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  1. Tried doing watercolor following the tutorial. Still, maybe some experts can make it even better! The size here is 210*330, so just crop to the size you need.
  2. Would someone be so kind to make this Lady Maria from Bloodborne a watercolor version? Thanks!!
  3. BTW Is there any way to apply the default conversation portrait filter to custom portraits?
  4. One of the best experience of these kind of game is getting to KNOW all classes and make them work together as a perfect team under full player control, not some retarded AI. I never bothered with companion AI even when playing DA:O.
  5. Every IE veteran who likes to mess with fireballs/skulltraps/cloudkills a lot should have no problem dealing with expert mode.
  6. You can only select Expert mode when starting a new game, and you can't get it back on once you turned it off.
  7. Playing Cities: Skyline for the time being. A brilliant game that brings back my childhood memory messing with SimCity2000.
  8. So even this kind of details are equivalent to the real world, great job, Obsidian!
  9. So everyone is count/dukes then! Kind of getting the picture. Seems we can only make it up for ourselves. Thanks anyway!
  10. Been reading the lore until the game comes out at 3/26, the guys at Obsidian sure did a great job building up the world and culture from scratch and thumbs up to them. But I'm all confused by the noble ranks described in the in-game books - all these erls, thayns, gréf, ducs, something like that. Since I live in asia and is not familiar with european noble hierarchy, also I tried reading the wiki page about noble ranks but still can't get a picture of it. Is anyone kind enough to give it a quick description?
  11. Some polishes maybe, but no major change or new contents I believe. At least one expansion will be coming though.
  12. It's a pity they didn't use the conversation system in Storm of Zehir.
  13. Can't decide between a rogue and a barbarian since I'll be going for a all-companion party for the first playthrough.
  14. So that 10 years later these hand-painted backgrounds will still be decent to look at. Just try googling some 3D games from around 2000 and compare them to old IE games.
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