirated?because i suspect support for piracy is not allowed here,but as long you possess the original CD and just use the pirated version because your disks are damaged is fine (i have the original 4 discs,but the disc one is broken so i have to use the no cd thing) pm me if you have any questions.ask them there
  21. well these mods shouldn't conflict have you used KSE to tweak something or advance missions? have you installed the 2.0b patch before installing TSLRCM? have you crashed or had 'BlackSOD' before in that playthrough? have you encountered the infamous 'i am broken so very very broken' bug?that can cause crashes and freezing due of corrupted saves and party members to see if you have it,open the party members choice menu and see if one of them has that 'i am broken so very very broken' instead of the portrait it happened to me at least 10 times in the original Kotor 2,it crashed when travelling and i had to reload a previous save if all is fine then it may be that the disc is scratched or ruined (if you have the 4 CD or DVD version like me)or if you bought it from steam,try deleting and downloading the game again and run it without the graphics mod i've got the Movie Lightsaber sounds mod by Shem and it doesn't crash
  22. try to tell if you have other mods outside TSLRCM and M4-78EP for example, 90sk's Super content mod is incompatible with TSLRCM,or 'choose mira or Hanrarr' , 'Get your lightsaber back from atris'
  23. Right now, officially, the only things considered canon in Star Wars are the films and the upcoming products, IIRC. EU stuff was never canon to begin with. It was just EU stuff. I think lots of people, myself included, entertained other delusions back before the prequels came out, but once they did, Lucas was making it clear. He didn't care about the EU. Note that prior to the prequels, everyone thought that dark side users would explode on death because Palpatine did. And that the Clone Wars were fought against crazed clones. And Boba Fett has like three origin stories. The big change that occurred with the EU recently is that no more EU stories are being produced. no,the EU staff was canon,only it had to be 'canonized' by GL in order to be considered fully in the SW Timeline,in the case of the games like Kotor,give it a canon ending,canon alignment i find it stupid to shut down the entire EU,even if it had crappy stories,it also had good ones the ancient sith lords don't exist anymore in my opinion,Clone Wars sucks and keeping that but not the other good novels in the EU is BS on the movie i must say that i'm not excited at all for several reasons 1)Disney will **** up the movie 2)the movies that were supposed to be 7-8-9 had the emperor alive until the 9th episode and made sense,so now that the emperor is already dead, what the plot is going to be?Ewoks in TIE fighters doing a crazy party with Jar Jar Biinks?or ridicolous lightsaber swinging for the sake of popularity? or just a bunch of non sense? 3)if the kept the EU and fixed the bad stuff,they could have set the movie in the 'Jedi Knight:Outcast' period with Kyle Katarn as protagonist,who was a very good character and have Luke/Han/Leia as side characters but nope,let's delete the entire EU,it's the devil So in a nutshell:i'm putting my expectations at a very low level,so i won't be dissapointed if the movie turned out to be bad,on the other hand,i will be happy if the movie will be good
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