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  1. Listen to me, my brothers and sisters... heed my words. We have been chosen as the recipients of a most holy miracle, one that should be neither dismissed nor ignored! I, Gaal... I, who have been stripped of my eyes most mercifully, have been shown the truth that has eluded the sighted! The gods that you worship are false gods, icons that serve to increase the wealth of the churches and heathens! Listen to them not! Would you, priest? I ask of you all a question, for a moment, if what the priest says is true. Yes, his false god grants him power to fuel his spells, much as any wiza
  2. You don't have to believe in the Gods in this videogame.
  3. They need to fix the soul whip glow when dual wielding, my gamer OCD demands it.
  4. If you go around and do every sidequest in the game and drape yourself with loot then the critical path SHOULD be easy. Thats part of the fun!
  5. I don't know how it works in game but I'm going to assume its basically equivalent to its real world version. Of course the real world is complicated but heres the basic idea. Erls/Earls: Comes from the Anglo/Saxon Jarl which you might recognise from Skyrim. Back in the day a jarl was a chieftain or a petty king but in the middle ages it became a lesser rank. It's about equivalent to a count in terms of rank. Thayn/Thane/Thegn: Another you might know from Skyrim. Its an Old English word meaning "servant, attendant, retainer", "one who serves", etc etc. Usually describes an aristocratic
  6. Another good thing about moving away from D&D is not having to deal with all the Mary Sue creator pet characters like Elminster or Lord Nasher etc who could solve the problems going on without breaking a sweat but don't do so because they don't feel like it.
  7. You won't always need to worry about searching for traps while scouting in stealth and you won't always need to be perfectly in stealth while searching for traps.
  8. Its probably for balance, amulets and cloaks having the same kind of bonus maybe? Or possibly its so if you are a character who wears a certain type of armor that doesn't look good with a cape then you can wear an amulet instead and not feel suboptimal.
  9. When you start with skill bonuses they don't increase the amount of points you need to advance the skill. So for example you could make a Chanter with the Aristocrat background who would start with 4 in Lore but only need 1 skill point to boost that to 5.
  10. I'm still hoping for a modern reinterpretation of Catullus 16, preferably within the context of a flyting quest in a fantasy RPG.
  11. Realism is less important than one handed style just needing something to make it worthwhile.
  12. I would assume you meet them at level 3 or so, that way people who are new to the system start with a friend who is basically set up to fight monsters and they can build on that as they learn how the class works but not too set in stone for a more knowledgeable player. Starting all NPCs level 1 would be cool for replays but a lot of people would be lost the first time around, not know which wizard spells are worthwhile, what weapons set should I give this dude? etc etc.
  13. Response and recontextualization are vital parts of art and artistic traditions (or the artistic tradition). All art is, in some way, a response to previous art, some more overtly than others. Virgil writes a Roman continuation to Homer, a highly scholarly version of the national creation myth. Shakespeare retells history and Italian short stories, expanding them into a universe. Jean Rhys writes Wide Sargasso Sea to give voice to the "madwoman in the attic" from Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. All authors write in the shadow of their forebears, creating an artistic tradition. But every author w
  14. I'd rather be automatically be decent with everything then improve than to be **** with everything until I put a talent point into the right skill, meaning I can't pick something thats more mechanically interesting than more accuracy.
  15. What kind of stat spread are you guys thinking for Ciphers? I guess 18 in Int and Might is probably ideal, or is a more balanced spread better? I'd like to be able to make Resolve checks in dialogue etc but not if it makes me useless in combat.
  16. Yeah this is a really great technique, the arquebus does a huge amount of damage so you can just explode a couple of guys instantly then rush in and do your normal fighting. You don't need to worry about ammo though, the game just assumes you always have some.
  17. From Sawyer: None of the human ethnic groups in PoE have clothing that maps to their equivalent on Earth. Aedyrans are essentially Anglo-Saxons and their outfits are Greek-inspired. Ixamitl are Mesoamerican and their outfits are Bulgarian- and Ethopian-inspired. Dyrwoodans have fantasy clothing that doesn't really map to any specific culture.
  18. Agreed, looting once instead of three times will destroy the game forever.
  19. Well, they're supposed to be "almost albino" so... Are there any specifically Savannah folk portraits? There's not much info on them and I'm trying to picture how they look. It's not an exact one for one thing but they supposed to be kinda Mesoamerican with some other stuff, maybe mestizo I think I remember? Or if you wanna have the basic general idea they are Hispanic I suppose but thats obviously a generalisation.
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