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  1. When Randolph Carter was thirty he lost the key of the gate of dreams. Prior to that time he had made up for the prosiness of life by nightly excursions to strange and ancient cities beyond space, and lovely, unbelievable garden lands across ethereal seas; but as middle age hardened upon him he felt these liberties slipping away little by little, until at last he was cut off altogether. No more could his galleys sail up the river Oukranos past the gilded spires of Thran, or his elephant caravans tramp through perfumed jungles in Kled, where forgotten palaces with veined ivory columns sleep lov
  2. its say more about game difficulty, than viability of companions. Anyway i will never agree with argument - "its ok that companions are gimped if i can finish game anyway". But if you can beat the game without significant problems then they... aren't gimped?
  3. You could use console commands to rest if that doesn't upset your sensibilities, otherwise you are out of luck I think. If you play on easy and remember to always stock up in town you should be fine though, you can find camping supplies in dungeons etc every now and then.
  4. The correct term is Rapfrican-American. For real though, the watermelon stereotype is played out and unfunny as well as being racist.
  5. Calling him high is not the objectionable part of what you said and you know that.
  6. Reminder that you paid money to pre-order a videogame, you aren't an investor and you have no rights. Obsidian took our opinions as they were making the game because they are cool guys, they didn't have to. Beyond getting the game itself on the official release date, you aren't owed anything. If you really care about Obsidian/Pillars of Eternity and them making more games like this in the future then grow up and realise that them giving the games to streamers early is free advertising that shows confidence in their product which will lead to more sales, allowing them to keep making games. If i
  7. Mom if I'm really good do you think Santa will let me open one of my presents early?
  8. Make your chanter as a metal as heck dude who screams at the top of his lungs so loudly that he literally raises the dead and hits people with a giant axe. Name him BONELORD and be a huge jerk to everyone you meet.
  9. So really its just the fact that humans and elves can't have babies that ruins the whole thing for you?
  10. You gotta make sure you don't accidentally say something idiotic by misreading the tone!
  11. Paladins actually own its just most people don't know how to make one. Druids are usually worse tough.
  12. All the races have fought in the past, there's prejudices and racism going on in the "current day" as well. I think the game handles it pretty well, at some point you just have to accept in a fantasy RPG theres going to be different races living alongside one another. Maybe there were other races humans and elves etc teamed up together to fight and they were wiped out in prehistory so they all decided each other were ok. Maybe all the races bonded over amusing cave art of genitals. I think Obsidian wanted to make a world that was believable but they aimed for something that had a more opti
  13. I'm not sure exactly what you mean here but I think you are saying its weird that difference races/species live together in harmony? In the Pillars of Eternity world there has been terrible wars in the past, orlans get enslaved a lot and treated like ****, Godlike are feared etc etc etc. It's not all happy coexistence.
  14. I'm the RPG ubermensch and I always make perfect choices, anyone who does anything suboptimal is literal subhuman scum who should be ground beneath my boot. Plebs should pull themself up by their bootstraps and have perfect knowledge of the game, we enable them by letting them make up for their mistakes. They shouldn't be making them in the first place!
  15. There a Godlike check that lets you light a torch with your head if you are a Fire Godlike. What more could you need?
  16. For my Cipher I'm probably going to put 18 in Might and Intelligence and I guess that leaves 2 points to put into Dexterity. I'm not sure if thats ideal though, I might need to sacrifice something for more Dex. Weapon choice could be a factor.
  17. You only fire at the beginning of combat then switch to casting spells/using a sword.
  18. Savannah Folk are ethnically based on Mesoamerican type fellows and similar rather than Asians. Not to say you can't have an Asian dude who is a native Savannah Folk, he/she just won't be part of the predominate ethnic makeup.
  19. Vailian culture isn't just Italian, theres a mix of French and I think maybe Spanish stuff in there too? So theres a lot more you can draw from. For example Alexandre Dumas who wrote the Three Musketeers was a French POC. So you could make a Vailian Musketeer type, theres at least one great portrait for that as well as the Vailian clothing which is perfect for that. Dumas would approve I'm sure. Or you could base them off Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges who was a champion fencer, a virtuoso violinist and conductor of the leading symphony orchestra in Paris. St. Maurice was menti
  20. You automatically get focus back to a certain amount every time you leave combat as well so you don't need to worry about having enough for the next fight, one big hit from a blunderbuss/arquebus could be all you need for shorter encounters.
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