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  1. i've noticed alot of the time on this forum that almost everyone here hates swtor is the reason you guys hate swtor is that bioware said this is kotor 3 4 5 and 6 or is it that revan and the exile are in it or is it just the story over all you've already seen the poll at the top so yeah (if i set it up right)
  2. well i'm at the nar shaddaa (i go there first btw) again i fought them again and nothing is happening same mods with out skip peragus but i added jedi temple and remove force restrictions and still nothing happens do i just walk. like i said i fight the red eclipse asap but i payed the rat to tell the exchange i don't like them first
  3. well here i am again this time with the mod list and a update on what happens. let's start with the mods: "First national bank of coruscant" "Enhanced merchants for tsl" "the sith lords restored content mod" "skip peragus" "bastila PC head" "survival items" "feat progression for tsl" i think that's all now for what happens: well, when i get to red eclipse again i go right to them, just to get it out of the way but i help the refugees, first then i fight the red eclipse but now i CAN board the ebon hawk but, atton never gets the call so i can't do anything so it's 2 things it's a: i'm retarded and don't know what to do. b: it's glitch. i have talked to the rat guy and payed him the 2000$ to tell the exchange that i don't like and he says the exchange is watching me but nothing happens do i just walk till i get the call or is it a glitch. (sorry for the bad english)
  4. i was playing kotor2 and i just fought the red eclipse and when i leave the ebon hawk and i try to board it again it says "you may not board the ebon hawk at this time" no one said anything before i leave i have replayed the game 3 times and it happens every time anything i could do? (i have alot of mods and i forgot what the names are) and i'm a female exile
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