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  1. I haven't played it, yet, so I'm not sure how much weight my comment holds. I am extremely excited to get my hands on the game though. I don't really try to compare games to BG2 or Torment, since they are to me the two greatest games, CRPG and otherwise, ever created. I love them, but I'll approach PoE with an open mind. I'll hold it to its own merits and I'm sure I will love it.
  2. That's actually quite decent of Bioware. I don't think there's any bad blood between the two companies, not at all. They approach their games in very different ways, but I can imagine that there's a sort of friendly camaraderie between both sides.
  3. From everything I read I'd like to play the Paladin or Cipher, but I'm mostly drawn to the Rogue. I think he'll be my first character when I get the game.
  4. I am so excited to hear someone point that out. I really cannot wait to play this game. Man, I haven't been this pumped in many, many years.
  5. Oh. I will definitely give it a look. It sounds really promising, so I hope they can capture the original feel right. I'm so glad that the old school CRPGs are still being kept alive.
  6. That looks a lot like my character stats in Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. I'm curious though, unlike thsoe two games, won't attribute distribution of that manner affect you badly in PoE, because it seems like every one of them plays some sort of an important role?
  7. Wow, the game sounds tougher than I thought. I guess I'll check out the wiki to see how everything works before I start playing. Sounds like I won't just be able to rest wherever I want to spam my spells, as I did in Baldur's Gate.
  8. I am a huge Baldur's Gate and Planescape:Torment fan. To this day they are in my top five favorite games of all times list. Then I found this guy playing it. https://youtu.be/DmyYDIgjU6Q I was blown away. The game looks amazing. How did I not know about it? I'm glad to see Obsidian created it, I've loved all their games, from Sith Lords to Stick of Truth, and this game has me so excited... more excited than I've been in a long time. Thank you Obsidian. I'm so glad old school CRPGs aren't dead. I cannot wait to buy Pillars of Eternity game. Also, if there are any hints and tips you guys can give a fresh player, such as myself, I'd really appreciate it.
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