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  1. Normal when you take your Cipher into combat you get a cool purple glow around your head and also your weapon to let you know that Soul Whip is active. However when dual wielding, the glow only applies to the right-hand weapon. This might not be a bug exactly but its not as visually appealing as it would be if they both glowed, just a minor annoyance/QOL thing I suppose. However some weapons don't glow at all, even when in the right hand. I haven't tested this extensively but I've noticed this with the Fine Hatchet and Fine Crossbow that the BB companions carry. I tested this with both
  2. The Nameless One has a mandatory romance with Ravel, its just not reciprocal.
  3. So when Ciphers dual wield only one of their weapons gets the Soul Whip glow, this is a grievous crime.
  4. I like the romance/connection with Triss in the Witcher 2 as an example of doing things right or at least heading in the right direction. You don't get any say in whether or not you are together but your choices can define how meaningful their relationship is to Geralt. You don't need to do any creepy minigames to win her over or make her like you and while you do get a sex scene with her its because its just the two of them goofing around when they go to a certain area in the normal course of the game, not because Geralt earned enough relationship points for Triss to dispense sex like a vendi
  5. If you get the stronghold and build it back up you have a story/lore reason to be getting mad ducats, because you have your serfs or whatever and taxes are coming in, people come to give you gifts for making the road safer, etc etc. There's also lots of mechanics to prevent pointless gold hoarding. If you want to enchant your gear, they have a gold cost as well as a material cost. If you want to learn a spell from another wizards spellbook, your wizard needs to spend money to learn it (research costs etc.) and theres also the standard stuff like shelling out for expensive inn rooms for the
  6. I don't think this discussion is very constructive because both sides appear to be mentally ill.
  7. Sorry mate, your opinion is irrelevant now until you chug a goon bag and get some vegemite in ya.
  8. Facio, Voco, Ferre is maybe the one you are thinking of? It's not gibberish btw, its Latin. 1. Illusion: "Veritas, Credo, Oculos" = "The truth, I believe, with my eyes" 2. Alteration: "Praeses, Alia, Fero" = "Protecting, another, I bring this forth" 3. Necromancy: "Vita, Mortis, Careo" = "Life, and death, I am without" 4. Divination: "Scio, Didici, Pecto" = "I know, for I have studied, with my mind" 5. Abjuration: "Manus, Potentis, Paro" = "A hand, powerful, I prepare" 6. Evocation: "Incertus, Pulcher, Imperio" = "Uncertain, beautiful things, I command" 7. Conjuration: "Facio, Voco,
  9. The idea that history is cyclical and that civilization will get wiped away to clear the slate for everything to begin again is literally thousands of years old.
  10. Romance is bad because its creepy to have a series of correct steps to follow in order to make a pretend lady want to kiss you.
  11. Time limits are annoying in games like this because you want to take your time. You want to read item descriptions, you want to explore all over the map, you want to do every quest in every map, you want to talk to everybody, search everybody's house. If you have a time limit it can feel like you are being punished for enjoying everything the game has to offer and not just dashing from point A to point B.
  12. Special arrows would be cool, maybe we will find a bow with a special ability or something? Also Obsidian needs to implement the Divinity: Original SIn stealth animation.
  13. Candlekeep has Winthrop's Friendly Arm Inn is obvious Beregost has Feldepost's, Jovial Juggler, Burning Wizard and the Red Sheaf Nashkel has the Nashkel Inn and the Burning Dragon Tavern Baldur's Gate has the Helm and Cloak, Blade and Stars, Blushing Mermaid, Three Old Kegs, Elfsong, Low Lantern, Spurlging Sturgeon Ulgoth's Beard has an Inn too
  14. Obviously its your characters skill in game mechanics. "If this was a videogame there would totally be something hidden behind this altar..."
  15. I think all Companions have their own quests? So probably a core 5 and then rotate in the others BG2 style.
  16. The camping supplies and Inn resting bonuses (boni?) disincentivize rest spamming while not being overly punishing, I think its a good system.
  17. Douglas Adams may have been a sorry case, but he didn't write jokes in base 13.
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