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  1. I see. I thought that Obsidian fans/KotOR fans would be in this forum but I guess I have to write a letter to Chris Avellone instead of wasting my time with answers like that.
  2. Ok, that means they would have to ask this EA instead of Disney.
  3. Hello everyone, I love good as every game by Obsidian and when I played The Stick of Truth I thought once again that it would be so unbelievable awesome if Obsidian could make a third KotOR game. Years ago we had the problem that LucasArts thought that rubbish like The Old Republic could be something like a KotOR 3-6. But every KotOR fan knows that story and gameplay of The Old Republic were junk. Now Disney has the rights of Star Wars and we all know that they just want to make as much money as they can with this franchise. So why can't Obsidian ask them how much money they need to p
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