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  1. I thought the encounters were fun, (especially with the exploding enemies) but there are a few too many fights. Also the big size of the underground place makes no sense to me. EDIT: I think the idea of the test subjects makes sense though, with all the notes around. The other adventurers might have arrived on days where there were fewer subjects.
  2. I was surprised that this didn't appear in PoE. It seemed like everything was in place for a dungeon like that. I hope it happens in some game like PoE 2. I think it could be a fun challenge to have less visibility than the mobs for once. If nothing else, being forced to carry torches could emphasize the atmosphere.
  3. It's silly, but I'm quite sure that they are incompatible. It might be doable with some clever fiddling, but that seems like more work than asking for a refund.
  4. I think common courtesy is to do your best with crediting the artist as much as possible. If you don't know who the artist is, just say that. If any artists complain, respect their wishes.
  5. Wow, I only just now noticed this modding forum was here. This is great!
  6. I think Steam has a refund thing now, try and use that. Otherwise ask Paradox support for a refund.
  7. That would be ideal, but I think developers often have to choose because of budgets and such.
  8. I wouldn't want a game to be short for the sake of being short. Long games like Baldurs Gate 2 or Pillars can be the best. But, when it comes to the designers choosing between making a game longer and having more filler content, or making the game more polished and reactive, I hope they always pick the last one.
  9. This is such a fun idea, I hope you manage to beat the end. By the what, what's the name of Noober's pet? Is it Neeber?
  10. I'd be interested in that too. Also does anyone know if it's possible to change the menu back without uninstalling the White March? I really liked both menus.
  11. It's been a while since I last tried it, but, If you have autopause on, you can save the game a millisecond before the fight actually starts. EDIT: I think it was pause on enemy sighted.
  12. That's a really cool way keep the protagonist and reset the levels. It also fit's really well with the setting of Eora.
  13. It's perhaps unrealistic, but I really hope the watcher makes a return. Both with the same levels and a powercurve that somehow makes sense. One of my favourite things from the Baldur's Gate games was taking my character on the huge and memorable journey from level 1 to 40,
  14. I would love to have those pieces added. The music is beautiful.
  15. I don't understand why people say troll so often here. Sometimes it simply is that damn difficult for people to understand or agree, with no trolling intended.
  16. I named my Arquebus wielding priest Cadegund, because the character concepts were so similar.
  17. Well, I think something like 12000 people have a physical box of the main game. It would be really nice for us to have one for the expansion.
  18. So I recently made a Star Wars style poster, with all of the character portraits me and "the gang" used in roll20. I think it's pretty funny: http://imgur.com/VwMrRQE Edit: Hmm, for some reason I can't get the picture to show in the post.
  19. In the XML sample above, there are 4 strings, each given an ID. The .conversation files dictate the dialogue structure and where each string is used. The .conversation files do this by referring to the ID's in the .strintable files. Try using Xaratas' awesome quest editor. It's not finished, but I think it can solve your problem.
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