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  1. TSLRCM 1.8.3 and if it counts Kotor Save Editor. I used KSE to increase influence and give some items. UPDATE: Now it's even worse. I can get back on Ebon Hawk when I'm in Academy BUT when I go to Nar Shadda and I leave Hawk the map is undiscovered and I have to do everything again. This is ridiculous... I have Hanharr and G0-TO in my team and I have finished planet before... AND my every save has the same bug! Even if I decide not to train her and leave Hawk on Nar Shadda... it's the same, I have to do everything again. I didn't check Dantooine but I think it'll be the same...
  2. Hi everyone! I have a huge problem with in KotOR 2. I'm DS male (5 lvl Sith Lord), I've already trained Bao-Dur and Atton for Dark Jedi, and now I have a problem with Handmaiden. When I start conversation and ask her about her mother, then becoming a Dark Jedi, she agrees. Kreia says "Betrayal"... And here we go... After this, there is a cutscene in Telos Academy where Atris says Handmaiden betrayed her and her sisters. Then she goes to meditate and my screen goes full black, I still hear Telos Academy theme playing and noises of surroundings but only thing I see is cursor. I can check my equi
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