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  1. I would have to pick the menagerie of pets. It's all about the pets. New story, setting, companions, upgraded graphics, expanded class options and more are just the icing on the cake.
  2. Not realistic suggestions, but I'd like to see underwater exploration/combat and have companions and some key NPCs be fully-voiced.
  3. Well because it's a good enough game that deserves some hype and many people have been waiting for an RPG like this for years. As a customer, do your research and learn what the game is about. Watch some trailers or if you want to take the risk of spoilers watch some lets play on youtube or twitch streamers. There are so many ways to see what a game is like before purchasing it. It's the customer's own fault if they buy a game purely based on hype and then are disappointed with it.
  4. I'd like to see Obsidian at least continue with a few RPGs that revolve in the world of PoE, and if they need kickstarter to do it, then I'm all for it. I think it would be nice too if they can keep the freedom and creativity to continue with their own game IP.
  5. Kind of an odd question. Just speaking from personal experience, but I find things are more productive and easier to manage when you work with your team in person.
  6. Same here, badge is not showing up. Sorry, I should have followed up on this sooner. If a mod could fix it, I would appreciate it!
  7. The only thing I will say about the memorial issue is I find it very rude to take the twitter shaming approach to try to get your way. Social media drives me crazy at times. I trust that Obsidian will make the right decision about this.
  8. Sometimes it's the best experience when you just happen to stumble upon something and it ends up wowing you.
  9. Well that was cool of Bioware to do that. I'll bet some of the staff at Bioware are secretly envious of Obsidian returning to the roots of making good RPGs and not having a publisher hanging over them. I just want this to be Obsidian's time to shine and hope PoE brings enough success that they can continue making games in this genre.
  10. It's been a great game so far. I just want to say that the writing is outstanding. Those of you choosing to not play because you don't like reading, well in my opinion you are missing out. I would like to see AI scripts eventually added for the companions, but that's about it.
  11. Thank you! This answered all the concerns I was having. Hoping for a great launch and I can't wait to play.
  12. Glad to see it's selling well! I hope it has a continued success after launch like Divinity Original Sin did.
  13. I will say that it's a nice change to not have romance be an overshadowing emphasis in PoE. I am looking forward to the rich story, compelling companions and amount of choices that we will get in PoE, that is why I backed it. I want RPGs to focus primarily on great storytelilng and adventures, and not on how many romance options can be catered to everyone. Too many romance options is not a good thing in my opinion. I am using Dragon Age Inquisition as an example of that. I understand that many people want romance and I see the value of having it in an RPG, but if a game developer is going
  14. So has anyone found that your backer pledge tier does not match the pillars of eternity edition that you can redeem? What i mean by this is I pledged the "Retail Pack" tier during the kickstarter phase which includes all items in the Royal Edition. However my account states I can only redeem a key for the "Kickstarter Champion Edition" which does not include every that is listed in my pledge. I'm very hesistant to redeem a key through steam because of this. I did send a support ticket to Obsidian, but I am curious to know if anyone else encountered this or knows any more information that I
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