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  1. The American accents in Pillars one were generally good because it helped with the ideas of most characters just generally being regular people and not epic heroes with exaggerated stage accents.
  2. Picking a god as a Priest is just choosing which god has inspired your power, like Paladins aren't all believers in whatever god, they get their power from devotion to a cause etc. Thaos and his dudes basically murdered everyone who wouldn't agree that his gods were the best and killed anyone who knew they weren't true gods. Their scheme was all about their cowardly and paternalistic culture. They believed that people could never be inherently good or wise unless someone more powerful told them what to do. So they all committed mass suicide to escape the horrible world they lived in and cr
  3. In the world of Eora Priests don't draw power from the Gods but they use their faith in them as inspiration to draw power from their own soul.
  4. The opening cutscene plays, the big bad guy shows up and starts messing things up. The people are afraid. "Only the Watcher can save us now!" Cut to a decaying corpse in a field with flies buzzing around it. Fade to black. THE END.
  5. Think about how many parents abandoned, killed or simply couldn't manage to keep alive their Hollowborn children. Just because they didn't have the money or the strength of will to deal with something like that. Think how emotionally and psychologically shattered they would be. Then you come in and send all the souls back and all the Hollowborn still around just wake up and become normal children again. Thats wonderful for them and their parents. But what about the parents from before? Its just about the worst things you could ever do, these people will never recover from that.
  6. The companions are all extremely important to the story they just aren't all secret cousins of the main antagonists or w/e. Their personal stories relate strongly to the themes and put a face you know to the issues the world is going though. Eder - What's more important, your god or your country? Loyalty, the search for meaning. Storywise he also offers perspective on the Saint's War and Eothas. Aloth - Are people better off being independent or being guided by authority? Order versus Chaos. Storywise he's connected to the Leaden Key. Durance - Are the gods helping us or using us? What
  7. The Hylea option was the most cruel so I'm surprised that so many people took it.
  8. There's a conversation path in the game where you can find out that they basically chose to die out. So a bunch of them sacrificed themselves to create the gods and the rest basically committed racial suicide to keep it under wraps.
  9. Still looking for someone an honest man, by the way, Diogenes? Always. Something to keep in mind guys as well is that having dark things occur (hangings/racism etc) is different from having a joke about the same thing. We all know the hangings in Gilded Vale are messed up and when Durance calls women whores, we know he's a messed up dude and is not being endorsed by the text. The presentation of the joke in question is what hurts it the most I think. If some drunk jerk in a bar was singing it you could roll your eyes and think "oh this is one of *those* establishments." It's no
  10. Eder owns because he's the straight man human male fighter but he's actually interesting, has a sense of humour and has little quirks like wanting to pet every animal he sees. Compare him to someone like Carth who is the anthropic personification of trust issues or Kaidan, the neurotic biotic.
  11. How about just saying "hey this is kinda uncool, maybe put something else in"
  12. They literally tell you before you accept the quests, that if you do it you will upset the other factions.
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