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Found 10 results

  1. Source: The Hollywood Reporter: Daisy Ridley Confirms Talks About Playing Lara Croft in 'Tomb Raider' Reboot - 3/21/2016
  2. Also one more question for my first run Dark side or Light?
  3. Well after I fought with the Handmaiden half naked I had a soft spot for her so I was wondering if you could ye know "Romance" her
  4. Start of old thread End of old thread Starting out with a rant... Not impressed by the quality control of the (recent) Cartel Market items. I've bought hypercrates of stuff in the past, kept some, sold most items (and used the credits for crafting materials). But some of the things I did keep, I should probably had taken a better look at in the preview screen before keeping (or buying off the GTN). The Diabloist (or Diablist or whatever the Sith robe set is called) still has an ugly, jagged edge skunk stripe. Even it was intentionally that it had a stripe, as at least one of the existing robes had a skunk stripe too, it sure as heck is unlikely it should be completely crumpled and jagged. Looks like bad mapping/texture. Got the new Formal wear set, had intended to give it to Gault, as he's such a "snob", but the bling on the chest piece has some rather glaring errors. Either bad mesh or wayward normal map makes what should have been a piece of string jut out from his chest instead like a shark fin on his belly. Completely unusable. I actually bothered to gather the Ragnos set, just for the antlers in my collection (go figure). Had this fun concept of a body type 3 jedi sentinel with antlers, simple leather pants, bare feet and hands and then the chest piece of the previously released brawler set. Sadly, the set is completely ruined by butt ugly butt flap that takes on skin colour no less. Just completely flat, textureless and skin colour. Unusable (they could do gamers everywhere a favour by simply removing the flap). Looks like he'll be bare chested using the covert energy armour instead. Also got some Gamorrean cleavers for him to dual wield. I wonder if they ever intend to go back and fix/re-adjust some of those sets? Still, got a relatively lucky hand with the latest pack though, minor grievances aside. Got both the Zeldrath, the Varactyl, 2 meditation chambers and almost complete sets of Ragnos and Visas' armour. Enough to complete them on the cheap. Might come in handy some day for future toons/companions.
  5. Links to Parts 1, 2 and 3: Feargus Urquhart on South Park, Pillars of Eternity, and More - Matt Chat - Part 1 Feargus Urquhart on Baldur's Gate, Shattered Steel, and Fallout - Matt Chat - Part 2 Feargus Urquhart on the Fall of Black Isle - Matt Chat - Part 3
  6. Obsidian recently came out and said that they still have an interest in making KOTOR 3 or a Star Wars RPG for that matter. To get that published it would require EA's consent due to them owning the rights to publish Star Wars Video Games. I was just curious if Obsidian could use EA Origins crowd funding service thing which has them publish your game as long as it's crowd funded but obviously since it's under the Star Wars name Obsidian would directly have to communicate with EA on business matters. If anyone from Obsidian reads this it's worth a try to ask EA! (easier said than done.) Anyway i'm a long time fan of Obsidian and their games, and i'm buying pillars of Eternity when it releases but I would help fund a KOTOR 3 project with a lot of money ft it were Kickstarted.
  7. So I've been playing Kotor 2 for a while, and every thing has always gone smoothly...of course until I wanted to dink around with mods. Long story short, I was playing through the game with mods, until I got to Korriban. I had the M4-78 mod installed, but I guess for some reason it never worked. it worked perfectly except that the planet would never show up on the galaxy map, and T3 didn't have anything helpful to say. So I deleted everything from my override folder and reinstalled the mods I was using, minus M4-78. this worked fine, everything went back to normal, except Master Kavar isn't contacting me now. (Onderon was my 3rd planet, Korriban was last). So does anyone know how I could fix this?
  8. Hi all, I know that this is a long shot at best, but I cannot think of a better place to begin than the deep-end. I know there are lots of game ideas out there, and that this idea might get ignored, but I do have a Star Wars RPG idea, based on a Star Wars character I have been wanting to RP in a pen-and-paper game. It is set between episodes III and IV, and it follows a Force User who witnessed the Jedi Purge. If I was to submit this idea, to say, you guys. What would be the best way to go about that? Hoping for feedback
  9. I seriously NEED an Atton romance mod xD I found some but they had been taken down never to be seen again. I do have some Atton stuff on the Sims 2 but it's not the same. Please reply!
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