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  1. Also when they say you can solo the game, they don't necessarily mean you can complete every single aspect of the game solo. A solo playthrough is likely about doing as much non-combat quest resolution as possible and stealthing past 90% of enemies.
  2. Does anyone know if visual effects on weapons (Burning Lash etc) not showing up on the inventory screen is by design or not?
  3. This bug is still in effect as of the current Backer Beta build.
  4. I think you can get quest items before getting the quest maybe? They automatically go into a quest item tab in your stash so you can't accidentally lose them in any case.
  5. Rolling for stats is really only good for specific situations like challenge games in tabletop with no rerolls allowed. Plus its kind of pointless for a videogame since everyone who knows what they are doing is going to reroll until they hit a certain threshold (I need at least 85 points total before I give up come oooon) and it just punished new players who don't realise how beneficial rerolling can be. Not to mention how to balance the game when the main character can have either no 18s or all 18s depending on how committed they are to reroling constantly. With this system everyone gets
  6. I hope I can collect baddies like Pokemon in my dungeon. Your companions who live in the stronghold get XP at a reduced rate compared the the actual party. But if you set them up doing adventures (I guess like escorting the drunk etc) then they get the same xp because they are doing the same kinda stuff as you are in the field.
  7. I'm glad they didn't try considering how dodgy the engine is already. Oblivion and Skyrim horses were ridiculous and theres almost never any time when a horse is better than travelling on foot. Edit: It would have been cool in terms of the cowboy theme for sho but gameplay wise, ugh.
  8. Perception is used for noticing things (when people are lying/avoiding answering etc) during dialogue if that is important to you.
  9. It would be interesting to do a study on people who enjoy romance in a given media and how that relates to their own mental state/position in life. Are people who are depressed and lonely more likely to seek out artificial romance or to shun it? Are people on the autism spectrum more likely to enjoy romances because its a simplified version of something they might struggle with in real life or would they dislike it purely for the emotional aspect? Do single people or people in relationships like romances more? Did that kid from school's uncle really work at Nintendo? Did he really have sex wit
  10. What is the difference between romances, love stories and stories about/involving love?
  11. Something to keep in mind is that gold count is one of the ways in which players like to "keep score" in games like this. "I've depopulated countless dungeons, I stole the crown of Kurzak-Dum, avenged my cat's death and I've got over five million gold pieces. I'm the biggest badass around." etc etc So it can be fun just to have all that gold even if you don't really need to spend it on anything.
  12. I'm happy with this not being in the game because 1 out of 10 times it was a cool immersive thing that happened while exploring and the other 9 times I was backtracking somewhere for a quest or trying to get back to an inn after a long dungeon which made it extremely annoying.
  13. Reminder that other people aren't wrong for liking things that you don't.
  14. It looks fine, but its an RPG so any change meets with hostility from someone, no matter how minor.
  15. Ravel and TNO's story is about love, yes. He charmed her into falling in love with him and she fell for him hard. Everything she has done, she did for him. She still loves him. Even as he lies to her, she loves him. Its horrible, abusive and unhealthy but its still a story about love. What people would do for love or how they would use love to get what they want. The same thing as with Deionarra really. I'm not saying the whole game is about love. Though maybe it is, what can change the nature of a man? Torment is a story about stories. Some of those stories are love stories.
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