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  1. But remember Kotor 2 was obsidian's first game ever so i would presume they would at least do a HD remake of it to celebrate it being there first and one of there most successful games
  2. Yeah but i bet ya 1000$ that Star Wars Battlefront will be a Battlefield 4 with light sabers and micro transactions You seen the Sims a EA game. The game by itself is horrible so you have to spend hundreds of dollars on DLC!! So i'm presuming EA will make you pay hundreds of dollars to unlock the campaign or different characters. etc
  3. When i use force sprint my screen turns dark it's really annoying!!! Does anyone know how to solve this??????

  5. Star Wars Choices Of One???? Purple Lightsaber (CHECK) Orange Hair (CHECK) Grey Skin (Ummmm nope)
  6. Disney's not gonna listen to the people Obsidian or Bioware or anyone who has made a Star Wars game would have to convince Disney to give them permission to use the name Star Wars because if you don't know already Disney owns Lucasarts who own the Star Wars franchise
  7. I ordered my own set of Pazzak Cards a year ago. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!! The cards are still in amazing condition and every time friends come over we play Pazzak it is the best card game of all time!!!
  8. Nice!! i went to Nar Shadda and sold all my 600 robes
  9. It would be cool if they remastered KOTOR 2 with a new graphics engine that would be amazing!!
  10. Yes! it is great that games are getting MAC versions not only windows versions!
  11. Well i was reading something yesterday that said that a new Star Wars Battlefront is coming out and we all doubted that Disney would ever make a new star wars battlefront but now here it is being developed by EA so i had a glimmer of hope that maybe KOTOR 3 may come out and i think its likely seeing that such an old game is still played and loved. What are your thoughts?
  12. It depends, I'm sure someone could translate some of the dialogue as a romance, (Also Kriea's and Mira's comments) but it's all iffy. A;so did you know that you can use her to get infinite credits? @ Nilus Wait? What!? Infinite credit?? How?
  13. Well after I fought with the Handmaiden half naked I had a soft spot for her so I was wondering if you could ye know "Romance" her
  14. Me And the Handmaiden fought half naked! woooooo!

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