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  1. Annah literally tells you that she loves you if you pursue the right dialogue path through the game you clown.
  2. Might I sugest agin, a skul-gun for my head. Yesterday in Battery Park, some scum we all know pushes smack for NSF gets jumpy and draws. I take 2 .22's, 1 in flesh, 1 in augs, befor I can get out that dam asalt gun. If I could kil just by thought, it would be beter. Is it my job to be a human target-practis backstop?
  3. Pickpocketing never works in videogames because it always either something you can savescum or read a list on the Internet to learn who has the worthwhile loot and what skill level you need to get it. Yes maybe some of you don't do that well done but 99% of people aren't going to keep playing after they try to pickpocket someone, fail and turn the whole town hostile.
  4. Reviews are by definition subjective, you are getting someone's opinion as they relate their experience.
  5. If you believe reviews of any type should be objective you are a literal crazy person or possibly a robot. Media is inherently subjective and personal, you can't reduce the experience to objective facts.
  6. Well Baldur's Gate 2 was a PC game based on a tabletop RPG that was released in 2000. Skyrim was a multiplatform game released over a decade later with a multimillion dollar marketing budget.
  7. Ravel loves you. Loved you. Annah literally tells you that she loves you, thats why she stays.
  8. The problem of games being "dumbed down" or "consolised" or whatever buzzword is being used at the moment. If there is some perceived platonic ideal of the average gamer who likes X and won't put up with Y then a lot of companies won't risk venturing outside that narrow band of concepts they are afforded by that. If people keep parroting that idea then it becomes "accepted wisdom" and people don't see any point challenging it. The world is more complicated though so if we can try to avoid relying on lazy stereotypes and be more inclusive of consumers and creators in this industry then we can g
  9. I just remembered the "romances" in Neverwinter Nights 2 and laughed internally, they were pretty crazy. I did like the stuff in Mask of the Betrayer though, I liked the goal being to learn more about your companions and increase your bond with them rather than to get a sexy fade to black.
  10. Romance has a place in games, at least *~in a perfect world~* but in games of this type it is inevitably awkward and juvenile. People may ask why there is no romance in this game, well because the developers didn't see a need for it in the story they were creating. Better to have no romances than one shoved in because that's what you do. I'm sure you can have some great bromances in any case. Just because you don't sleep with your friends or talk about mushy stuff doesn't mean you can't love them after all.
  11. He also wasn't comparing it in a 1:1 sense, but in the sense that its a "make a team of customisable dudes and go on adventures" game.
  12. Thinking there is such a thing as the "average gamer" who doesn't like X is part of the problem.
  13. There is value to aiming for a broader audience as well as for smaller markets. It's nice to have entry level stuff, or even just dumb stuff you can mindlessly blast your way through. Gaming reaching a wider audience is a net positive though, obviously you will get huge AAA games that might be bland or samey but you get that problem with Hollywood and theres still hundreds of great movies from smaller studios that can get made because of those big dumb movies, they give the studios money and kids grow up watching big blockbuster movies then make smaller, more personal ones when they are older.
  14. My thought, too. I can see him thinking the game is something it's not, and then chainsawing the game by it's ankles come release. What little I've seen of him, he seems like a loudmouthed knuckledragger exemplifying the non-gamer gamer generation of self-appointed "nerds", the douchiest of the douchiest. It's not really a "personal issue with consoles"; console "gamers" and the console platform has been poisoning PC gaming for over a decade, and Ruzen is hardly alone in the sentiment. The fact that someone favours consoles (and therefore favours console gameplay) definitely wa
  15. On a similar note, the incantation sound effects (and wizard spells too) are really quiet and weedy you can barely notice them. It's a bit of a letdown after Baldur's Gate with Vita, Mortis, Careo etc you definitely know someone is casting a spell and you'd better stop them right now!
  16. They would be passive bonuses though and therefore, they would stack.
  17. I'll have you know that I'm a Navy Seals sniper with over 300 confirmed kills, I know what I'm talking about pal.
  18. Anytime you knock a person out for any amount of time beyond like ten seconds they've got permanent brain damage. But this is a magic wizard videogame so you can probably just cast a spell? Knocking her out doesn't really solve the main problem though which is why the Cipher gets the special quest resolution.
  19. It would be cool to have an animation or a spell effect when your skellies get un-summoned. How is this a controversial topic?
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