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  1. Maybe the souls are not enough to make a new god
  2. Thanks, that clears things up. Is this before or after Woedica lost her power? Or is this overstep of boundary the reason other gods turned against her, just like Eotha?
  3. Well, I'm under the assumption that Thaos can maintain his soul not because he has powers, but because he has Engwithan tech, which I don't think he is the only one with access to. Maybe this piece of tech is not as widespread as I think it is, we don't know the nature behind it
  4. My issue with this explanation is that Engwithans are not biologically immortal, they are soul/memory immortal. So it doesn't matter if they bred with other people which wiped out their genetics, their soul can exist independent to that.
  5. Animancers can be trained to be a cipher. There was a culture exchange program where Dyrwood animancers go to Engwithan ruins and train under the tribal ciphers
  6. So Thaos is a Engwithan, and knows how to do perfect reincarnation for the past 2000 years. And we know that not all Engwithan died creating the gods. So there must be other Engwithans with access to the same tech like Thaos and made it through the years, right? A civilization with the ability to preserve souls can't die out for the normal reasons. Will we be seeing more of them in the future? Maybe they are not extinct at all and will come back to get us for murdering Thaos. Or if they indeed die out and Thaos is the only one left. The only possibility that I can think of is a civil war or a
  7. What you do with the machine in the Heritage Hill have end game consequences, so in hind sight blowing it up give you more rep make sense
  8. I remember reading somewhere that "when you are awoken when you are just about to cross the shroud, you become a watcher". This might be how the Watcher survived
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