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  1. Thanks for your reply. I assume there is no way to link my Gog Client to Steam? No workarounds or such? Since I bought it from Paradox, I'd guess Steam or their refund don't help me. Have to say I'm quite bothered about this: Launch my GOG version of the game->Click "buy expansion" in game menu->It takes me to Paradox site->Buy a code that does not work in game that took me to store in 1st place.
  2. I have Gog version of the vanilla game. ( Pillars of Eternity - Kickstarter Champion Edition) I recently re-installed it and figured it'd be time to get the two expansions. Clicked Buy expansions via the game client and proceeded to do just that. To my shock horror, I realize I had just bought Steam Keys for my GoG version. I realize this is a lapse from my part, should have been more careful. It didn't occur to me that store used would be so relevant here. That said, I don't consider it overly awesome how my Gog- version of game links to Paradox- store that sells Steam-only codes. There is a bit of a should-not-be present in that chain I say. Anyone have any suggestions? Recon there is something I, or Obsidian Customer Support, or Paradox can do to help me out here?
  3. I just hope it won't be made *too* convinient. Otherwise it stops feeling like travelling; impression of moving in large world stops and you rather start teleporting around like some Star Trek character. Skyrim, for example got enjoyable only after I disabled the ridiculous " go anywhere" fast travel. In my books, Baldur's Gate I has travelling perfected well enough. Perfect balance of rules, restrictions and subtle flavor of tedium to ensure credibility, feeling of party actually travelling, not teleporting.
  4. Romances that serve some greater purpose by adding some relevant new layer or POV to the story are okay. Think of Morrigan in DA:O. This bitch had her own agenda and reasons for wanting to hump you silly. Reasons that would eventually intersect with game's main storyline. I could never be against something like this as long as it is written cleverly. ....But then,there is this vast creepy oozy wasteland of terrible completely unnecessary fan service romances that exist for sole purpose of generating them sexi times and Roswellian teen drama. You know, """"!! MATURE CONTENT"!!!" In context average horny teenager has for the term. Add one, just ONE romance like this to any of your games ever and your forum will, for rest of the eternity, have this small, loud subcommunity of creepy people who write 100 page fan fiction stories about Shepard's oily barrels.
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